Cast your Vote: 2012 MobileSyrup Awards!


  • jonny

    Woo hoo! voting is fun!

    Tho these result will be very skewed. Very Android and Samsung and Wind friendly, because those are the kind of people who like to read mobile news.

    Tho I think all polls regarding best phone would choose the GIII or Note2 as the winner.

    • Bellitron

      You are right those are the kind of people who read mobile news. Educated consumers.

    • SAM

      VOTE FOR SAM!!!!!!!!
      OOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! OOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • jonny

    Why is the Nexus 10 not on the tablet list?!

    • Marb

      Maybe because it came out too recently?

    • DroidFTW

      It is

    • Victoria

      It is.

  • Sean

    Might want to specify which “iPad with Retina display” you are talking about, there were 2 released this year…

    • Someone

      Meh, their all the same…

    • Someone

      they’re* Sorry

    • Karl

      3rd gen is “the new iPad”; 4th gen is is “iPad with retina display”. Agreed Apple really sucks at naming things though.

    • gtp20

      I don’t think it matters. The category was ‘Best Tablet’ not ‘least bang for your buck tablet’.

  • JimJones

    Here come all the Wind fan boys with Samsung Galaxy S III’s !!

    • Tommy Texter

      The phone is great, and Wind plans are exceptional. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • Bill Hepburn

    Let’s go SaskTel! I wish we had them here in BC…

  • Howdidyougetthere

    I think instead of voting for the best experience with carriers we should vote for the worst.

    It’s surprising that Telus is No.2. I’ve had nothing but problems with them.

  • Tom

    Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (and maybe Nexus 10) are easily winners of the ‘best value’ award for phones and tablets.

    Whether you vote for them above would depend on how you interpret the question.

  • MrMastodonFarm

    1. Wind Mobile
    2. Samsung
    3. Google Nexus 4
    4. Nexus 7
    5. None of the above…?

    • kenypowa

      I voted the same as you except the last question. Koodo deserves to be mentioned.

    • Raid

      Spot on except I put the Galaxy SIII as phone of the year.

  • Ken

    Apple does make a very good phone, One phone. Samsung makes an entire line of phones, my son got a Galaxy Q, and for a starter phone it is pretty dam good. Let see Apple build a decent phone for $150

  • new_tradition

    What qualifies as good customer experience though? If you never have problems, than isn’t that better than having to keep calling in? Or what if the CSRs suck, but your service over-all is great value to you?

  • Lirodon

    Check that:

    A. I don’t have an S III
    B. We don’t have Wind in Saskatchewan yet

  • DrBadass

    I vote DrBadass

  • Wheels

    I Have been with Telus for 14 years and have had fantastic service, couldn’t be better.

  • 2c

    wind woot woot

  • NotARogersEmployee

    This is a fun idea, however I would have preferred Mobilesyrup and their writers decide on which carriers, phones, tablets, etc. win as most people only have first-hand experience with maybe 2 of the above Canadian carriers, or 3 phones, or 2 tablets (just estimating).

    Perhaps Mobilesyrup can let us readers vote on what criterion will be used during the ranking process and the website decides the winner?

  • Andres

    People who vote for Wind are Big 3 customers..;)

    • Raid

      I am a Wind customer and I voted for them due to how fast they’ve been progressing and their potential. It’s astonishing how fast they’re expanding and how quickly they’re covering more and more areas. As of Jan 1, 2013, the whole 401 strip will be covered from Windsor to Quebec. A year ago today, they were barely filling out the GTA.

      Plus their deals are bar none the best. I can easily budget myself without having to worry about getting nickle-and-dimed.

  • Colin

    Instead of voting FOR a carrier can a vote AGAINST one and deduct a point? Or would that just result in a slew of negative scores? 😉

  • Vic Singh

    Wind Mobile plans are awesome however the coverage is shady. Personally I am on Bell and I love the coverage I get and my girlfriend who is on Wind is hating the coverage. As soon as Bell has a decent plan that I could add her to my plan I will.

    As for Sammy and the S3 I dont think anyone is surprised about the result. I know of 4 hardcore Apple fan boy/girl who converted and other 20 friends and family who switched from other platform. The S3 is a success story for Sammy, can’t wait to see what they introduce next.

    Ps. polls are great.

    • Bellitron

      Bell and Telus share a network that has been up for almost 30 years, Wind has been up for less than 5 and the big 3 are doing everything they can to stop them from putting up more towers. If you expect that Wind is going to have the same coverage as the other networks then you didn’t do your research. I am with Bell right now and their coverage is fine, but I am not going to pass an arm an a leg for that. As soon as my plan is up I am switching to Wind (they keep getting better).

    • STY

      Wind is just coming up on two years. Yes, that’s under 5, but saying it that way, you might as well have said under 10.

    • Bellitron

      Wind open their first stores in Dec.2009, seeing as it is now 2012 I would check your math STY…The reason I said less than 5 is because I believe that after 5 years, you should no longer be considered a new entrant and at 5 years your network in the areas where you have been operating for all of that time like Toronto and Calgary should be as good as the big 3.

  • Nishant

    Bell and Rogers suck…Going to WIND or Mobilicity once my contract is over.

    • Snafu

      That’s what I did, I actually bought out the remainder of my contract to get the holiday promo plan. I have unlimited data, I can call as much as I want to all of Canada and the states and unlimited texting with voice mail and caller I’d. All of this for 40 dollars – you better believe the big 3 are concerned. As people’s contracts finish up Wind will see subs jumping over to them.

  • vengefulspirit99

    for samsung. the s2 was an experiment gone right and the s3 is merely an afterwave of the s2. People who had the s2 probably got the s3 and people who saw how great the s2 was got the s3. Just everything going right for them. Especially with Google’s backing and Apple funds, Samsung grew expodentially. Surprising really.

    • nely

      I’d say S was the Experiment gone good, S2 was a good follow up, then S3 stepped it up to a whole ‘nother level. personally I went from S to Note 2… didn’t feel that much pressure to upgrade to S2 when it came out 5-6 months after I got my S

  • deistbeats

    Cool idea mobilesyrup 🙂

  • heat

    Rogers at 3 in overall customer experience???? GTFO…….

  • Mike

    Koodo is the best carrier for me by far

    • STY

      Looks like Mike drank the kool-aid. And it seems to make one post minute after minute.

  • Mike

    They have the best 6gb promo plan with gave out several months ago

    • AWSGuy

      Yep, 6GB, CDN LD, My 10, what more can I ask for!! 😀

  • Mike

    And best of all they released the best top selling phone in the world the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $550 plus they include a $100 gift card for free

  • Mike

    Apple is the worst company in the world

  • Mike

    Iphones are only a dying fade

  • Mike

    Apple are a bunch of cry babies and use the court system cause they can not compete with their products

  • Mike

    Apple only had one good idea back in 2007 with the first Iphone, after that they ran out of ideas and instead of innovating or coming out with new ideas, they only decided to build the same old Iphone over and over again

  • Phox

    Lol @ wind telling they’re employees to vote!

    • STY

      Just keep telling yourself that. It’s the only way you’ll feel better about foolishly signing a three year contract and those $60-$90 bills you get every month.

    • Greg

      their = possessive
      they’re = they are

      Robellus would tell their employees to vote for them, but in most cases the employees are pretty ashamed of THEIR companies.

  • G -man

    Southern Ont. Bias.

  • squirmy

    I am presently with Telus and I have no complaints. Reception is amazing in the GTA.

  • David

    Frankly, I just want WIND to come to montreal. Public mobile isn’t as great as some people say it is. Their data is nothing to be happpy about. Call me whiny but I find the fact that It takes me 30-45 seconds to load a page on my phone VERY ANNOYING.

  • Kanye’s sock

    no need to even vote, we already know how the ppl who visit this site would choose for every category

  • jack

    I vote for

    Brad F
    Brad F(anboy)
    jack with an avatar

    for having the most annoying and disliked comments on this site.

  • Ian

    Rogers prices are high and I’d like to see more included with my plan, but I’ve never had reason to complain about Rogers customer service or coverage in 10 years. This is why I am reluctant to switch carriers.

  • squirrel_masher

    Would have liked to see a voting option for most innovative carrier, to reflect new tech (like LTE or NFC) or some of the bundles or software apps/options (eg Bell TV App, Rogers Onenumber or Wind Unlimited data)

  • jadeblackjade

    I can’t seem to vote, as soon as I landed on the page it said “Thanks for your vote. The winner will be announced soon.” even though I hadn’t voted yet…

  • Maria

    How do we vote? Do we just enter it in the comments section? Thank you.

  • Kleiner

    HTC One X all the way. I’m still amazed at the LCD screen when compared to those super amoleds on the S3. No comparison!

  • Captain Kirk

    No transformer prime infinity option.

  • Ron

    Apple iPhone 5 will DOMINATE these polls! Samsung sucks OMG LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL #GoApple #TeamMacFans

  • Frank

    Why isn’t the HTC One X+ on the list of best devices ??

  • Roy Whitney

    Best carrier Virgin Mobile Canada nuff said!

  • Ivanhoe

    Yeah only uneducated consumers would buy an iphone. what rubbish. The SG3 will likely win here, but plenty of educated consumers buy iPhones. Not everyone needs to be able to customize their 86 screens with resizable tickers and widgets and are perfectly happy using phones that never lag are always blazing fast and work extremely well. My SG3 was horrible for things like managing music files and was constantly deleting songs from the phone mysteriously. May have been an issue specific to that phone though. In any case, my iphone works extremely well and I dont have a single bad thing to say about it. I really like both phones, don’t get me wrong, but the S3 is far from perfect and the iPhone is not as bad as many of you claim.

  • DroidFTW

    Reading the comments I feel like the only one who voted for Motorola RAZR HD LTE, it was that or the Nexus 4, but in the end… Moto

  • David

    Lumia it all the way!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Most Valuable Comments Poster:



  • Earmonger

    Northern Tel? Classic. You might as well just say Bell though.

    Speaking of which, I remember the old phone bills I used to get from from Bell when I in University. They used finish off with a “Thank you for using Bell” phrase.

    I always felt they should have added “you have no choice” since there wasn’t at the time.

  • jack

    Most disliked comments on this site:

    Brad F
    Brad F(anboy)
    jack, with an avatar

    • Slappy

      You’re forgetting about SAM.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I’m just glad they actually nominated the Note 10.1. Everyone else unjustly snubs it.

  • Slappy

    If anyone gives Bell one vote for best customer experience, I’ll kick a puppy.

  • Stanislav

    I love Samsung phones but I can afford better than to go with Wind. I will not jump on the wind breaking bandwagon. People online b***h and moan about nothing. They expect services to come for free. They are never satisfied.

  • mjolnir

    why not onex+?

  • screamer

    I only choose rogers because they let me upgrade twice this year. Well done. Got two nice phones!!!!

  • Mojo

    Just voted 🙂

  • lukeiphone

    Even though I am an apple supporter, I still feel nexus 7 was the best tablet this year. Who agrees?

  • Dave

    Late 2012 was my introduction to the android world witb the nexus 7. I know have the Note 2 and I am all in in. Go Android, Google and Samsung:-D

  • Arun

    My choice is Google for overall innovations in 2012

  • John C

    Wish there was a “none of the above” option

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!

  • 5Gs

    Wind rocks!!

  • christy

    Koodo is the best

  • thegreat1

    Wind is garbage, how can they be even a front runner with their awfu nationall network coverage , and being one of the last to ever get software updates ?

  • saeed

    how can we know the winner

  • grant

    Great survey……easy to complete.

  • Hello

    The people who voted for Rogers for anything have to be retarded. I wind has better coverage than them in every city I’ve gone to and their customer service is the worst I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with