Virgin shows Thunder Bay the love and offers up Unlimited talk, text and 6GB data for $50/month


  • lambdacore

    What’s so special about Thunder Bay, except the sligthly badass name?

    • bozo

      I believe Bell is very pissed at TbayTel for some reason.;)

  • Snafu

    This is what competition is starting to bring – love it. Lets spread this plan all over and start to bring down the big three plans too.

  • Dan

    So it’s HSPA only? Am I reading that right?

    • Dan

      (ie, no LTE access?)

    • anona

      HPSA = LTE. They just mean you can’t use a CDMA device.

    • anona

      Normally that’s what it means. HSPA to Bell is “Uses a SIM card”. But beside it says “HSPA Phones Only” in MB. So this makes me wonder. Still an awesome deal.

  • Arber

    Wind is HSPA only so its the same crap lol

  • Nima

    When they say hspa, do they mean standard hspa/7mbs? or Dc HSPA+/42mbs.

    Because the later would be great for a nexus 4… i would just need to get me a fake Thunder bay address (easier said than done).

    • anona

      You don’t need a Thunder Bay address to get it.

  • Milpool

    Despite it being Thunder Bay only, this is actually a decent offering from a Big 3 subsidiary. I pay $10 less than that with Wind for virtually the same thing. The data cap doesn’t bother me either. 6GB is a ton. Considering how much WiFi there is out there, I rarely hit 800MB over 3G.

    Not that it will ever EVER happen, but let’s hope something like this happens someday outside of these niche markets.


    But where the hell is “thuner bay”?!?

  • Mario Gaucher

    this is a deal to compet with TBayTel…
    they have a $50 plan similar to what Virgin is offering… but with only 200 daytime minutes.

    This is a very good deal… and I would switch right away!! 😉

    Anyway, I got the $56 deal that is available to anyone today… and I rarely go over 1GB of data… so this is fine for now.

  • anona

    You don’t need to live in Thunder Bay to take advantage of this, just need to visit. They will still give you a 905/289/416/647 number still.

    So if you actually get out of the city (which it seems 90% of MobileSyrup users don’t do) you can take advantage of this deal.

    • Michael

      A 16 hour drive from Toronto to Thunder Bay not simply a walk out of town

    • XR999

      And the vast majority of MobileSyrup readers don’t live anywhere near Thunder Bay, so driving 16-17 hours (1,300-1,500 km) from the GTA – Ottawa (as an example) just to get a deal that should exist province-wide isn’t exactly what I would call worthwhile.

    • jack

      its called an airplane, who the hell is going to drive? LOL

  • David

    Looks like there’s a regional provider they are trying to eliminate then after that’s done it’ll be 50 local min daytime cd/vm/unlimited text extra and 100 mb of data

  • ry29

    Is this not predatory pricing?

  • Brian

    Wowza – great deal! Usually on Bell / Virgin, regional plans are hard-coded to require a phone # from that region (billing address is not relevant). E.G., MB and SK plans will not populate unless you select an MB or SK city for phone number. I wonder if they will do the same for Thunder Bay.

  • Crunk

    Just as a reminder to Virgin Mobile customers on the Choice plan, the 6 GB plan NEVER EXPIRED. Get yourself some 6 GB LTE for $30 bucks extra!

    Satisfied Virgin Mobile Customer, I don’t work for them!

  • Phone

    Has anyone tried calling in to Virgin trying to score this deal from a rep?

  • craigvan

    I signed up for 6 GB $30 on Virgin a few months ago during the promo. Used it for one month and then called to make a simple change to my Choice plan — asked they confirm that I would still retain the $30 6 GB. Rep said yes — then it fell off my plan. Calls to Solutions Dept and escalated to complaints dept who advised there was no way they could re-instate the plan to due a systems issue. Long story short they offered to provision my plan such that if I went over 3 GB on pay per use data I would only pay $30 up to 6 GB. The next month my bill was screwed up again and I’m not even sure I have this adjusted.

  • John Stewart

    Now this is a great monthly plan. I think we as consumers should boycott the big three until we get plans that reflect this.

  • Dan

    The Bell deal is even better, with 10 hours of Mobile TV for the same price. Everything else seems to be the same.

  • EvanKr

    That’s actually a pretty damn good deal… It’s even approaching WIND territory.

  • DTO

    You’d NEED to get a local Thunder Bay number to have this plan, but you can live anywhere else in Canada. Think I might call TELUS retention and see what they can offer me to compete as I travel back and forth to Tbay for work.

  • jack

    there is no good reason why there are regional plans. this crap should be illegal

  • vn33

    If only the Big Three offers this as part of their national plan … wishful thinking on my part, I guess !

  • Adam

    It’s not that great of a deal when you consider the network you have to be on. Like the CEO of MTS said when Bell was offering the same sort of thing and a free iphone in Winnipeg. It’s not really that good of a deal. Their network is small, has gaps, the ONLY advantage is LTE, which sounds nice, but really such a small percentage of people use it.

    • jack

      this is virgin, not some crap carrier that’s only in 1 province.

    • jack

      and the majority of the ppl commenting here are probably from a major city

  • Mike

    All you’d have to do is switch your number to a Thunder Bay number, switch your plan, wait a few days and switch your number back. 🙂

  • Chris

    There are only 6 stores that can activate this plan in Thunder Bay. It exists on Bell (as well as Virgin). So if you have an unlocked phone you can get this deal for $45 on no contract.

    • Dan

      Since, you seem pretty knowledgeable, do you know if I can switch to the new Bell Tbay plan from the previous Bell Tbay plan (3GB, VM extra). I am on month-to-month, no contract.

    • noel

      Where is it shown for $45 without a phone?

  • coop3422

    This deal exists on Bell? Maybe when I go home for xmas (to Thunder Bay) I’ll switch my number and plan, then switch back to my Calgary number after my vacation 🙂

    • Brian

      Won’t work — system will force a price plan change when changing our # back to Calgary.

  • Money is everything

    This is predatory pricing. Should be available to all or none.

  • Phh

    Why aren’t the big cities getting these good deals

  • teal

    the reason its for bell is because they just came to thunder bay just this fall
    bell is trying to get thunderbaians over to thier side

    19 hrs away from toronto
    way up north,

  • Stephen

    Is there any loophole to get this plan in the gta without having to travel to thunder bay?

  • Dan

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Tbaytel counters this. Bell came in with their $50 3GB plan with unlimited nationwide calling, which was great at the time, then Tbaytel came in with $50 6GB plan, but no unlimited calling. Bell has now pulled ahead again with $50 6GB, unlimited nationwide calling and Mobile TV.

    This is how competition is supposed to work!

  • Daniel AJ

    Come on, Koodo!

  • AWSguy

    Bell is just trying to eliminate TBayTel with predatory pricing.

  • skullan

    I like how this happens AFTER the first round of the CRTC wireless code question.

  • errr

    What kinda crap is this. Great plan in limited market. Bell is a big bully in a small playground. Its time for them to grow up and offer this across the country. Oh no wait that would reduce their enormouse profits. Yellow tail @#%&*

  • terrible

    the reason why this is cheaper is because bells hspa coverage in thunder bay is TERRIBLE

  • Willing to fly into Thunder Bay

    Okay, can you port in a number from a different province like BC? Can you use an address outside of the area? I think I’d go for the $45 deal.

  • Vic Singh


  • Mr.Mobile

    Just to make everyone aware that I hope you all know Virgin in Canada is run and owned by Bell !! They dicate the plans and offers Virgin gets! So peole saying this plan is great ( which it is !) saying down with the Big 3( which I agree ) should know again that Bell=Virgin ( network and plan making !)

    Oh and BTW I don’t live in Thunder Bay!! and just now did the plan change over after reading this thread!! And it comes with free montly mobile TV as wel….besides losing local 911 sevices ( which I gain back still but no cost in Thunder Bay )10mins outside my calling area is long distance for me whom I call and those who call me so the number change is of now consaquence to me ..especially when I gain so much !! Thanx Agin Mobile Syrup for the heads up 🙂