Fido learns new tricks against Virgin and Koodo, drops promo plan by a buck


  • NS49

    Then you take that dollar, go to the dollarstore and buy something else!

    • ComPete

      Are we supposed to be grateful because they are dropping ONE DOLLAR off the plans that STILL offer less for more money???

      There were plans that the big 3 and the small 3 had 4 months ago that offered better more stuff at $50-$55!!

      If you are in the market for a phone simply sign with Wind (if it works for you) or wait for January when the real sales will come out.

      The plans this December for the big 3 and their subsidiaries are not good at all!

    • ComPete

      ROBELUS jumps their prices from $50 to $73 PLUS CID and VM.
      Then their subsidiaries reduce their prices by one dollar??

      Welcome to “Canadian Competetition”
      Why is it that the Big 3’s and the small 3s only have 3yr contracts and the option for one or two have simply dissapeared?
      Where is the CRTC banning 3yr contracts

  • Lukeiphone

    Mad rip offs

    • anonymous

      I am not saying it’s great, but it’s a good start. We’ve never seen this before!
      I guess Canadian companies are learning how to compete for your buck.

  • Crunk

    Question for the crowd:

    OK I just got fof the phone with Virgin.

    Here’s the month-to-month (no 3 year contract) we came up with:

    100 Canada-wide minutes during the week (can call from anywhere to anywhere in Canada for “free”). I don’t use minutes much and find crappy VOIP acceptable if I need more minutes for outgoing calls.

    Canada-Wide evenings(starting at 7:00) and weekends

    Call Display, Voicemail

    Unlimited Texting within Canada

    6 GB of Data

    Do I have a good month-to-month plan I should hold on to, or could I do better in the future?

    • Potent Potable


      Depends…are you paying $150 or $50? You can build an MTM with any features, but it’s the price that kills it.

    • bob

      if you’re paying more then 60-70 for that then you have a bad deal. The 6 gigs is nice, especially if you use voip. It really depends on the data. Currently there are no 6 gig plans. Maybe wait till the next round of them and see what’s open then. inb4 wind/mobilicty. Not everyone lives in a major city.

  • sal

    Somebody Gonna Get a Hurt Real Bad

  • Arber

    Why didn’t they make it just $55.

    • Slappy


  • Rich

    Fido has a better “brand” than Koodo or Virgin. So I’m surprised they have to go to these lengths.

    Then again, Fido is the only one of the three that doesn’t use the Tab program, although they have 2 yr contracts.

    • David

      They have a hybrid system similar to Telus and Rogers which, I would argue is much better than the tab systems that Koodo and Virgin have.

    • jack

      @david, u dont have to argue, it IS better

  • Crunk

    I forgot the price – I’m paying $60 before tax.

    • mike

      Then that’s not the best deal unless you are using the whole 6GB. If you went with the $57 plan you’d only be paying $10 per gig of overage. So if you used 4 gigs one month you’d only pay $77. But if you had unlimited minutes you would’t have to worry about using 3G or LTE for your VOIP calls and would therefore use less data.

  • Mike

    Im wondering why one of these guys just doesnt bomb the market some year with a retardedly insane phone/plan combo for christmas.. like the newest phone $0 2yr(though realistically 3) unlimited everything, 5gigs data, $40.. and offer an incentive to migrating, and then just clean house on customers from everyone else. We all know they could easily do this, and make it like a 2-3 week xmas deal. They wont really loose much, and the customers they hooked would make it more than worth it. We’ve all seen what people do for the latest phone or best plan LOL

    • Dex

      As someone who used to work for a mobile company, I can tell you the number they really care about is ARPU (average revenue per user). Sure, number of users matters but their real goal is to have the highest ARPU possible. If they sign up a ton of people at $40/month then their ARPU goal of $50/month is shot.

    • jack

      @dex that doesnt make much sense. i dont know why they care about arpu, it should be about the overall revenue made.

      if u have arpu of 60, but only 100 users vs arpu of 30 but 1000 users, anyone can see that you’re making 5x more with arpu of 30.

  • Ian

    Christmas came a little earlier this year!

  • Andrew

    Put the price back to $60, and change the data from 2GB to 6GB and I’m in!

  • Crunk

    Thanks bob! That puts it in perspective. $60 is good enough for me but isn’t an amazing deal, good to know!

  • JP

    I just recently upgraded my data plan from 500MB for $25/month to a 6GB data plan for just $5 extra, just because I stayed with Fido for many years, take advantage of staying with Fido for long period of time and you will never know if you get a promo from for example 150 minutes to like 300 or 500 minutes or a crazy good data plan boost 🙂

  • JC

    I signed up with this plan for 2 years so I got a Galaxy Nexus. I flipped the Galaxy Nexus on Craigslist for $260 and my Nexus 4 is arriving today. I think this works out pretty well.

    • 45

      Brand new GNex are only going for $260 now? Damn!

    • Tony R

      No matter how you look at it JC you still are under a 2 year contract and its still going to cost you to get out if it regardless of what phone you horse trade up to in the future . If you are fine and happy with staying with fido for 2 years then thats great. If someone comes up with a plan at another company and for some reason you want to leave fido its going to cost you regardless if you still have the galaxy nexus or some other phone you traded up to 3x since then .

  • Plan Shopper

    Also says…

    The Activation Fee is on Us. Savings of $35* with Fido Agreement.

    *No Activation fee: Limited time offer. Valid on new activations with a 2- or 3-year Fido Agreement. A credit for the entire amount of the $35 Activation Fee will appear on your first invoice. With new activation on a monthly plan without a Fido Agreement, a one-time activation fee of per line $35 applies

    Koodo and Virgin don’t have activation fees on their $57 plans.

    • jack

      just sign a contract anyways, regardless if you’re getting a phone from fido or not.

      the cancellation is all based on the phone that you get from fido, so even if you want to use your own phone, sign that 2 year, waive the activation fee. anytime you want to cancel, guess what, since you didnt get a phone from fido in the first place, they can’t charge you a cancellation fee for the contract!

    • jack

      the cancellation fee for the contract is completely different than fido’s service deactivation fee.

      if you terminate the contract it is $0, but if you terminate the service then it is 12.50.

  • torluda

    Adding an extra 1 gig to the top tier plan would make it a more effective attempt to woo customers to Fido over the other two.

    $1 will not make someone choose Fido over the others.

    The intensity of this price war is completely underwhelming.

    • jack

      that’s what happens when fido arguably has the worst marketing team out of the 3 sub brands. coming up with a $1 discount is just idiotic to say the least. sure they can try to spin it to say that ya we’re leaders in price point, but anybody can see that its just a ploy to fool customers.

    • Sid

      Both Virgin and Fido are good.
      I like Fido for Fido Dollars but prefer Virgin because their network and customer service is top notch.

      Stick with Virgin

  • Sid

    I paid $55 at Virgin and did not even have HALF that deal.. so for $60 it is a good price plan but if you have the Galaxy Nexus 4 then I would take Mobilicity for a spin.. u would be surprised.

    I pay $31.50 with taxes and stream Netflix, Youtube, Radio, etc without no need for buffering.

    Virgin is a good carrier.. never had a complain when I was with them.

  • Evan

    ha this plan keeps getting better and better, already phoned to switch my 1gig to 2gigs, and just now phoned and got the dollar taken off no problem.

  • vn33

    Wow … a whole loonie off !!!
    Now that’s what I call competition !!! *sarcasm*

  • ile2010

    Fido, being Rogers and all, won’t get my business unless their plan is insanely better than Koodo/Virgin and they have Canada-wide minutes across their plans.

  • David

    $34.50 is what I want to pay.

  • ile2010

    I mean, there are those of us who need Canada-wide minutes (not necessarily unlimited) and not everyone in the family wants data.

  • Boucher

    I’m currently on a Holiday Miracle Plan with Wind. Thinking of switching since I don’t have good reception at home. Hopefully, Koodo and Virgin even try to make it better and they keep on doing that until the plan looks like the following:

    $ 50 per Month
    Unlimited Canada Talk & International Text
    Voicemail + Caller ID
    3 GB Data

    Or $ 55 including Unlimited USA Calling OR 6 GB Data. That’d be a perfect Christmas Gift but again we can only wish 🙁

  • Frank

    Wow…an innovative retort by the marketing brains at FIDO……

  • Max

    Just got off the phone with Fido. Lady said that Fido is going to automatically adjust the $57 to $56 for people who signed to this plan. I’m on two years but this should apply for the monthly people too. She said the new price will be shown on the next statement with adjustments.

  • skullan

    If it hits $50. I’m cancelling my SK $50 with Telus (this is the one where you get a flex gig) and going to go with the $50.

    All I have to pay off is the Nexus S device and will take that with me.

  • H

    Just spoke with Fido and they said they had to change the plan on their systems.

  • V

    Can’t get this plan if you’re on a 3 year contract.. FAIL!

  • Matt


  • Uncle Bobby B

    I don’t think people realize the significance of this, yes it’s only 1 dollar, but its reason to hope that in the future there might be true competition…..or Rogers, got together with Bell and Telus and got a mutual agreement.

  • J-Ro

    T-mobile has came up with a very cool system (similar to europe) where you buy the phone out right and pay next to nothing for service. I hope to see this here in the coming years. I would gladly pay $500 for a phone if it means i`m paying $60 a month for everything unlimited.

  • Josh

    Wow that’s like $12 a year.

  • LJK

    hilarious competition!

  • Max

    competition is fierce this day, it’s hard to make yourself a name in the harsh canadian mobile industry, providers went as far as lowering their price 1$ a month can you believe that ?

  • Falco

    Keep in mind you can’t beat Fido coverage or customer service at any price. And Fido seems to have the simplest plans. Try going to Bell’s website and figure how to “build a solution”.

  • Kevo

    I am on the $57 2GB plan. Should I even bother to call in for the $1 difference….. maybe not worth it.

  • Max

    You don’t have to call. They will change it automatically.