Motorola updates schedule for Canadian rollout of Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Dan

    Any word on Canadian Xoom models getting some Beans?

    • Chris

      I’d love some beans on my xoom too. Is your Canadian xoom on 4.0.3 or 4.0.4? I’ve been trying to get an answer from Motorola about what version Canadian xoom should be on. Their “update” page (linked above) says 4.0.4, but mine is stuck on 4.0.3.

    • RIMLOL

      “There’s a bit of inconsistency with the the timelines”… Realy, you think???

      The line of the Week:
      “Motorola updates Schedule” so they “Update” schedules but they keep on releasing phones with ICS? LOL!

      Moto, Sony, and LG with their hilarious “Update-Drama” just make people more patient, and make them wait for January to get a N4.

    • Dan


  • Sean

    Least they are being open about when they are providing updates. Hopefully they come sooner rather then later.

  • Paul

    @ Dan, Been running JB for a couple of months on a xoom.

    • Dan

      And how did you get it? Did you flash it or did you get the OTA?

  • Benyamen

    Any news on jellybean for Xoom?

  • JB

    Not holding my breath on the JB for the RAZR, I fully expect a Moto Atrix style change in plans. I’ve learned to set the bar very low with these guys, but I’m willing to be surprised.

  • pr0cs

    seriously guise, just flash a USA XOOM rom on your tablet. It’s insanely easy and you’ll be guaranteed to get the newest of the new updates (thou I suppose JB is the last for that device)

  • jellmoo

    It’s a little unfortunate that being owned by Google doesn’t seem to offer Motorola any advantages whatsoever, and even seems to hinder them somewhat. They have nice designs and a fairly non-invasive skin these days, but just aren’t bringing overly compelling handsets to the market and seem to struggle with updates.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Open wins again!

  • Jason

    Any chance will be seeing the RAZR M/i hit Canada too?

  • Dalex

    ” Motorola RAZR V (Bell, Virgin, Videotron, WIND) “Future plan coming soon”
    Read as: “You suckers must be dreaming if you think we care about it or you”

  • Android.yyz

    Okay??? So for the Razr V it says “Future plan coming soon” lol Ok??? But what plan??? and what other stuff??? other than a simple update are they going to do I wonder?

    “Future plan coming soon” And my Ass* is a Star!

  • STY

    Just remember, before you even think about buying Motorola products, how they left behind both the XT300 and the XT720 products on Android 2.1 .

    So don’t think you won’t be left behind, for any other updates.

    Motorola, no more love, or money, from me.

  • drone

    Glad I bought a Note instead of a Razr HD LTE.

  • Shred Rex

    Flashed a working version of CM10 already…..carriers need to get with the program

  • julie

    i always luv motorla. And the latest one is wow and It’s very luvly.