Fido doubles data offering on $57/month plan, now 2GB with unlimited talk and texts


  • Akaz

    So people that are already on the $57 plan will automatically get upgraded or they have to call in to get changed up?

    • jack

      Haha. what do you think?

    • tech

      this is so freaking tempting.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Finally, a price war! We so excited.

    • Wia

      You should check out the prices in Asia and Europe. Internet and phone prices here are ridiculous, but most of the people living in here probably don’t realize, or there’s not much we can do about it. :\

  • torluda

    That competition crack was pretty cheeky.

    I know that people are expecting more out of this deal, and in principle I agree with them. But if you live outside of a major center and you are constantly travelling outside of your zone, this is a really sweet deal. 2 Gigs is suitable. It’s not perfect but it should do the job, LTE or not.

    • Acco

      Cheeky indeed. 🙂

  • HyperB.

    My old plan with Telus:
    Student Flex $55/month: 200mins, unlim talk to 10ppl, unlim pic/vid/txt messgaing, vm3, no caller id and 1GB data

    This plan from Fido:
    Promo $57/month: Unlim Canada-Wide calling, Unlim Can/US pic/vid.txt messgaing, vm10, caller id, and 2GB data

    Who would of thought $2 would get you so much more in wireless plans??

  • mrB

    Dang. That’s one of the Best deals going. Think Rogers will match it? The extra gig I’d the one thing I need.

  • NS49

    Bell, I’m waiting for you! Don’t copy this deal (make it better) but I think based on your poor customer satisfication, you’ll just end up copying.

  • Munir

    Although this is a decent deal (on Big3’s standard), what’s the point if you can’t get it on a 3 year contract?! I think 90% of the post paid customers are on 3 year contract! So, they don’t even want to subsidize the phone anymore?
    “Want a decent plan? Pay for your own phone and still pay around 60$ monthly” – Way to go man….

    • 45

      Every single phone offered at Fido, with the exception of the iPhone, is offered on a 2YR term.

    • Fury

      I think you’re wrong on that part. I SELL these plans. And the ONLY phone that’s still sold on a 3 year plan is the iPhone. That’s it. EVERY other customer, we advise this plan atm, and that they go on a 2 year. Now. This may be different at Bell/Rogers/Telus, but for fido at least, the 3 year Term is ALMOST over.

      iPhone customers are the only ones stupid enough to go on a three year term atm. Then again, they’re iPhone customers, so….

  • LW81

    Too bad they don’t offer this to existing subscribers. I got a sob story when I tried to switch my plan to this.

    “we can’t give you this one but can give you a similar plan that will only cost $7/month more.”

    And similar means crappier. Leaving the dog house once my 3 years are up.

    • jack

      Because you’re on a 3 yr. Plan is month-month, 2 yr term only.

  • harp

    I have the existing $57 plan with 1gb, been calling all afternoon and their systems are down! You have to call to get plan changed to this, can’t complain though… 2months ago was paying $86 with 6gb on city fido. Then $57 with mini voicemail and 500mb data. Then the $57 with 1gb, and now I will get 2gb. Everyone moans in Canada about pricing, it goes down and people still moan. Your eyes will always be more hungry then your stomach. And this is coming from a guy who was used to paying dead cheap prices in England!

    • expat

      why not offer them the $86 you were paying then if $57 is too cheap. God…… some people.

  • Andre Ross

    This is a decent deal but the big 3 aren’t all equals. In eastern Quebec, namely the gaspe shore area, Rogers/fido has no coverage so if you wan’t to be able to go there, you need a bell/telus/virgin/koodo phone!

  • Lame

    I called Fido this morning and got them to switch me to this plan effective my next billing cycle.

    I don’t have contract with them though. SO I get to switch to whatever plan i want 🙂

  • David

    Sue them. FFS this is price fixing!

  • ECBomb

    But still no Caller ID included nor VM, which kinda sucks. Glad it’s available as a month to month option, so people can actually keep this plan without worrying about credits ending, which I absolutely hate (also hate negotiating with them on every little detail…it’s only a phone plan, so why is it so complicated?).

    • jack

      Actually, it does include caller id and voicemail, plus 2500 call forwarding minutes. BOOM!

  • General Gustov

    This is not a bad deal , the cell provider wars are heating up and the consumer is finally going to see some decent deals 🙂

  • Monk

    Strange thing is Rogers offers a plan for for $58 a month that includes 5gb of data a month. But only to those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

    When I asked a manager of a local Rogers store, he said it was because the demand in Sask and Man was greater for that plan. “Far and away we sell more of those plans”.

    I don’t know that I believe that statement. I also find it odd that Rogers can offer a plan at such a low price in one part of the country but not the other.

  • Max

    @Monk the only reason the Big 3 has different pricing in Saskatchewan is too match Sasktel

    • Pierre Lemoine

      Yeah I realize they’re responding to Sasktel and MTS. But the point still stands. If they can offer that service in the prairies and still turn a profit. Why can’t everyone get access?

  • skullan

    This is a decent deal. I like it.

  • Tr

    Thank god I have my Rogers plan, unlimited talk and text for Canada and U.S. with 12 gig of data. All for 75$

  • John

    A Canada wide talk plan with 2 gb of data. Just keeps getting better going towards the consumer.

  • Jerry

    Does this include full voicemail or any voicemail at all? I noticed it included Voicemail display but didn’t mention anything about voicemail. Great deal otherwise, I am going to phone Rogers and see if they will match.

    • anonymous

      They will not. I already called them.

  • Cyrano

    hey rogers, look at whats your sub brand offer. now match them

  • deltatux

    Monkey see, monkey do, that’s what all the Big 3 are good at doing … that and gouging their customers to death…

  • Qoma

    Cmon Virgin, get on the bus.

    • gsg

      I hope so! I would love to keep my $5 byop credit and get this for $52

  • mikron15

    Just called in… Some of their systems still down. Changed my old $57 promo plan to the new $57 2GB plan. I am so glad i declined my Rogers retention offer and moved to Fido. Now to wait for my microsim LTE Simcard to arrive

  • johnplayer

    can this plan be had on month to month??

    • jack


  • Redforman

    What everyone needs to understand is that we have many different companies in Canada. The big 3 compete with eachother, the smaller brands like koodo fido and virgin compete only between eachother, and s**t companies like public mobile and wind compete with eachother.

    You can’t call Rogers and expect them to compete with fido, or koodo, or even public mobile. It’s not within their price ranges and robelus are PREMIUM companies, and they have their own prices.

    Yes, yes, yes, you are all going to say “but it’s the same companies that own these smaller brands”.. TRUE, BUT they also all do their finances separately, and fido and Rogers #’s aren’t the same, they are on 2 different lines when it comes to end of year expenses, sales, ARPU and subscriber base. Get it? There’s no use burning up the premium companies lines to compete with a company that is completely out of reach.

    • skullan

      You had me until you said they competed with each other.

      You really lost me when you said they were premium.

      If there was competition, I wouldn’t expect the same plans for 3 different/unique companies.

  • BreathLess

    Hmm a deal that I think is actually decent. Now also allow it for 3 year plans as well and make it permanent and I would start recomending people to go with it.

    Good time for people who don’t want contracts with this deal and the nexus 4

  • Bumbles

    Just did a live chat with a Fido CSR.

    Me: Hi, I signed up for the $57 promo plan a few weeks ago and I see today that it’s been changed to include 2GB of data instead of 1GB. Can I switch to that plan?

    Mark :
    Yes, it will be possible for you to switch but I’m afraid we are currently experiencing a technical issue that prevents us from accessing your account. We will gladly assist you but I must ask that you please contact us again, by chat or phone, early next week.

  • KoalaMeatPie

    Cue Virgin mobile in

  • oildarling5

    Every dealer store in Alberta has every phone but the Iphone on for $0 on a 2 year as well.

  • Scott

    After all the turd “promo” plans that have been released over the last couple of months, this one is actually not bad. Too bad they use the Rogers network! Hope Virgin and Koodo match it.

    • Scott

      Ooops, looks like Koodo are already in the game… Unlimited Canada-wide calling & texting, VM, CID, and 2GB data for $60.

  • Fido Rep

    Thanks to Fido this 57$ plan will give you everything you need and even more! You can have a Galaxy Nexus for 0$ with 3 years contract or a HTC One S for 50$ or 0$ if you are a new customer. This doesnt apply with apple products. Obviously! You want an iPhone, pay for it!:P

  • Don’t need data

    Make it 45 bucks per month for people who don’t need data. so same exact plan 12 bucks less and zero data 🙂

  • Tim3tripp3r

    Do I hear 3 gb’s? If another provider went to 3 then these deals would start getting hot. I’d say 2 is warm and going in the right direction.

  • jesseps

    Nicely done Fido. If only I waited a few months.

  • Mike

    Data should never be less than 6gb, that should be the norm by now. everyone wants data and text messaging, not to many people make voice calls anymore. Its all about textting and using lots of data.

    • Jay

      Not everyone needs 6gigs of data, especially for folks like me who have wifi both at work and home. 2gigs is more than sufficient for my needs.

    • Scott

      I have the 6GB plan through Rogers, and I never get close to it. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever even hit 2GB. This Fido plan hits the mark pretty well!

  • Anonymous

    Fido has played in the discount space for the last couple years and this is by far their best smartphone lineup and plan combination. Being able to get the Nexus or HTC One S on a 24 month agreement at $0 is crazy!! These are $500+ phones that would take over 3yrs to pay off on a tab provider and Fido says 2yrs max or pay off the remaining discount whenever you want. And they’re paying you Fido dollars every month towards that next phone…why are you people complaining?

    It seems like no one on here actually understands the cost of running a wireless network in a massive country with such a spread out population. If you don’t like paying for your service, pay out the full cost of a phone and go on pre-paid then…but wait, you don’t understand that phones actually cost money either.

  • Amandeep

    Mobilicity is cheaper as they offer unlimted data, unlimited talk, unlimited text all for $12.95. This is Mobilicity current promotion. Much better than the $57 promotion.

    • Jay

      Yes, Mobilicity’s plans may be cheaper, but their signal coverage is crap. Two of my sister in-laws are with them and they both experience problems with reception. I’d sooner go with the more reliable coverage offered by Fido and the other Big 3 sub brands than have cheap, crappy phone service.

  • Larry

    The really good stuff always happens around Black Friday into the early Xmas shopping season.

  • greaterbambino

    hmmm… still nothing from virgin to match so I can switch…

  • workinwireless

    Virgin matched today

  • gjeff12

    “Competition is fierce”? It’s like a hockey game where both teams skate around passing to each other. No one scores, there’s no action, and all the fans are missed off about their wasted money.

  • Fido

    For all those wondering if plan is offered on a 3y term (which means mainly with Iphone)=no!
    However, Fido is coming up with a 67$ plan. 1000min nation wide, 2gb of data, unl. incoming calls, weekend/evening from 5pm, visual voicemail, Caller id, mms/sms unlimited (international numbers included), who called feature, call forwarding minutes.

    • Jon

      @Fido, do you know roughly when they’ll be launching this $67 plan?

  • JP

    Lucky me I got the 6GB data plan for an extra $5 on my data plan! I think it will apply to any Fido customers who have been with fido for a long # of years

  • Alex

    I thought the previous 1GB plan was set to expire on Nov 25… does this updated 2GB plan have an expiry date?

  • Dan

    Check out one of the large electronic stores in Canada, they offer the HTC One S for free and give you 150$ in gift cards on a 2 year activation. I think it ends today.

  • abc2000th

    how much is additional data with fido? DO they offer such thing or No with this plan? U must call fido for 2gb if U r already on $57 plan or it won’t be effective.

  • Horton

    I will pass and stay with Wind, it is a horrible network but still works, I am expecting that Fido will have some network adjustment fee, and centralization fee, and potato retention fee, and ….

  • abc2000th

    how much is additional data on $57 plan? is thetering allowed on Iphone ?