Samsung ready to counter Apple’s infringement claims, says “there can be no iPhone without our patents”


  • Vince

    Samsung ftw! (in court)

    • SAM

      OH SAMMIE MY SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!
      GO SAMMIE MY SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!
      OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    • SAM

      OH MY SAAAMIEEEEEEEE GO SAM GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SAM

      apple will be dead soon they are not like 3 years ago most people buy samsung product

  • Rich

    Ahh Samsung, made famous because of Apple.
    Oh Apple, made famous because of Samsung.

  • eshizzi

    Interesting turn of events!

  • some guy

    As much as I want all these lawsuits to just stop… the geek in me wants Apple to eat it a bit too.

  • Fitey

    Why not sue them in South Korea? They only won when they sued you in their home jurisdiction (shortly after the Government of California delcared a “Steve Jobs’ Day”.)

    • Gman

      They did and I think they lost that too.

  • Tay

    So it begins

  • IAmTheMightyFinder

    Why can’t the two just stop their bickering and focus on making great products like they used to? (It’s a rhetorical question. I know about the whole patent portfolio issue and legal quibbles that the two have against each other, but it’d be nice to see the two finally get along for once.)

  • Sam

    This patent-trolling needs to come to an end. Yes, patent IMPORTANT and UNIQUE aspects of your product, but swiping to the right, or having rounded corners on your device, or having a button in the middle should have NEVER been approved for a patents!

    Guess who suffers from all this? The consumer. Litigations are costly, and the costs are being passed down to us. Also, this patent war slows down actual innovation, which, once again, prevents consumers from having accessed to an even greater technology even sooner.

    I am tired of this bullcrap. Both companies are nothing but BIG BABIES. Go, create, invent, advance, innovate. Stop wasting your time in courts!

    Yes, I am naive in thinking that consumers should come before profits. But then again consumers ARE profits. Be honest, keep them happy, and the money will come.

    • Xenodice

      Very well said Sam, that is all

    • ace

      Companies don’t need to waste the R&D involved with setting up anymore… they can just find a specialized company who has the tech to do it cheaper than they could (in volume)… so yes, they need to stop whining, so they take other peoples development, slap it together like PB&J and call it their own…. then patent it… companies working together have always faired better… look at samsung+apple!

    • Geoff

      While I agree with you, I’m pretty sure that the lawsuits are cutting into the shareholders profits. The cost of the phone for the consumer is set according to cost of materials and what the consumer is willing to pay. That’s why iPhones are more expensive than similar products from other companies.

  • dendaline

    apple not aways win. they lost in germany against motorola and that’s why they don’t have push mail in germany.

    wow i think they all do that that somebody write something about the company’s they screw us all only to be here.

    next week apple order 20 mio screens for iphone 6 from lg

  • Threecube

    All I read there was “Galaxy S IV coming in February”

  • collin

    Finally Samsung is bringing out the big guns, you asked for apple.. and now you’re going to get it, Get your wallet out!

  • Jon

    Apple didn’t win in UK either. The judge made Apple pay all of Samsung’s legal fees.

  • DrBadass


  • Fromandah Bolz

    Let the lawyers on both sides rejoice! They will make a pile of cash.

  • Idonkey

    “without Samsung-owned wireless patents, it’s impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets.”

    Oh man! That is going to shut em up does it? This going to changes everything … again. LOL

  • Robert

    Apple should buy Samsung

    Problem solved

  • Shamu

    Go get them Sammy! Nobody likes a bully like Apple. HTC just doesn’t have the b*lls or cash to fight Apple. Hey Google, time for you to help Sammy this time? Time for you to grow a pair too and get in the game. Samsung has Tizen brewing in the back offices so I wouldn’t turn my back on Samsung right now. .

  • SAM

    Samsung lost in the states only
    apple lost in japan, Germany and uk

    this is the american justice

  • hmmmm

    Samsung knows they will win, this will change everything…

    I got the Note 2 this afternoon! Bye Bye Telus and…Apple, never said hello to them. 45$ a month for 6gb of data with Videotron, how about that. No more need to read MobileSyrup everyday. 🙂

  • Pete

    Samsung is the original! go samsung!

  • F2f

    RIP APPLE!!!!!!

  • Xanth18

    Kinda sounds like Samsung is the one going thermo-nuclear now… LoL

    I’m not big on all this law crap… but if apple wanted a fight, I think they just bit off more than they can chew. And I’m glad someone is standing their ground. Google needs to chip in.

    And the real kicker? All this law crap… and Samsung has been innovating all this time, kicking the iPhone around like iGarbage the entire time.

  • Samuel

    Swuing others for having round corners or buttons in the middle will ne like FORD swing all other car companies for having round wheels or light tha turn on at night.

    Apple should focus on what they used to be good at, creating good stuff. It seems to me that besides the retina display on their iphones they have just been playing catch up since the iPhone 4 and the lastest iPhone 5 missed on NFC is prove of that.

  • Masked Bandito

    Watch Samsung lose another billion to Apple.

    LOVE IT! Bring down those copycat companies that think they can ride on Apple’s coat tails.