Koodo to release the Galaxy S III at the end of November


  • leo

    pass s3, wait for nexus 4

    • General Gustov

      Exactly leo , for the price and what your getting in the nexus 4 you cant go wrong on a totally unlocked phone , $650 for a phone pfffff forget it

    • Randy – 1

      Yup, the Nexus 4 is an awesome deal, but some of us don’t want to wait ’till February for a phone that was “released” in November. 😉

  • Sean

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see it cheaper. They did take the SII and sell it for $300 outright and in general they have the lowest prices on outright devices… The Nexus 4 would of been a perfect match for Koodo but if they get the SIII at a decent price it would be amazing for people

  • Skarphace

    doubt it would cost 650 through them, koodo usually gets the phones under the cost of many other carriers (SIIX as an example). It would make sense if its at 450 or so.

  • Capt.

    I am coming from an iPhone 4. Perhaps this may be the upgrade I’ll be doing while on Koodo!

  • David

    forget nexus 4, I’ll wait for the Samsung Galaxy S IV !!

  • Victor L.

    Price and plan will be announced Nov. 23.

    • Jim R

      It gets its own plan? That sounds like it will have an expensive outright cost.

  • David

    How about bringing the Note 2 next?

  • 45

    Fido, please?

    • Victoria

      I work at Fido, and as far as I’m aware there are no plans for the G S3 coming our way 🙁

  • Jon

    Just in time for… no one to give a care.

    • 45

      Except we both know that’s not true. It’s still (one of?) the most wanted Android phone out for most users.

  • Gideon

    I don’t think they will charge more than $400 for it. They have never charged that much for a device other than the iphone.

  • BB10

    650 is too much. Lets wait for BB10.

  • Theblob

    @Gideon. Not true. Nexus S was released with Koodo in April 2011 for $425 without tab. Blackberry 9790 was $400 when it was released in December last year. I’m guessing S3 will be around $500.

    • Gideon

      You are right, I had forgotten about the Nexus S! I think they only had it available for a very shot period of time though.

  • Mike

    See people, I’ve been saying this for a long time thats its coming to Koodo. And everyone were saying no way. And yes its gonna be around the $400-450 price range. And the S2X will be lowered in price to $250.

    • Brad F

      i dont see how you would make money if you price the s3 at 400-450. that’s easily a 200$ loss which isnt even necessary to take.

    • Jim R

      $250 for the S2x would be nice.

  • Mike

    @ Brad F. it was the same with the Nexus S. everyone else was selling it at $600 bucks at first. then koodo released it for like $400 bucks. then got reduced lower after that. The S3 is reaching end of life pretty soon, which is why its coming to discount brand koodo to sell off the rest of the stock at a lower price. mark my words. price point$400-450

  • Ryu

    Perhaps Koodo will release the S4 as soon as it comes out =)

  • Theblob

    @Ryu That would be great. Outside the iPhones, Koodo doesn’t usually get high end smartphones the day they launch. But it would be nice for Koodo to have an alternative high end phone to the iPhone even if it’s just one other.

  • xyz

    5 Months after Wind – too late.

  • drone

    Too little, too late.

  • Kyle

    maybe they will do the on sale debut that they did for the SIIX, optimus black and htc one v… *fingers crossed* say have it debut at 350 or 400 on sale from 450 or 400.
    I doubt that it will be 650$, but on the other hand the device isn’t as old as say the SIIX (SII is 5 months old vs SIIX was closer to a year old when it launched).

  • D

    “Too little, too late” ? Koodo has the best plans of any carrier and have started every trend lately. Pay attention.

    • drone

      I don’t care about trends. I was talking about the phone anyways. The S3 came out ages ago. Kinda late if you release it 5-6 months after the new entrants’ release.

  • Kyle

    Maybe it will come with jellybean!

  • Andrew

    >$250 for the S2x would be nice.

    It’s $200 now (was less a couple of weeks back). $300 with $100 gift card, if you don’t want Koodo GC get store credit and buy it at BB, FS, WM, Loblaws, wherever you’re sure you’ll spend the $100.


  • Mike

    And it was the same as the samsung Galaxy S2X. Telus is still selling it for $600, but koodo released it for $300. And the S2X works on Telus even without needing to unlock it. People on Telus who want to buy the S2X should just buy it from Koodo, and then just use it on telus.

  • Mike

    And it’ll be at a discount price of $400-450, cause Samsung will be announcing the S4 in February, so the S3 is reaching end of life status pretty soon. Samsung just wants to sell out the left over stock as quickly as possible

  • Shamu

    Nice job Koodo. Your lineup is getting much better. What about Note 2 now?


      They will not get the Note 2 probably as it is a much higher price and not in KOODOs relm of devices. Do what I did and buy an unlocked International model of the Galaxy Note 2 and just pop in your Koodo SIM Card and away you go. It works great on the service and without LTE it lasts 10 – 11hrs of continuous non stop use with the screen brightness Set at 3 / 4 power, where the LTE model my friend has is only getting 6.5hrs of continuous non stop use with the exact same settings. Plus you’ll get updates months before everyone on a carrier model. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)


    Koodo is having a contest for ppl on Koodo to win a Galaxy S3 and in the rules it states approx value of the device in which they have stated $550 so I believe that it’s going to be that without or possibly and even better with taxes. Which model will we see from them is still a mystery but chances are it will be the same as the Telus model. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada).

  • Mike

    koodo S2X now $250 on their website, see told you all.

  • Mike

    S3 will be $400 or less. or koodo will surprise us even more and price it at $300 like they did the S2X.