New Expedia app launches for Android and iOS, built on popular FlightTrack technology


  • Serious

    Just don’t use apple maps to get to the airport. You may find yourself lost, or it could be that your using the maps wrong.

  • Steven

    What???!!! They actually made a true, nice looking Android inspired design rather than a shitty looking iPhone port? I’m amazed. More companies should take note.

  • reality check

    Ugh, looks ugly to me. I know it’s not on Android yet, but SkyDrive has a much better design imo

  • Sixteen12

    Wow, the Android one looks way better. That’s gotta be a first for a two platform app.

  • Serious

    The layout looks like W8.. IMO

  • Intuiitive Consulting

    Sounds like some early adopters of dead end WP8, or owners of long in the tooth iOS devices are awake little jealous they can’t run the Android apps and thanks to the benevolent guards of their walled gardens, they aren’t likely to see a quick&easy ported version any time soon.

    Why can’t people just be grateful for nice things

  • RC

    Why does the photo make it look like the Galaxy Nexus is smaller than the iPhone?

  • daveloft

    The app is gorgeous, fluid, extremely functional and is actually optimized for tablets. I’ve used it on both a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. Unfortunately for some reason, flights are not an option on the tablet.

  • phil

    anyone know whats the phone on the left of the iphone?