Chatr releases the LG Optimus L3 and LG C195


  • Nexus 4


    • tech

      looks like lumia 920 and galaxy ace put togather.

  • Serious

    Gingerbread perfection

    • kris

      whats wrong?- that 125ppi screen too much for you to handle?

  • General Gustov

    Chatr pfffffff

  • John Lee

    Gingerbread phone at the end of 2012? Sad…

  • mi ni

    Even for $125 this phone is a terrible deal. You’ll pay more in medical bills after you lose your marbles out of frustration. Do yourself a favor, and avoid this phone. Actually, avoid Chat-r altogether – it’s Rogers way of slapping Canadians in the face yet another time.

  • xyz

    Chatr is only for Rogers/Fido people to switch to them as they can keep their phones.

  • so now what?

    it’s rogers, don’t it! It’s because of it’s parent company that prices are so high. This is there way of getting people who are sick of paying so much with rogers and then give more money back to rogers

  • cheenachatze

    The good thing about Chattr is that their network uses the most common frequencies. As a result, there are many unlocked phones that will work on their network. For people that live in MTL and want low cost service, Chattr is a very viable option. Just buy the phone somewhere else.

    • General Gustov

      45$ for 100mb pffffff rip off

    • Joe Blo

      If a 25 cent (a minute) voicemail reovery fee does not tell you that Rogers is laughing at their customers, while humuliating them, then I don’t know what will…

      And yes, $45 for 100MB of data…

      Seriously… It’s almost 2013…