Maluuba launches natural language API to bring Siri-type assistance to any app


  • kindcobra


  • Mark

    it’s gonna better than apple

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Let the competition begin!

  • Intuiitive Consulting

    I wonder what Wolfram might do considering WolframAlpha does all the intuitive question answering behind Siri. Nuance already powers other non-Siri voice to text services

  • Yuuuup

    Nuance has offices in Waterloo too. Maluumbva should flash mob them.

  • David

    I know I’m gonna get flamed for this, but… I wish there was just ONE natural language tool that only WORKS in French. French is available in all of them, but I have yet to see one that’s usable. And for God’s sake … get rid of that stupid euro French accent!

    • Slappy

      I don’t consider the english to be usable either. The demos they show are always impressive. Every voice recognition app I’ve ever used is just too annoying.

  • Frank

    Cool, I wonder how long until Google buys it lol.