Rogers prices the Sony Xperia T at $99.99 on a 3-year, $524.99 on a month-to-month


  • djfksl

    Can this be purchased unlocked from Sony Store?



      PHABLET 5.5″

    • Sean

      I know even the xperia S which in canada is only available in sony stores is locked and bloated up with rogers crap so i wouldnt hold your breath

    • Scott

      D’oh – I meant to say “unlocked”, not “locked”

    • ICSfor530

      An Ice Cream Sndwich-phone for $530 in Decemeber 2012??

      You are Joking right?
      You can get an N4 AND an N7 BOTH with Jelly Bean for the same money!

  • Is this Bb10?

    Can’t beat Nexus 4.

    • andy c

      depends on what your priorites are.

      the sony has a better camera and LTE.

      some may think that the above two are worth $175 more then what the nexus 4 costs. especially if you dont care about updates.

      me, i’ll only buy nexus devices.

    • Scott

      Don’t forget the Sony also supports microSD cards. Lack of storage is probably my biggest beef with the Nexus 4.

    • ICSfor530

      The Sony comes with the Android Version of 2011, and the phone is released in December 2012; what’s wrong with that eh?


  • superfly

    Dealer price is probably $225.

    • bob

      The device cost for providers is almost full cost. There is next to no profit for them to sell a device outright.

  • Ghoul

    Not bad, beats Mobilicity’s price. If the Nexus 4 had never been announced or even thought of I might’ve considered this as my next phone (or even the Lumia 920)

  • Blackberry Gangsta

    the 9900 will put this jabroni phone to sleep


    why the f**k would anyone pay more than 500$ for this ???

    nexus 4 has set new standards for pricing ,

    • seroevo

      You could use that argument for anyone that pays for phone outright or gets a new phone year-to-year. If you have a great plan there is no reason to keep switching around, and if you’re constantly losing your phone then that’s hardly the fault of service providers.

      Techies and early adapters need to stop pretending like having a phone for 2-3 years is some kind of disgusting blasphemy.

  • Josh L

    $550 seems to be the average price for a run of the mill phone nowadays…

    • ICSfor530

      The thing is:
      $550 seems to be the average price for the new phones with OLDE software and potential upgrades one yr from now.

      The question is:
      Will people pay that now that the N4 came out??
      Once the word goes out that the N4 is not for developers and that it has the EASIEST fastest upgrades in Android; people will flock to the N4.

  • Osama

    good point Seroevo, let these fools pay $450 for a phone that they will probably keep for 2 years anyway, instead of $99! Robbers will waive the early upgrade fee after 2 years if you cry enough, so really, why not just sign a contract if you’re gonna use their service anyway?

  • ICSfor530

    $530 for this ICS??

    Wait three weeks for the Price drop of the S3 to $$450-500!

  • Bryan MacKenzie

    tough call between this and N4.

    This processor is pretty fast beats most competition. Sure quad core is faster but uses more battery. I find my galaxy nexus has no lag issues so why would this.

    It will have jellybean in 2 months, yes N4 will be ahead but not sure what 4.1 to 4.2 changes will really be like. A year from now with Ley lime it will be behind N4 so thats one issue.

    Design/build is WAY better than N4. That point cant really be argued.
    Which has better screen.. which has better camera (quality not MP) those are the real question.

    Then you also save 250$ from the N4 (no leaks about canadian companies picking it up for contract discounts).

    I’ll probably buy both and then pawn the one I dont like as a christmas gift.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Can anyone tell me if I buy an phone from Telus outright that is at a month to month , will it be unlocked. I wanna buy galaxy note 2 unlocked. Can see where can I get one?

    • RIM Job

      The only phone you can purchas that will be unlocked from any carrier is the NEXUS. You can buy any phone from where ever you like and get it unlocked rather easily, but keep in mind that the phone is optimized for that carrier so you might have problems if you were to buy a phone from Telus and use it on Rogers. Sure it will probably work just fine but take a look at my friend who wanted the One X and bought it from Rogers for use with Telus before they had they sold their version of the ONE X. LTE wasn’t working properly and they weren’t getting a good speed. You can probably root the phone (if android) and install a different software but there is still a risk. And don’t even think about buying a phone from TELUS ROGERS AND BELL and think you can use it on WIND OR MOBILICITY those two networks are not compatible with one another and their phones usually have different anttenas and fequency bands. Unless you find a universal PENTABAND phone Like NEXUS 4 be careful and study the network frequencies.