Rogers releases its One Number app for Android tablets


  • honest question

    I have a Rogers tablet (8.9 Samsung, LTE) and that is the only device I have w/ Rogers. Can I still use this, or do I have to pay for a voice plan as well?

    • Dylan K

      Straight from the TOS for Rogers One Number:

      “You must be subscribed to eligible Wireless Phone postpaid voice (or postpaid voice and data) service with Rogers, with the applicable plans and/or add-ons, in order to use the Service.”

      Sorry man.

    • honest question

      Thanks so much, I was just going over my contract with them and you beat me to it.

      I’m not that concerned, I have a Bell employee line for voice anyway =D

    • Gene

      go to play store. download dell voice. problem solved

  • Gc

    What about text messages? Are they free? What do they charge?

    • MeMike

      Yes text messages using the One Number service are Free!

  • Warren

    No thanks!

  • Brock’s

    Rogers One Number is free for all voice subscribers. It allows you to call/text Canada wide from or the Rogers one number app (iPad and Android tab).

    It’s not rocket science and its free.

  • Drae

    Works pretty well on my Toshiba Thrive – better than the Mac app which always seems to crash or randomly log out. It’s a good solution for someone who has a Rogers cell phone but spends a lot of time in an area where they don’t have good reception. A basement home theatre, for example.

  • $73ARPU

    So if Rogers has that “One Number” app, which is basically Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) how can they justify selling you $100 per month-plans, when all you need is a data -only plan with 5-6 GB for $40-50???

    Evenings and weekends, Caller ID,VM, LONG Distance Regulatory fees etc are so 2009!

    Internet is internet and voice is data, everything is data!

    If the CRTC doesn’t want to get bullied by ROBELUS IF it were to ban the 3 yr contracts; all it has to do is open the doors to foreign invesmtent and the Canadian mobile industry will self-regulate and be truly competitive. Until then expect $120 plans by the summer and $50 PER MONTH by next holidays….while WIND keeps offering the same or better $40 plan and beter and better coverage.

  • Nitin Gaba

    Rogers One Number doesn’t alter you plan at all. It basically takes your normal plan and makes it available to you on all mediums with that one number. So if you have 200 minutes and you use One Number on your tablet or computer and use those 200 minutes they are finished.

    Basically the point of One Number is so you can text and call from your phone, tablet or computer using the same number.

    • MeMike

      Quote:”So if you have 200 minutes and you use One Number on your tablet or computer and use those 200 minutes they are finished.”

      Not true. Calls do not count towards your minutes and even better there are no long distance charges for calls made to Canadian phone numbers! All incoming calls are free as well regardless of where you are located so this is a great option to avoid roaming charges!

  • DJ Tatty

    All you effers do is complain, complain, complain.

    • They Should name it

      And all you do is work @ Rogers call center.. DJ there boy.. lol

  • Zeeb

    I like this app, only thing I wish they didn’t do was force me to use it in landscape mode. Portrait option would be better, or at least the ability to choose between portrait and landscape.

  • Psy

    Why isn’t there an app for normal phones? Why tablets onlyy? =\

  • Briggs

    The 1 Number suite of web tools is great for small business as a cost saving measure.

    I was one of the first 100 to download the android tablet app and am so far very impressed. I did an hour conference call on it last night and it was great.

    The only unfortunate thing is that you can only login via 1 number on one device. So, for example, if I am logged in on my tablet, my desktop can not be signed into the service at the same time. A small inconvenience really though.

  • Briggs

    Also, FYI, I was using the app on an HP touchpad (originally shipped with webOS) with cyanogen mod 9 installed.