Rogers and CIBC “to complete first mobile credit card payment in Canada” tomorrow


  • Dan

    They are launching with Blackberry-only devices? This looks destined to fail.

    • Marc

      “These two BlackBerry devices are the only ones currently compatible, but others will be added soon.”

  • iphoneee

    so canadians will get their first taste of paying more for nothing …. niceee

    • Bobblehead

      Each transaction has a $6.95 SAF fee too.

  • Doug

    So, for the five people in the world still dumb enough to buy a blackberry, they can use this. great. 😛

  • 7-Down

    +Google Wallet? No? Okay… bye.

  • Matthew

    Rogers, CIBC and RIM? I guess they want this whole mobile payment thing to be a failure.

  • holler back girl

    aannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd nobody gives a F@#=K!

  • holler back girl

    btw, what is a Simon Whitfield?

  • Acco

    First mobile credit card payment. Load of bollocks and hype. I think that the few of us that managed to get Google Wallet working on our phones would qualify as mobile credit card payments. 🙂

  • Dextherex

    Positive this isn’t the first mobile phone payment. Anyone from the states coming up could of used Google wallet on all of the paypass things we have. They are everywhere… timmies MCdonalds Walmart and most stores seem to have them.

    • YYC_iPhone5_User

      i think they talking about in Canada only – but than again ive been paying for my starbucks with the app on my iphone – so i dont know… Rogers is just making a big deal out of nothing

  • Zeeb

    Is it just me or do the phones in that picture look ancient?

    • Chris

      Yep. Blackberries

  • Chris

    Not the first. People have hacked google wallet onto their phones and already used mobile payments in Canada

  • guimmer

    Why go with blackberry. They should go with the os that will have the highest adoption (android)

    • waitandsee

      The technology being used for this is near-field-communications (NFC). Not all phones have NFC but Blackberrys do. Some android phones do as well but not all. iOS devices DO NOT have NFC.

  • STY

    Rogers marketing is fantastic at selling you services, because you aren’t smart enough to know “there’s an app fo that”.

    Look at all those home security commercials, and how you can turn your thermostat down, big whoop.

  • Chris

    Someone should put google wallet on their phone and go their and use there phone right before they do

    • Chris

      Oops: Their**

  • anona

    Nope. Not first, unless they don’t include all my Google Wallet purchases at Tim Hortons.

  • Bobby

    This “program”, at least initially, will have a VERY limited reach.

    First you need a BlackBerry. Ok, a lot of people have those. Let’s take that as a 100% mark. Then you need to be with CIBC. Let’s take it as roughly 1/3, so we’re left with 30%. Then, of course, you have to be a rogers customer, which, very roughly, divides the number by 3 again, leaving us with 10% of initial BlackBerry users. Suntract 5% more, which woul dinclude those who don’t care about this at all, and what do we have?

    Out of a limited amount of Blackberry users, only about 5% are likely to consider this service, and that’s a ROUGH eastimate. I am leaning more towards 2%.

    I am sure there is money in it for all parties involved, that that’s a very small pieace of pie to share.

    Also, let me add myself to the 95% – I never used a Balckberry, do not bank with CIBC, and will DEFINITELY never use Rogers as my cellphone provider.

    So here we are.

  • Guillaume B.

    Sigh… They don’t get it…

    For mobile payment to really pick up, it needs to be open. It needs to work on at least 2 of the 4 active mobile platforms, it need to support the credit/debit card that customers already have (outside of extreme tech enthusiasts, no one’s switching banks just to get mobile payments) and it needs to work with ALL carriers.

    Anything else will fail. Guaranteed.

  • Cancuckle215

    It’s a shame that’s the only thing canadian olympians can afford. Subsidized crap RIMs. 🙂

  • Imakesense

    Nice, now we jsut need to find someone that still has a blackberry so we can test it out!

    • Chris

      Are you kidding? Tons of teenagers still have blackberries

    • waitandsee

      Not sure where you get your information but there are still LOTs of blackberrys out there. Particularly in government and large corporations.

  • AWSguy

    3 Fail companies are trying to make a product which succeeds on its own?

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    rogers is hyping this garbage like theyre sending someone to walk on mars– dirtbags

  • Mike

    dafuq?? Can i haz google wallet plz…

  • John

    How long until Robbers starts “charging” for things and doesnt tell the customer.

    • Andre

      You must be just plain stupid. Firstly, learn how the technology works before commenting. Secondly, NFC is widely used in the UK and US today and it is quite secure. Lastly, have you ever heard of a secure element? Get informed!

  • BushelofApple

    Anything depicting Blackberry’s for their promotional banner / ad is destined to fail.

  • Leggomyeggos

    Someone should go earlier in the morning and use their phone first just to see what happens.

  • Devon

    Blackberry have had nfc for a years, well before apple. I have a 9900 for work and its a really nice constructed phone.

  • kastortroy

    To those making these retarded comments out of your iAss, do u even own or control a telecommunications company to even justify these shortsighted comments. Oh I forgot, u all still live with mommy n daddy n spending all your allowance on your ishiny or drone phone. Typical Americans unable to see outside their own reality distortion field. BTW travel much? I will stop here out of respect of what’s been happening lately with Sandy.

    -proud member of the blacksheep community

    • OgtheDim

      Oh look…..its an anti-troll anti-troll.

  • Jay

    The tap credit card payment system rarely works for me…I’m assuming that NFC payments are much more reliable.

  • Mo

    It’s funny because I’ve already done this with my Galaxy Nexus with Google Wallet. While it wasn’t a “mobile credit card payment” perse (I used a prepaid mastercard to add funds), I still wouldn’t say it’s the first of it’s kind 😛

  • screamer

    That is something! Lucky to find somebody who is with rogers, has a credit card with cibc and than a blackberry!!!! Wow you need to be lucky!

  • Mark

    Cashless society, it’s really coming true now

  • Swizzlerz

    nfc on most new windows phone 8’s…. Rogers being a major launch partner of windows phone 8… How long till windows phone 8 has this same feature.. To bad I use telus and scotia 🙂

  • Fabien

    WRONG!I’ve already paid with my Nexus S more than a YEAR ago!!!

  • Jim

    CIBC needs to focus on customer service and staff competence before they move into Mobile payments! What a joke!