Apple releases iOS 6.0.1 to fix keyboard, WiFi and camera flash glitches


  • imnot telling

    Was hoping it would improve battery life too 🙁

    • phreezerburn

      “They said the lens flare that came from pointing the camera at a light are normal. Every single camera, even the Nexus 4 (oh no!), gets it.”

      The said this certainly but it was a lie and still is. The purple tinge is a refraction issue of… sapphire. Mineral glass, the usual covering which is chip resistant but not so against picking up scratches, suffers no such thing.

    • Whit

      I was also really hoping that it would fix battery life issues too. It’s killing me on my iphone, and even moreso on my ipad. I used to be able to go the whole workday using my ipad non-stop, now it drains in 5 hours of use. There are substitutes for maps and cameras, nothing can sub in for a battery.

  • Oh boy…

    Wasn’t this $700+ phone supposed to be “prefect”? Hahah!

    • Oh boy…


      I have failed.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Business 101: Never claim anything is perfect, has no downtime, or any other sort of 100% reliability.

      Apple never claims perfection. They just use a lot of adjectives. A *heck of a lot* of amazing, wonderful, fantastic adjectives.

    • UnSimplified

      Business 102: Try not to use the word “Never”!

    • Stuntman

      It’s not perfect. It “just works.”

    • John

      Yes, as opposed to ‘just sucks’ like my Samsung Captivate.

    • PR

      a device that costs $700 with this many issues and problems is far from amazing/spectacular/wonderful/magical

      nobody claims anything is perfect, but apple claims their devices are BETTER and in reality its just a flat out lie

      just like in their keynote they said still the most power efficient desktop (mac mini) what a ridiculous load of crap, the eeepc uses 20W and not 110W like the mac mini

  • TP

    Apple claiming the ‘antenna issue’ is normal and it’s users holding the phone in the wrong way……..then provide bumper case for free.

    Apple claiming the 7″ tablets are DOA……..then release a 7.85″ tablet.

    Apple claiming the camera flash glitches are normal and it’s the same for other cameras too………then release a fix for the glitches.

    What are they doing?

    • panda

      I think you are confusing the camera flash with the camera flare

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @TP “Apple claiming the ‘antenna issue’ is normal and it’s users holding the phone in the wrong way……..then provide bumper case for free.”

      Most people weren’t affected by it, and continue to not be affected by it, but they decided to be nice to the people who did have issues.

      “Apple claiming the 7″ tablets are DOA……..then release a 7.85″ tablet.”

      Apple claimed that 7″, 16:9 tablets running blown-up phone apps were DOA, and they were, and still are. Then they released a 7.9″, 4:3 tablet running tablet apps. Those 2 things are nowhere near the same.

      “Apple claiming the camera flash glitches are normal and it’s the same for other cameras too………then release a fix for the glitches.”

      They said the lens flare that came from pointing the camera at a light are normal. Every single camera, even the Nexus 4 (oh no!), gets it. They released a fix for the flash not always going off (on?).

    • TP

      It’s my bad, yes I was confused.
      I didn’t know it had even more issues…lol

    • TP


      I am not talking about the impact on the customers, I am talking about them claiming one way then doing something against their claims.
      If antenna was normal and as you said there was only little impact, why did they offer bumper cases for free?

      The link I provided previously has quotes from Steve Jobs regarding 7″ vs 10″. He stated ’10 inches is the minimum’ for a tablet. He didn’t say about apps, he didn’t say about resolution, he said about the screen size. I am referring to that.

      Flash glitches – as I wrote above, my bad, I was confused. I didn’t know iPhone had another glitch about camera.

    • PR

      “Apple claimed that 7″, 16:9 tablets running blown-up phone apps were DOA, and they were, and still are. Then they released a 7.9″, 4:3 tablet running tablet apps. Those 2 things are nowhere near the same.”

      LMFAO, blown up? what is their to blow up? its the same freaking resolution between phones and tablets, all the android apps ive used are ment to be used on high resolution devices, even wallpapers like the halo live wallpaper

      tablet resolution = 1280×800
      phone resolution = 1280×720

      iphone = 16:9 (or close to it)
      ipad = 4:3

      if anything apple devices look fuct when running apps that arent designed for it.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Oh look, Apple users can get the update the day it’s released. Again. As usual. Who saw that coming?

    • ergdfghdfh

      Your life must be so sad..

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @ergdfghdfh I actually just troll on my breaks. It’s fun to get the fandroids all riled up.

    • Smit

      At least we know that you’re trolling. I mean, no one is THAT brainwashed, are they…? Are they? 0.o

      Obligatory thumbs-down for Brad F posts.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Smit I try to throw in the occasional coherent thought and non-trolling comment just to throw people off.

    • phreezerburn

      Update? Since when were BUG fixes deemed something so laudable as an update?

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @phreezerburn Since all modern OSes have bugs that need to get fixed.

      Like that Android bug that would send text messages to the wrong contact. That was a fun one.

  • SlimJim

    So can I can stop holding it wrong now?

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @SlimJim Sorry, you’re still holding it wrong.

  • stephenbb81

    I’ve been waiting for this update.
    But it doesn’t seem to address my main issue.
    Since upgrading to iOS6 I have an issue dialing extensions, 50% at least do not work.
    The city of Pembroke has the best automated assistant helping me identify that Apple has a pause issue, as it reads out the keys you pressed when it tries to connect you, the extension I wanted is 4 digits, the iphone SHOWS all 4 pressed but the receiving equipment acknowledged 2,
    Not an issued on BlackBerry or Android.

    This is a known issue for Apple and should have been in this fix, I’ll trial it when I can get a wifi network to update

  • also

    The reality distortion field is strong with Brad F(anboy).

    • Brad F(anboy)

      It’s a great, wonderful, fantastic, amazing, incredible, beautiful reality distortion field. Now with Retina display.

    • phreezerburn

      “Retina” display is what exactly? Apart from something made by companies other than Apple of course.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @phreezerburn It’s a high-resolution screen. They could either say that or make up a marketing term that means the same thing but sounds fancier and has a little more appeal because it’s a feature with a name. They chose the latter.

  • Apple L-User


    Now I need a new casing to get rid of extra Apple features, such as dents and scrathes. Somehow I don’t like them as much as Apple wants me to.

    The rattling inside of my phone was fun for a while, but now it has gotten annoying.

    The screen-bleed feature I completely do not undertand, but if Apple says it’s “innovative”, then who am I to argue?

    The phone’s random reboots are actually exciting! I mean, I get to see a apple logo again ad again, and that’s music to my eyes.

    Overall, I am glad that I have overpaid for an outdated phone! I mean, look at Apple’s stock (which, I don’t have any of) – it’s amazing, and I am partially contributing to a success of my Apple!

    😀 😀

    • Apple L-User

      Oh crap! This isn’t the Ladie’s washroom?
      Damn you, Apple maps!

      Err, I mean, you know better than me where I want to go, Apple Maps! Keep on rocking! *smooches*

      😀 😀

    • lukeiphone

      Okay Mr. Liar! I bought the iPhone 5 the first day it was released and I had no dents or scratches (ill believe others do because I have seen images), I have NO RANDOM REBOOTS. What are you even talking about? No screen bleed either, nor any rattling inside. Do you even know how to use a phone? Do you even know what a phone is? Are you sure you holding a phone in your hand?

    • phreezerburn

      The rattle is only apparent when reapplying that silver grey coating to the screen… left horizontal… right vertical.

    • sp

      @lukeiphone actually one of my coworkers said his gf who he talked into getting the iPhone 5 has a rattling from her phone. Turns out the gyromometer or scope or thingy lol, came off and caused a lot of rattling when she used it..

      she cursed him to hell with this issue…

  • BushelofApple

    @Brad ethics 101: don’t accuse others of stealing when you yourself is the theif and admitted to stealing.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      They steal ideas, not entire products. They also try to avoid patented stuff.

    • hoo dat

      Yeah, that’s ethical.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @hoodat It is, actually. Nothing is original. Everything is a remix of old things. But at least if you only steal ideas and not entire products you aren’t ripping something or someone off.

      Jony Ive, for example, has gone on record several times saying he gets inspiration from Dieter Rams’ creations, and Rams is humbled by it. But Ive in no way blatantly copies Rams’ work and tries to pass it off as his own while trying to claim he got the inspiration from a bowl of water.

    • phreezerburn

      “They also try to avoid patented stuff.” Not exactly. Apple submits more “novel use” patents for existing products than any other in the industry. Also they submit the ever cutesy “aesthetic” patent on existing patents which are for “function”. Patent hawking used to be a big thing in the day of Ron Popeil. This was one of my electives and the Shadow Patent Office one of my favorite haunts.

    • BushelofApple

      Ah so if Apple steals, it’s ok. But when another company steals it’s wrong. I get it…the reality distortion field at its best.

    • BushelofApple

      Also to add to this reality distortion field, when Apple steals, they just steal ideas which is good. But when another company steals, they are stealing an entire product which is bad.

  • Hilman

    I thought CrApple products “just worked”?

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Hilman Updates are how they continue to “just work”, and at least iOS users can get them promptly.

  • Jacob

    @Apple L-User

    Outdated phone??? You’ve got to be kidding me.
    The Iphone 5’s got the fastest GPU processor unmatched by any OTHER phone. GPU + Customized CPU matches the gaming quality that of PS Vita. Please name a phone that makes it SOOOO outdated. Please do.

    For people saying that Apple’s Ipad Mini outdated compared to Nexus 7. Wrong again.
    Nexus 7 runs the Tegra 3 quadcore. It’s known that Tegra 3 is the weakest quadcore device of them all. Also proven that the S4 dual core beats the quadcore. Most importantly, Tegra 3 still has a very much incapable GPU despite having the 12 core advertisement. The dual-core SGX543MP2 on the Mini still beats it.
    At the end of the day, Apple product will still be more expensive, that is Apple’s pricing for a premium product which is just like how BlackBerry used to price back in the days when it was the hottest thing.

    • phreezerburn

      Beats it at what exactly? Cost of ownership, certainly but your other metrics for success?

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Jacob, what are you doing? These people don’t want logic and reason. They want OMG ANDROID BEATS APPLE BECAUSE DUR HURR ISHEEP LOL!!

    • vengefulspirit99

      the only thing it beat the s3 in was java… hardly a thing to be amazed about.

  • scunliffe

    Was there an update to Maps? I’d like to get my Google Maps back please or at least some more detail in Apple’s maps… and a GPS locator that comes within 500 feet of where I’m actually standing. (its failed for me numerous times) I’d go back to iOS 5.x if it was an option.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @scunliffe Maps updates usually happen at the server level.

  • Chris B.

    Anyone know who is responsible to fix the lack of LTE service on the new IPhone 5 with MTS.

  • mike

    Was hoping that the update would also fix the DO NOT DISTURB feature to allow text messages come in from the numbers you want to allow to come in as an alert and block the ones you don’t.

  • gramz

    ok im so pissed off i updated and when you go to the music all the pics are remove now its blank wtf

  • gramz

    fix the battery life and maps and loctaion s**t is pissing me off nothing was fix for me in this update

  • some guy

    Introduces fixes for all those items, and breaks Bluetooth.
    Good job Apple.
    *Begins slow rolling clap*