Update: Another image of RIM’s BlackBerry 10 all-touch device leaks online


  • iphoneee

    patent infringement on iphone….. rim about to lose a billion as well 😛

    • chall2k5

      cant be…there’s no round “home” button or “apple style icon layout”

      and wait…RIM is Canadian…they won’t listen to a US court

    • phreezerburn

      America is the only country in the world that patents aesthetics… the only one. The majority of Apple’s portfolio only exists in the American patent office. Crack a book.

    • BB King

      Please elaborate how this design is an infringement on Apple’s already stolen (LG Prada) iPhone design?????

    • UnSimplified


      Love how they photoshopped out the “Dev Alpha B” on the chin of the phone.

      In classic RIM fashion no concrete date and the phone 5 months away. With the world buying Nexus 4, iPhones and and W8 phones, how are they expecting people to buy new phones again 3 months later??

    • Ricky Bobby

      Guess nobody see’s your sarcasm in the post

  • Yo

    Looks awesome…… This is what i have been waiting for.

  • Benz

    thats what i’m talking about!! Really can’t wait now!

    • UnSimplified

      Yes you can and you will have to wait 5 months more IF the phone is ever released.

      -Hope RIM is reducing the number of models to produce, includes Dual Cell HSPA radio, skip LTE (Increases battery life and reduces number of variants) AND includes SD CARD; then if they release the package at no more then $400-450, they will compete with the N4, otherwise at $500-550 they will be dead in the water.

      We will see by the holidays if the lack of LTE and SD card stops poeple from getting it; and if people are willing to pay $250-300 more just to get one or both of them.
      By January we will have lower prices for sure.

  • Brandon Doyle

    It looks like a HTC Phone from 3 years ago. Good job RIM. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • bb

      yeah and you look like a copy of every other human being whats your point? P.s who is htc?????? oh those are the users who pay for there own phones, I have a blackberry and its paid for have fun with your monthly bill.

    • Brandon Doyle

      Enjoy your upcoming, outdated BB10. I’m sure when BB goes under you’ll be the first to jump over to iPhone.

    • BB King

      Looks NOTHING like any HTC phone ever. You’re a tool and your comments prove you have nothing of value to contribute.

      In short………..STFU!

    • bb

      buddy put your money where your mouth is and invest in apple goof. I am invested in RIM and they won’t go down. You have been singing the same story for years now. P.S. i will never use an iproduct ever. Business model sucks, rich get rich and users get hosed.

    • bb

      outdated…he says iphone 5 maybe….the development team for bb10 aren’t new to this stuff…go educate yourself and find out about all the other Operating systems they work on. make me laugh…

    • Brandon Doyle

      hahahahahaha keep on crying guys, BB10 is here to save the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Barrera

    Patent Troll Apple may complain about the lockscreens likeliness to the iPhone. It does resemble it quite a bit.

    • phreezerburn

      Again aesthetics patents are only in America and looking at the wife’s iPhone 4s just now, “quite a bit like” isn’t what I’m seeing. I’d NEVER mistake one for the other.

    • Johentie

      REALLY?? HOW???

  • Nick

    Probably a pretty good device. A few friends picked up the Playbook when it was on mega-sale, it certainly outperforms tablets that have similar specs and is pretty solid. If all you need is a good browser and some productivity apps and the price is right, probably a solid tablet.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    not a fan of the big logo on the bottom

  • Ron Mexico

    This is what has taken them over a year to produce? LOL


    • phreezerburn

      I’m certain the aesthetics are not what took a year to develop. Apple certainly didn’t take 3 years to develop a longer screen and a back plate resembling a Altoids tin.

    • Kris

      The biggest fail is someone being a shortsighted ignorant i***t, not a company spending more than a year to build a phone using a brand new OS.

      Pretty sad really.

  • AJ

    This is not th final version. This is the new Dev Beta device they handed out at the Toronto JAM On OCt 23

  • Johnny

    OMG, that is ugly as hell.

    Are there no creative minds on the design team.

    Ugliest phone hands down.

    They need to go back to the drawing board.

  • Johnny

    Does that look like a scratch on the left side of the phone?

    Is that a Blackberry feature we’ve yet to hear about?

  • iphonekingdong

    I betcha it’s as thick as a brick.

    Something about it that makes it look really ugly.

  • Betty

    WOW this will SAVE RIM!

  • ifoneyou

    If this is what RIM has to offer, then they are pretty much dead.

    Ugly. Boring.

    • Jack

      And another legend of business takes a break from stirring the fries at McDonald’s to comment on RIM’s chances.

  • drone

    Doesn’t look like an iPhone nor an HTC, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look like a sh*t phone.

  • Adriel

    I really have to wonder why they didn’t just develop the hardware and slap android on it JUST to keep their marketshare and mindshare from totally tanking. A fancy new BB smartphone hasn’t been on anyone’s shopping list for a couple of years now, why not come up with a stopgap strategy instead of betting the bank on an unproven platform.

    • Toypedo Joe

      And you put your actual face on this ridiculous post of yours…? Wow.

  • Thilan

    I am very much interested in the UI of BB10. Swipe gestures are just a really easy way to use the phone. On my N9 for example, want to close an app? Swipe down from the top of the screen. Want to send an app to the background? Swipe from the bottom or the sides. Want to go to the multitasking screen? Swipe left from the app screen. Once you use it, it is really hard to go back to using buttons 🙂

  • BB

    I think they haven’t done that because they will have a great os. Sure not fully proven just yet but they have some of the most secure features on any platform. Mixed with qnx kernel this will improve. Not only that no one else has a phone that can do personal things and business on one device, with there own mdm solution. Everyone else pretty much uses third party. Plus why give up, marketshare is increasing.

  • mike

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to get one.
    Better late than never.

  • Dawn

    Just for the infinite amount of morons who doesn’t take the time to read or even think for themselves, it’s a DEV ALPHA device, which means the design is not final.

    • ifoneyou

      To you and the other infinite amount of morons, this is as close to the final design as it gets.

  • johnson

    is it true that blackberry 10 is based on the Android system like the kindle fire???

  • Mark

    Say what you want, it looks good. Shame they didn’t do this 3 years ago.

  • Colin Pastuch

    Canadians are “special”… we are the only market stupid enough to have Iphone outsell Android. The rest of the world it’s not even close. In europe android is 4 to 1 apple. In the US Android is over 2 to 1 apple. In Canada even Rim beat android until recently.

    • bb

      We as Canadians are not stupid for supporting a company on Canadian land. You can put all your money in the U.S. for all I care, but don’t call us special for doing the same thing every other country does…and that is support their own products.

  • HikerCA

    When the only way you can ‘sell’ your latest, greatest phone is to give it away free or B1G1F, you’ve already lost. RIM has a decent patent portfolio, should fetch a buck or two at auction.

  • BobbyD

    Lets get one thing clear, Anrdoid is an OS not a phone. For the people making the argument that Anrdoid is out outselling Apple you are incorrect. The more viable comparison would be one specific Android Phone such as The SGS3 and compare it to the Iphone 5. Apple would still blow it out of the water when comparing sales numbers in the first week onwards.

  • Andy

    That ‘N’ in the top right corner by the battery might stand for NFC.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Might be a winner if rim can match the Nexus 4 price of $369 no contract.

  • Cam Brady

    I agree that the price should be low enough to be considered by the non-hardcore Blackberry users. And add some customization, add Skype, Viber apps, add Flipboard and Pulse News apps and I am in.

    • BB King

      Cam, I agree that Skype and Pulse are essentials but who the hell uses Viber and Flipboard. Those are two completely useless apps.

    • Cam Brady

      BB, my mom, siblings and cousins are all over the world. Somehow we all use Viber to get in touch with each other from time to time and it is a good alternative to Skype, it simply works. I just kinda like Flipboard’s fresh style, totally different than Pulse News.

  • Andy

    BB10 is going to be Fantastic! I love Blackberry phones and I am holding to my BB 9360 until BB10 arrival.

    Iphone is just too boring…the damn think is toy!

  • xenrobia

    What a boring, immature site mobilesyrup has become – a complete waste of time.

  • Frank

    RIM will Release BB10 “Sometime in Q1 2013” = Sunday March 31st, 11:59pm.

  • 2dfx

    This is pretty much what the final hardware will look like.

  • BlackBerry Ganster

    Lets see the full keyboard already!

  • Simon

    Got nothing against the design but if anything it should be Motorola suing for patent infringement on its older Droid X line.

  • HO

    Have to agree with everyone who called the mApple patent crap, is the same reason that fruity company used against Samsung, round corners, it looks like a miPhone 5 if u don’t look closely, regardless of the OS is how it looks and how retarded mApple users are (in the eyes of mApple), cause that’s the only way u could argue that a Samsung tablet running Android could be mistaken for a crapiPad.

  • kroms

    You people whom Answere to Idiotic remarks like
    “Posted by iphoneee ” should know better then to feed the Trolls.

    Please just refrain from acknowledging these low lifes as that is all they really want.
    Besides they are gone beyond any sort or reason and only respond to Apple Marketing.

  • Doug

    Looks like an iPhone to me.