Bell Q3 2012: Wireless revenue up 7.1%, Subscriber base hits 7,576,027, and smartphones make up 60% of postpaid customers


  • nrj4life

    Good job, Bell?

  • EvanKr

    I’m more interested to see how many new activations are smartphones, there are so many feature phone users that have been on an outdated phone and plan 5 years over their contract.

    • Scazzz

      Saying Bell sells 3 feature phones (C414, Rugby II and Sonos) and the rest are smart phones, the number is pretty damn high.

  • chall2k5

    i want to know how quickly fibetv is coming to my area

  • Ron Mexico

    I want to know where the Note 2 is?

    • Scazzz

      Note II was on sale today in the GTA

  • mylivespot

    Stock is down nearly 1.5% today so it seems their earnings were not too well received.

  • Daniel Guzmann

    I am glad to report that I have fired the Big3 as my cellphone providers about 2 years ago. Paying more for less made very little sence.

    • Jerrik

      @Daniel Guzman: you and I have a different outlook on quality then. I for one value quality. I like to make sure I get reception ANYWHERE I go and not have to worry about if my phone is going to work. Also, I have an LTE-capable phone and I love being on that network. The big 3 and their affiliates are the only ones that have that network. Because WIND and Mobilicity are new players in the market, they don’t have the capital bring their LTE networks to the market anytime soon, unless someone else can tell me differently. You get what you pay for. The new entrants are cheaper because their infrastructure isn’t as big as everyone else’s. Others can disagree with me if they want but that’s the truth.

    • Daniel Guzmann

      @Jerrik Indeed we do.

      Well, first of all, you phone does not work “everywhere”. There isn’t a single company in, well, the world, that delivers a 100% coverage. Now that we got that misconception out of the way, we can move on.

      I travel extensively throughout the GTA (due to my work), and I am yet to be let down by my sevice. I can safely say that I am capable of using my phone for voice calls 99% of the time. I do experience degradation in voice that 1% of the time, but this isn’t in any way different from what I’ve had experienced with my previous Big3 provider. So no, I do not worry if my phone is going to work, because it does.

      LTE is an excellent advancement in telecommunications industry! For this Big3 get a huge plus. I use my phone to look up weather, browse a few websited, including CCN news, and send e-mails, among other things. No problems with any of that, though I must admit, sometimes it takes a few extra seconds for webpages to load. I am ok with that. This does not hinder my productivity. LTE is much faster, but I simply do not need it, especially if it empties my wallet.

      I actually get MUCH more than I pay for. I had equally good service with my previous provider, but my monthly bill was twice as much, and sometimes even more than that due to overages. My current plan inludes unlimited talk/text/MMS, plus 5GB of data. I don’t have to think about when and how to use my phone anymore. This feeling of relief is priceless in itself.

      I am covered from Oshawa to Niagara Falls Region. Add K-W and Cambridge to the list, as well as Barrie, and, just a few days ago, Peterborough. Say what you will, but even this area is enough for me, and it keeps on growing. In comparison, Rogers’ “local area” in GTA is much smaller than that of Wind.

      I pay $39.55 a month, taxes in, and can use my phone how I want, and not how a company forces me to by placing artificial restrictions on my plan.

      So let’s agree to disagree. The price is right, and I wouldn’t be with a company for 2 years if it didn’t work for me. I shall remain with a new entrant, and you can pay more for percieved “quality”. Agreed?

  • Winduser

    @ jerrick Due to govt policies favoring the big 3
    It’s going to be difficult for the new entrants to get enough spectrum for fast lte.

    The big 3 are spectrum hoarders. Rogers has 155 MHz in southern Ontario alone. I think the govt should mandate spectrum sharing if they truly want to promote competition

  • Stuntman

    With all that money Bell is making, maybe they can make their Android apps for Self Serve and Music Store actually behave like Android apps. Is it so hard to make the back button work like a back button instead of having to tap on an iOS like button on the screen to go back?

  • TheFire

    For anyone wondering, Bell’s Wireless division had an operating margin of 42.4% ($554m EBITDA on $1304m Service Rev). When Rogers released their financials, they announced a margin of 48%. Not sure about Telus yet.

    Margins like that show just how badly we’re getting price gouged.