Mobilicity ensures all users will experience better speeds, Premium Data users will have highest benefit


  • Acco

    Heh, so they are tier-ing speeds.

  • John

    So basic plan members can’t even get 21+, what crap is that. The incumbents have LTE, and your limiting people to 2mb/ps. Even wind doesn’t do that. Hell I rather go with public mobile.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      public mobile? let’s not go crazy here…

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    2 megaflops per second ? I think he meant 0.2

  • LazerAndroid

    Mobilicity did it again! The best deal in the country, and I don’t even mind the aliens – they add pizzazz! Always at the front, never following – that’s Mobilicity for you, and That’s Smart!

    I have been a happy customer for well over a year, and only one thing would make me happier – a free Panache. I have been begging for it since as long as I can remember, with no luck. Please, Mobilicity? I am your #1 fan!

    You know how to rech me 😉


    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      the htc panache was a pos phone, you are lessening the value of your life by begging for this piece of junk

    • SofiaL

      ok so LazerAndroid is definitely from mobi head office, this comment is as out of touch and cheesy as those “memes” that they created for “National Break Your Contract Day” which was also an EPIC fail. Their Marketing strategy is to slow down speeds so we HAVE to upgrade to the premium data. Your Marketing is also an EPIC fail. i’m switching to Bell.

  • Tom

    I’ve had good experience with mobi – their C/S treated me 10x better then Rogers or Bell ever did – but this seems bogus to. Users who signed up before didn’t realize they were buying into a limited basic tier.

    Also, this adds to the complexity – till now the new entrants have generally had very simple and transparent pricing compared to the incumbents. Sorry to see them start to undo that.

  • SamiAm

    The max speed on a “basic” plan will be 3.6Mbps. 2Mbps quoted by Lyons will be an “average” speed. Take this into consideration, before you go all crazy, people.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      judging by the comment, the real-world mobi speeds can be expected to be 0.4mbps

  • Earl

    Hopefully ROBELUS follows suit with 10, maybe 15GB/month upgrades for 6GB users. That’d be the dream.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      dream is right, you hit the hammer right on the nail

  • aregularonhofo

    Seems like the fake Lazer Android (aka bluenote73 the Mobilicity wimp/coward/fanboy from HoFo) hasn’t received his posting orders yet today, I love how Lyons states “will hopefully experience”, which like usual basically means absolutely nothing and it’s incredible how this loser got picked as a CEO…in short a lot of smart subs are switching to Wind Mobile and this is what will make a difference. I love these weekly Mobilicity jokes and they just keep coming while they con the pants off PREMIUM users. I’d use another word…still you catch my drift. Ha!Ha!Ha!

    • Richard

      What kind of network and speeds/caps do wind customers get?

    • Acco

      Marpole area of Vancouver… 3.14Mbps down, 1.09Mbps up. Tested at 2:23 PM PST on a Galaxy Nexus. Wind Mobile. 3 bars of signal. I have a screenshot if you want proof.

    • T1MB1T

      oh fagoo… you still dreaming of signal in your moms basement.. the cosmic cabbage has an issue ” So here’s the deal… On Oct 14th I tried to get the unlock code for the Amaze I bought from Wind earlier in the month. no luck. The website kept telling me that either the IMEI was incorrect or that it was unable to find the code.
      I ended up calling them and the rep hit the same wall trying to get the code, so he opened a ticket and said someone would get back to me in about 4-5 days.
      12 days later, I call them back (we all know how good Wind is at callbacks right?). Anyway, the rep says that the issue is still listed as being investigated and that it takes 7-10 business days to investigate. Ummm, they’ve had a few extra days already….

      Now, I could care less if Wind can come up with the code or not as I can just get it from another service, and I’m in no hurry, but… Has anyone ever had this problem and actually gotten the code later, or am I just wasting my time waiting for Wind to try and get a code that they will never manage to get? Experiences with this? ” he also claims he has blown anyone he thought could help, oh kudos to you fagoo you taught him well.. so now that wind was sold again.. ouch does it hurt that everyone was right and you were wrong again.. yes.. now that they are sold AGAIN.. does this scrap windsor call center? and LTE.. still not gonna happen.. the galactic garbanzo bean confirmed no LTE.. suck to be on wind.. rope for selling yet again.. I hear Moblicity is making money fagooo

    • Acco

      Here are some hard results for after-hours data speed on Wind’s network. Tested at 2:15 AM from the exact same location (within a few feet) under nearly identical conditions (same phone with same firmware – no rain currently though)

      8.53Mbps down, 1.27Mbps up. 4 bars signal. Like last time, screenshot available upon request.

  • Bubbles

    Its crap

  • Bubbles

    Its crap… just crap.

  • Richard

    It was a year ago when I first got my GNEX on european release and I compared data speeds to a friend who was on Bell. I was getting <1Mbps consistently, usually < than .5Mbps down, while my friend was easily reaching 9+. I'm pretty disappointed that I'd have to now pay near incumbent pricing to receive just USABLE data rates that are still slower than the competition a whole year later.

    • Richard

      Alas, you get what you pay for. I shouldn’t be complaining about 2Mbps when I pay $30/month. Friends, if we want to big boy speeds, we need to pay the big boy dollars.

  • aregularonhofo

    For the record the only one who begged for a free Panache on HoFo was AllanVS, only he would degrade himself by getting on his knees to please Dave Dobbin and now he’s with Rogers while Dobbin is humiliated/fired…very ironic and pure justice. LA had integrity and everyone knows this if they have an ounce of decency. The fake LA only harms himself/company and do you honestly want to be associated with cretins like him who is as bad as Rocco.

  • Cam C

    You get what you pay for. *shrug*

  • rikin

    Agree. You get what you pay for. My average data speed’s been 0.2 to 0.4 Mbps for the past many months. The only time, I see the bump is between 2am and 5am when I get speeds upto 2Mbps.

  • Yeezy

    If anyone is on Wind…can you please post a speedtest if you’re in Southern Ontario. I’m with Mobilicity now and considering switching to Wind. I’ve done speedtest all day with the new “upgraded” network but I’m still not getting any speed increase. I get less then 300kbs.

    I haven’t upgraded to the 20gb promo…but I don’t plan to do so. For those that have actually upgraded to this new plan…can you post a speedtest?? Maybe its worth it.

    • ile2010

      How’s this for Wind’s crappy network:

      Wind Speedtest:

      74ms latency
      6.61 Mbps d/l
      2.29 Mbps u/l

      Virgin Speedtest:

      146ms latency
      4.45 Mbps d/l
      2.06 Mbps u/l

      Southern London

  • Bubbles

    Howard forums has a full thread of people posting speedtest results.

  • jules

    As a relatively new and reasonably satisfied mobi user, i think the issue here is the confusion in the announcement and the apparent introduction of tiered speeds which seems to run counter to mobi’s mantra of simplicity.

  • Ron Mexico

    Yay now Mobi subs can enjoy 50Kbps instead of 20! Where do I sign up?


  • Bruce

    I am with wind and I Get 4-6mps dl in KW.

  • aregularonhofo


    You’re right, Mobilicity is making a little money and that’s the “OPERATIVE” word…a “LITTLE” from the few remaining i****s who keep believing the lies and BS. Everyone gets the codes except you and great to see you’re supporting a winner. As for Mobilicity, they claimed they were supporting the Liberals to have all phones unlocked over a year ago and what happened to that piece of legislation…down the pooper hole just like their imaginary fast DL speeds and great service. The best thing people can do is support Wind Mobile who has a solid backer and realizing there are no benefits in supporting all 3 new entrants (especially the 2 that are failing moving no where fast)…time to join Wind and the Boycott Mobilicity Campaign. This will do wonders to reduce rates and having just one strong new provider going after the Big Boys. Be vocal on every social site you go and support Wind.

  • Mike Hawk

    I’ve said it many times…

    You get what you pay for.

  • Freddie

    WIND is good in some spots in KW, but some spots suck for speeds.

    ie. Uptown Waterloo is about 350-500 kbyte/s download, but only 5-10 kbyte/s upload (yes, 5-10, WTF). Ping sucks too, 150-500ms.

    But if you go 500-750m out, I’ve hit 1500 kbyte/s, 50 kbyte/s up, and ~50-75ms pings, which is good.

  • Sweet

    A few days ago I noticed a siginficant speed increase here in downtown Vancouver, but it was much less than I expected from HSPA+. I figured the lower-than-expected increase in performance was due to my piece-of-s**t Samsung Gravity Touch. Clearly I was wrong. Although, now that I look at the specs for my phone, I see that it states that the phone supports HSPA. So maybe I was correct Afterall.

    So if I understand correctly, if I want to get full-speed HSPA+ performance with my basic plan (I signed up for Mobilicity’s $30/month Unlimited Everything (VTDL) promotion in July 2012), I’ll have to pay an additional $20/month, which brings the total to $50/month. Screw that. At least, until I need it. 🙂

  • Freddie

    WIND give me freaking 20GB/$20!!!!!!!!

    Right now I have 2 lines each with premium data so I can get 20-25GB unthrottled…

  • Jebus

    I think they should focus on network coverage rather than speed. Had their service for 4 days and never got more than 1 bar of service in the lower mainland.

  • haxor99

    I’m on contract till December and I’ve been waiting for 8 months for my chance to jump to mobilicity. Now it’s looking like I’ve been waiting to renew my contract with Telus

    • Edge45

      Or try wind, if they will be running a holiday promo.

  • Dopey Mobi Chicka

    Not worth it!

  • aregularonhofo

    OMG, bluenote73 is on HoFo bringing up LazerAndroid in one of the threads without him even being on for over 2 years, how obsessed is this clown and he claims to be disappointed because people are finally seeing him for what he really is…a Mobilicity Troll void of any ethics who wanted LA banned so he can spew his garbage and I guess the lies are finally catching up to him. So many individuals are leaving this provider and this is a good sign. Like I said, join Wind Mobile and make the difference…focus our efforts on the Big Three and not a failing new provoder who uses their customers to please opportunistic shareholders.


    this is total b-s , i was already getting close to 2mbs

    they upgrade network , to make us pay to use it ?? I have to say this is a very big three like move,

    so disappointed…

  • nuclearbroccoli

    I’d rather both providers survive. It’s better for us as consumers. More choices.

    • T1MB0T

      go on nuke tell us how wind was not sold.. again.. please do back up fagoo.. is it true that you and bobby are the new ” it ” couple? reports just in you are sooo cute together..

    • hoo dat

      Actually, there never was a sale. All the happened was Orascom exercised the right, that had been in place since 2009, to convert their non voting investment shares into voting shares. We all know they were calling the shots anyway, so what, realistically, has changed except WIND’s future is very much more stable and further investment is guaranteed and $400M in interest has been written off? How is any of that a bad thing?

      See what happens when you stop taking your medications, Rocco?

  • deistbeats

    Hmm I ran a speed test and noticed the upload speed was faster. Both upload and download speeds were around 2 Mb/s. Download speeds were around the same as before. I’m on their regular network with a gs3. (Gta)

    • STY

      upload 2 Mb/s. What are you smoking? Pass it around.

  • nick

    Wind, Hamilton (West Mountain): regularly between 1.5-2.5 megs down, but up is always atrocious, less than 100k.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    T1MB0T, what does that have to do with this topic? Maybe read the story first so you actually know what the big boys are talking about, ok?

    • T1MB0T

      Oh limpy just answer the question.. how does it feel to have your employer sold again?! and to be sold to the very ones who started the cut backs. Seems to all of us you were wrong again.. ” wind is not for sale.. proof !!! ” oh is that egg on your face.. well egg and spunk.. ha haaaaaaaaaa

    • hoo dat

      Poor Rocco. Poor, poor Rocco.

      I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you or have you sectioned.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Buddy, I don’t work for them, and while they WERE Canadian owned, I never really cared whether they were Canadian or not in the first place.
    Also, any discussion of Wind being for sale that I’ve ever seen revolved around selling to a different entity rather than their major backer. You’re comparing apples to oranges there I’m afraid…
    Maybe back to the topic at hand now? Mobilicity? Remember?
    Do try to focus.

  • Andrew

    Here in south Edmonton I have been getting 9-10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up consistently for the past month on WIND. (they flipped the HSPA+ switch here last month). The download speed isn’t a big deal (I was getting 3-4 Mbps previously), but the upload speed increase is amazing (I’ve done google video chat over mobile without a problem).

  • m9211g

    Having been with both wind and mobilicity, I always wondered why Wind has more customers than Mobilicity which in my experience has provided better reception. Then I stumbled unto this. Dont think I’ll be a Mobi customer for much longer

    Thanks for the feedback on the post below Nemo. Your job is to promote the Mobilicity brand and drive new customer growth, not question the Marketing strategies.

    Nemo Wang said,

    As a mobilicity cx myself, i feel that it is unfair for the basic data to slow down after hitting the 6G threshold. I feel that cx will start to complain about the data speed at mobilicity, because in the past cx have come from wind complaining that wind “claims” to be unlimited but in reality (just like us now) at 6G they slow down their data. This is just a heads up, and from personal experience I use a lot of my data and for it to start limiting me to my usage I feel is unfair.

    Another issue is that on a $45 and $55 plan, data is included, and for a cx to add an ADDITIONAL $20 for premium data is a lot, if the plan already includes data. Maybe $10 instead of $20 would be a better idea.

  • John

    What about Montreal?!! As soon as I saw this deal I rushed to order and guess what… Its not available in Montreal! Very disappointing!