Acer Iconia Tab A110 now available for $200 (7-inch quad-core tablet, runs Jelly Bean)


  • iphoneee

    7-inch is DOA… make it 7.9 for perfection

    • N4

      With the N7 out getting the fastest upgrades and having a higher re-selling value that tablet at $200 is about $80 too expensive.

      The craziest thing is that now a RIM Playbook at $99 is too expensive, when you can get a 16GB for $210.

      Every phone and tablet in Every ecosystem has to compare its specs and price against the N4 and N7/10.

      If your price is too high it will simply FAIL!
      LTE and SD card slot have a price but if they are more than $100-$150 people will stay with Google.

      Surface tablet with Keyboard at $720 is simply laughable!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    everytime i hear the name acer, i remember my old acer ferrari laptop.

    Acer Ferrari Tablet Anyone?

  • Dylan K

    I remember my first craptacular Acer A100 smartphone. Ran 1.6 it did. They’ve come a long way since then, and the tablet specs look solid for the most part (skimped on the screen but hey) and removable storage to sate those who want it. Priced lower than the Nexus 7 could give it an edge. Yay for competition.

  • dukey

    Pointless. Worse hardware and software than the Nexus 7 at the same price.

  • Sean

    Saw one of these a few weeks ago at a best buy. The display is horrible, it seriously looks bad. And frankly when going against a nexus product at that price why wouldnt you buy nexus

  • Netguru

    “When Acer announced us Canadians”. I doubt Acer in their announcements would mangle the English language as badly as mobilesyrup repeatedly does.

  • TB

    This is actually not a bad deal. Unlike the Nexus 7, this does HDMI out and takes an SD card. Otherwise, aside from the slightly lower resolution screen it is almost identical.

  • coolbean

    Expandable microSD is a plus.

  • Kevin

    Ya – the big issue with this tab is the display. N7 has a much better one. Otherwise – should be ok.

  • Michael

    Doesn’t the 209 Nexus 7 now have 16 Gig and a better screen? Plus better OS upgrade support?

    I’m not seeing the attraction here. If it was $150 then I’d be thinking that’s a good deal, but not at $200

  • Justin

    god the bezel is ugly

  • Justin

    has anyone checked out the gallery on Future shop???? shows an image with Windows 8 on the screen :S..oh silly future shop

  • Crocography

    I wish the N7 had HDMI out!

  • TP

    likely to end up with Jelly Bean.

  • andy c

    these 7 inch android tablets from top tier manufaturers will be going for $100 on kijiji come March 2013

  • Stephane

    Saw the demo unit at Futureshop and the display really is horrible. Verry poor viewing angle. Might not be IPS display.

  • Greg Bradley

    Price now $229 at future shop.

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