Grocery Gateway launches mobile apps created by local developer Unata


  • iphoneee

    is this app a gateway to apple maps?

  • Adam

    Clearly this article fell by the way side. This app has been up on the App store since Oct. 17th.

    Apps works great though. Grocery Gateway’s service works great too. We use it 1-2 times a month, when we’re too lazy to go out and do a full grocery shop.

    Would be nice to see some of the other grocery chains get in on this kind of service. Longo’s is a bit expensive, about 20-30% more than Loblaws/Metro.

  • carlisso

    You certainly pay a high premium to use their delivery service….typically much more expsensive that other grocery chains. You pay a lot for the convenience.

  • Frank

    I used to work in this company when it first started. Nice to see that it was saved from death and brought back to life.

  • Stimulator

    Grocery Gateway doesn’t only deliver in the GTA, their delivery zone stretches west to KW and east past Oshawa.

  • Daniel Bader

    Adam, if you look at the press release, the app was officially launched on Monday the 29th. Grocery Gateway had a soft launch so they could successfully scale the servers and ensure that the database was working correctly. I assure you we don’t sit on articles for two weeks.

    • Adam

      Daniel, not a big deal. I was just pointing out that the app has been live on the App Store since the 17th. I’ve been using it since the 20th.

      Anyway, like I said, not a big deal. Keep up the good work. It’s nice to see that since some other users started harping on you for not proof reading, you’ve put a little more effort into your posts.

  • Treatz

    Is this an actual app for Android, or a web page?