Asus rules the Nexus 7 a success, says sales are nearing one million per month


  • iphoneee

    sales to stores may be 1 million a month….sales to consumers 1 a month

    • N4

      “Asus rules the Nexus 7 a success, says sales are nearing one million per month”

      – For the holidays, with the new prices it will be one Million per WEEK, easily!

      -Expect the N4 to have similar sale numbers to the iphone5
      -Expect the price of the Current nexus to drop to $250-300
      -Expect the price of the S3 to drop to $450-500 (Samsung can’t complain, after all they sold over 20 Million at $600!)
      -Expect all phones that Do NOT DROP their prices to Fail this Q

  • Puzzled

    Nexus 7 is beautiful. Hoping to get one for xmas

  • nrj4life


    Do you ever think before posting? You really should try it sometime it’s a wonderful asset.

    • Dylan K

      It will be down voted to oblivion soon, don’t worry 🙂 He can worry about his $400 iPad mini when it comes out.

  • Dylan K

    Mine has done me well over the last 4 months. Can’t go wrong at that price, no bloat from OEMs, and it’s simplicity has grown on me. Keep it up Asus, you’re doing well.

  • Rhett

    I have one, don’t use it enough but the Nexus brand is the “Apple Killer” for real. This tablet I bought months ago blows away the new Ipad Mini that was just released, and is less than 100 bucks for the same storage. The core competencies Apple was known for and blossomed with are slowly fading away and I couldn’t be happier. With the release of the Nexus 4 and so many to follow, you can’t be discouraged about being an Android user. Huzzzzah!

    • Mike

      There is a difference between “less than 100 bucks” and “100 bucks less.”

    • Rhett

      Most people don’t even notice the accidental misuse, it’s obvious what I meant.

  • G

    I’m so happy that people other that Android Geeks are realizing how good stock android can be. A co-worker just picked up a SGS2 from Rogers and it made me cringe using it.
    Touchwiz…ugh Rogers bloatware…ugh
    Come Google, push Nexus harder!

  • fantard

    Ummm, someone can’t do math. 2.3 million tablets in total for the entire quarter. Even if we assume every single one of those were Nexus 7’s that makes an average of 575 thousand per month. If one of those months was 1 million, that leaves 1.3 million for the other 3 months which makes a gruesome average of 433 thousand per month.

    No, sorry Asus, you numbers don’t add up.

    • Al

      if i remember correctly, there`s Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 per year. Which means each quarter represents 3 month period. If one of the months were to be 1 mill (lets round up for math`s sake) then that leave 1.3 for 2 other months, 500k for one, 700k for other with 100k to spare.

    • Al

      and in case im wrong, then they really shouldn`t name it QUARTER if it wasn`t meant to be divided into 4

    • Jon

      A quarter has 3 months, what “other three months” are you talking about? 12 months in a year, so a quarter of 12 is 3 months.

    • Scooterch

      …ramping up… approaching 1m per month. What does not add up?

    • Mike

      Leave Fantard alone. He already said some people can’t do math.

    • Eh?

      Look, I’m terrible at math, but even I can tell you that 2.3 million devided by 3 doesn’t equal 1 million per month.
      The title of this article makes it seem like they’ve been sustaining “1 million per month” for more than ONE month.

  • arcticsushi

    Hey fantard. Numbers don’t add up?! Spend less time in line camping out for your “i” products. A quarter is three months.

    • fantard

      You are right, I am such a r****d. Quarters have 3 months, not sure why I worked it with 4.

      But I am not an iSheep. I am a proud Android user. Just don’t like Asus and thought they were trying to be sneaky with their numbers.

  • Brandon Doyle

    32 gig wifi for chrismas!!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe the nexus 10?!!!!

  • Aaron

    I like my nexus 7 tablet but the lack of oem accessories is pitiful. You still can’t order an extra OEM wall charger or case. I’ve been waiting for the rumoured OEM charging dock to appear so I can charge it at night on my nightstand but no luck yet. Google and its Nexus partners really need to step it up with the accessory options.

    • Goulag

      Aaron, not sure about the case situation, but you can get a micro USB adapter from any store that would sell tablets. its not like you’re swapping to another adapter type like it was with Apple.

    • Aaron

      Goulag – Yes I understand that I can use different charger. My point was there is next to zero OEM accessories available for this device and most Nexus devices. On the Google Play store they have been advertising the case and the charger since the product launched but they are always “Coming Soon” and are never available. There were pictures circulating of the charging dock months ago but it still has yet to appear. Because the USB port on the Nexus 7 is backwards to every other tablet you can’t even use the ones meant for other tablets. To me that is frustrating.

      If Google wants to really push these Nexus devises, IMO, they are going to have to step up the OEM accessory support. Look at all the OEM accessories Apple sells and probably makes a fortune off of. I wouldn’t spend $35 on a charging cable but I would spend $35 on a charging stand that made use of the charging POGO pins that are already built into the device. Not only would it make charging my Nexus 7 at night easier, I could use is as an alarm clock.

  • Phox

    How can you not like Asus? They’ve pretty much been around since the conception of the PC…

  • zzZZzz

    You can’t expect the OEMs to release phones in the N4 price range, do you?

    Furthermore, there are plenty of Canadians out there who actually like paying 100 or less for a phone on a 3yr (don’t ask me why).

    Does the N4 appeal to many? Yes. Does the One X+ appeal to others? Yes. Don’t worry, the GS4 will sell just as much if not more at the 600-700 price range. Same for this one (no pun intended). The only reason why this HTC won’t sell a lot is because HTC fans get fed up by crappy design decisions (I know I have and will probably not buy another HTC phone if the x5 doesn’t come out this year and has all the rumoured specs)

  • ActivesiN

    Ordered my nexus 7 on launch date and I love it, great screen, super fast, nice design, and very portable

    Only thing that stings is the 32gb now cost what I paid for a 16gb

    But other than that no regrets, great job Asus

  • Edge

    My Nexus 7, I bought to try, thinking I would not like a 7 inch tablet. Now it’s the only size I would consider. The Nexus 7 is an awesome device. Use it everyday.

  • fenwick

    like!like! ….camt wait

  • Mike

    I love my Nexus 7. 7″ is the perfect holding size…..thats what she said.

  • CaveManShiz

    I luv my Nexus 7 tablet. Preordered it after the launch due to it’s low price, and now the 16gb will be even cheaper since the 32 gb has been released. For Apple to introduce the iPad mini, mention that all other companies have failed in the 7″ tablet market…this article proves them wrong. And after Apple decides to mock the nexus 7 for a good 7 mins, do a side by side comparison with the iPad mini and convince the world the iPad mini is better. They failed to mention the price of Nexus 7 is $130 cheaper, the true hd resolution screen it has and is equipped with the quad core tegra 3 processor. That has to be lowest move apple has ever made, and to do it live on stage during the product launch shows how desperate they are now. I respect both Google and Apple for the products they offer, I luv Apples MacBooks and currently own the retina version, but to go after the number 1 android tablet and out of context try and prove urs is better is just wrong.