Update: Microsoft says the Nokia Lumia 920 is coming to “Rogers Wireless and others”


  • Hilman

    Wow, only $549? I’ll take the Nexus 4 for $359 any day of the week.

    • GoogleVoice

      Rogers has the exclusivity of the Lumia 920 in Black for 6 months; after that you will see it coming from othe operators in other colours (The reason #1 to own a Nokia these days)

      Nokia is out for lunch having a picnic with RIM, during office hours!!

      Is almost like Nokia doesnt want to succeed in Canada!
      With the Nexus 4 at $360 the Lumia 920 is about $200 too expensive.

  • Kid.Canada

    Wireless charging is pointless, how hard is it to plug your phone in the charger which only takes 3 seconds? We’re moving more and more towards a lazy society all thanks to technology.

    • Sean

      It’s a great idea you have no idea how many times ive pulled a cable out. Also by getting rid of the micro usb port phones could be even more waterproof which everyone wants

  • Sean

    Well if they want sales they need all big 4 carriers. Rogers, Bell, Telus and Wind and all the colours. Not just plane black. Bring Yellow, Red, Cyan and all the colours that people want…

    • Q

      Since when is Wind comparable to the Big 3? Even Sasktel has more subscribers than Wind.

  • Marcus

    It also says :
    GSM 850; GSM 900; GSM 1800; GSM 1900; W-CDMA 850; W-CDMA 900; W-CDMA 1900; W-CDMA 2100; LTE 2100; LTE 700; LTE 1700”

    Does that mean it will work on Wind or not?

    • Thomas

      Nope 🙁

    • Darth Paton

      actually it was revealed that the North American version would work with Wind, a while back.

  • yannickwolfe

    crossing fingers to see this phone on fido soon enough!

  • kmdb

    I’m debating whether to go with the Lumia 920, HTC 8X or wait and see if Microsoft comes out with a Surface phone. Suggestions?

    • TheCyberKnight


      It would be surprising considering how close the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are. It would already have been announced.

      Next year is another story…but don’t hold your breath yet.

    • Keith

      The Surface phone won’t be as good as the Lumia’s and they not even see the light of day as long as Nokia is producing Lumias. Lumia’s have the best camera with PureView, the best image stabilization, have the best screens that can be used with gloves on and in directly sunlight, best lowlight camera, best navigation with Nokia Drive, City Lens and tons of other exclusive apps that puts them miles ahead of HTC/Samsung. Best WP support. Best build quality. GLONASS along with GPS, etc. etc. It’s a no-brainer.

    • kmdb

      Hey thanks guys. Now if only Rogers will release the L920 in something other than black. Do you think this is a significant upgrade over the L900 (which I am currently using).

  • Me

    @Hilman – if you’re that stupid to prefer LG’s quality to that of Nokia, then you’re so stupid that I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise!

    • Dalex

      Hey I prefer Nokia to LG any day. If this was a stock Android Nokia at 550$, I’d take it over the lg in a flash. That isn’t the case though, and at 200$ less for a much more established mobile platform its not so clear cut.

      That said. The lumia 920 looks stellar and I’m hoping my carrier, Telus, gets it soon and in another colour like red. I would pick it up and give WP8 a fair shot.

  • Dan

    Wireless charging would be incredibly useful if the range was increased. But the best application would be in cars… or essentially on the move. Assuming we have stores and public places adopt wireless chargers, like the states, then wireless charging would be useful.

  • ST

    I know it’ll be compatible with most of the networks…but will it be carrier unlocked like the NEXUS phones? i REALLY want this and can’t wait….

    • Big Ang

      Well, the MS Store at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto opens in about 3 weeks, so we’ll see if it will stock unlocked Windows phones like they are promising in the US.

      As much as I’d like it to be true, I think Robelus are greedy and will do what they can to convince MS that they’ll sell all the Windows Phones they can. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if that happens, but I won’t hold my breathe.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Poor Rogers. This is bad news for you since many of us are waiting for other colors. Your inaction will cost you many sales.
    I hope you’ll finally get it now.

  • Montrealer

    Does somebody know how long is Rogers exclusivity on this phone (6 months is with AT&T) and if they’re planning on getting any other color.

  • Joey

    wooo! WP8! ditching dirty ol droid 100%

  • Mlads

    A Canadian launch picture and you put a Seattle teams logo – great marketing, not like Canada has 3 MLS teams to choose from or anything.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Dont be mad! Apple taking ovvaaaa!!! Just accept it and buy our wonderful products. You will become a much happier person because you’ll be using the best technology!


    • Swizzlerz

      what inovation or technology is in iphone 5? no nfc? no pureview? no higher dpi screen then iphone 5 better then retna… ?? no wireless inductive charging? no camera image stabilization??? All of these are in Lumia 920 non are in the “best technology” Read a blog man your brain dead!

  • Swizzlerz

    I think im going to hold out awhile and see what happens… My current lg wp7. needs an update. maybe I will use it for a bit catch a phone on a discount on boxing day. I think I can wait 2 months…

  • bd

    yeah it should be out in stores today or soon I hope, my pre-order changed last night from “Open” to “In Progress”

  • Denns

    I just called Rogers and they gave me the following release dates:
    HTC 8X – November 9th
    Nokia 920 – November 12th

  • arid

    As much as I’d like to try windows
    Phone, Microsoft should’ve gotten more useful like Flipboard and instagram rather than temple run (who still plays this?)

    • Stefan

      Of course, nothing like taking pics of your food with a filter on it…lol these kids and instagram. You buy the phone for the hardware not the apps it comes preinstalled with.

  • Dave

    Great it’s out today… but at WHICH Select Stores?

    Great marketing Rogers…they are basically saying “You can have it if you can find it.”

  • Jattsober

    Not compatible with Wind (AWS-1700),,,Nokia going the iPhone way and I going my way. So long Nokia,,,so long!

  • AppleStockHolder

    I bet BB10 will outsell the Lumia 920 2:1.

  • Zorbsie

    Just got back from Rogers. Picked up the 920. The 3 year price was actually $149. But it comes with a $50 mail in rebate. Thought I’d just clarify that $99 price point.

    • Seifo

      Which store?!?!

  • Jacquio

    @Zorbsie – typical Rogers. Everything has a mail in rebate for maximum hassle.

  • Zorbsie

    @seifo It was the Yonge and Dundas store in Toronto. Not sure how many they actually had. But it seems like I got the last one. Someone else came in while I was signing the paperwork and was told they had no more.

  • TK

    Nokia: we offer lumina in so many different colors! iPhone sucks!!
    Canadian: ohhhh yea! Way to go!!

    Rogers: sorry, black only, not even white
    Canadian: ………….WTF?!

  • Dylan D

    I can only guess it will be along the same lines as what happened with the ONE X, it will be a Rogers exclusive, then after a few months it will be released on Telus.

    I really wanted the 920, looked like a phone worth getting on contract, with great integration with WIN8. Really hope it does make it’s way to Telus, or even Koodo.

  • Nick Wilson

    Well I am guessing that seals Bell’s announcement (OR LACK OF) for supporting Windows Phone 8.

  • Ted

    Effing Microsoft. Exclusivity with Rogers, really? With diminishing market share, you would figure they’d want more people to have access to their devices. Deal with the devil, Microsoft.

  • stan

    yeah, rogers can keep their Nokia. I stay away from companies that make “exclusive” phones.