Samsung Galaxy Note II officially released in Canada, “however in-store availability will be scarce”



    Not for me , its just too big as a phone

  • Cody

    If only this happend about a week earlier before the J Butterfly was announced!

  • Adam

    what a piece of art this device is! I am getting one!

  • kenypowa

    This is a fantastic hardware. The only question is, how many people will pick up Nexus 4 for $309 off contract instead? You can get 2 Nexus 4s for the price of one Note!

    • Marco

      I know Nexus 4 sounds really tempting but it doesn’t have LTE. Once you go LTE you can never go back to 3G.

  • Wayne

    I was going to pick up this phone off contract until I saw the pricing for the Nexus 4. I still want the Note 2 but can’t justify paying $730 + taxes(Telus) on a phone right now.

    • gn2 lover

      Nexus 4 – great price. But no expandable microSD memory slot or LTE. LG camera’s never known to be great.

  • greggor

    Don’t have the budget to buy this phone unlocked. The Nexus 4 is priced perfectly however!

  • Vansfield

    Already Preordered mine, going to get it after work.. Can’t wait !

    • Chris

      Don’t get your hopes up. My Bell Store doesn’t have any stock and said they MIGHT get some tomorrow

  • Tuan

    Preordered mine at Best Buy….waiting for them to call me 😀

  • Ian

    Even some people are commenting that they pre-ordered on day one and when they went to the store today, they didn’t even have enough to fill the pre-orders.

  • nely

    I’v been looking forward to this for a while, but I can’t possibly spend 730 on a phone in good heart, knowing I can get the nexus 4 for less then half… Samsung you better announce that 7 inch galaxy note tablet quick or google will clean up the everything.

  • outburst

    Pre-ordered through Best Buy. Went to the store at opening this morning.
    No shipment. =(
    If you read your layaway agreement, the price is locked down for 30 days (got mine at $149 on October 17th). If this is delayed by another 2 weeks that’s going to bring a lot of us close to that 30 day window.

  • Roger

    I am waiting until the new year…I figure Samsung will refresh this with their new SOC on board and then you have all the other 5″ phablets coming out with 1080p displays…

  • Abe

    Im sure this is a fantastic phone but this for me personally is too big, the biggest id want in a phone is a 4.7 ish screen size so ill probably go with the Nexus 4.Great price for the N4 too!

  • iphoneuser

    I’m so torn. I was set on getting Note 2 and then the Nexus 4 was announced so I was set on getting that cause the price is just too damn right. Then I get to thinking, Nexus 4 is just a phone and Note 2 is more than a phone and has alot more innovative features packed in it than the Nexus 4. The Note 2 is priced so high.

  • GGG

    Nexus 4 = Android 4.2
    Note 2 = Android 4.1
    Nexus 4 wins in terms of latest and the greatest from Google.

  • Max

    Couldn’t find it anywhere this morning so technically its not released. Frustrating.

  • outburst

    @Samsung: would like to point out that this information would have been great to have had in advance – even yesterday!
    Would have saved us a trip only to be disappointed in store.
    Apple wouldn’t treat their customers like this.

  • Al

    Very disappointing, I was excited to purchase one today.

  • Max

    If anyone knows where and who sells please let us know!

  • Plan Shopper

    I too was so stoked to get this phone. Comparing the Note 2 to the S3, the Note 2 is worth the extra $100.

    Now with the Nexus 4 in play and $300 cheaper than the S3 let alone the Note 2, I just can’t justify buying the Note 2 and then paying to have it unlocked.

    LG, you got me this time. This better be good. Nexus 4….T minus 13.5 days and counting to order.

  • Kenny

    I hit 3 stores in a mall and all said tomorrow or next week. Telus, Rogers, and Best Buy Mobile.

    Should’ve made release day next week instead of playing games today.

  • Eric Hacke

    I called 6 Rogers stores throughout the GTA and none of them have it. The announcement seems a little pre-mature if you can’t actually buy it yet.

  • Jon

    So there will still be two different versions? One for big 3 and the other for AWS carriers? I think this is intentional because the AWS version actually has 850 and 1900 on HSPA as well as 700mhz and AWS for LTE as well. So in they could’ve all released the same version.

    Unless… Rogers and Bell/Telus is planning to deploy LTE on 850 and/or 1900 as well? Their verison has LTE on AWS/700/850/1900 but no HSPA for 1700 so not comaptible with WIND or Mobilicity.

  • Jesse S

    Same deal, called Rogers, none in stock, and they ddn’t have it on the reservation system so it sounds like they simply never had any to begin with. Also, the $199 price they advertise is WITH a $50 mfg mail in rebate, so you pay them $249. How the hell can they pull that s**t when the other carriers are actually selling it for $199? Did samsung bend them over when they made orders?

    • Vince

      Jesse it’s on Rogers website to order now…

  • jside86

    Ordered mine this morning dialing 611 on my rogers phone
    got told that it should arrive in 3-5 day they had plenty instock

    • jack

      plenty in stock but no stores have them. sounds logical

  • Henry

    It is logical from a business standpoint. Retail store only serve customer in their region while the website and call-in serve the whole country. So in a low stock situation it is logical to maximize potential customer by having stock at sources that can reach the most people

    • jack

      the wording used was “plenty in stock” according to the phone rep. so not logical.

  • Zeshan

    Tried 4 different bell stores…. All of them said “might get it tomorrow”

  • Bob

    Anyone wanna try telus and report back

  • Cancuckle215

    My wife and I both have an S3. But then Sasktel said they are getting the Note II, and now they have this “Upgrade your way” thing going on. I’ve explored it and according to a couple of different stores, to go to the Note II should cost me little to nothing. Sweet.

    BUT…I want to play with one first. 🙂 I guess one way or another, I can turn around and sell one device to someone else, and make some money back.

    As for the LG Nexus…pfft. It’s still an LG.

  • Turbo E

    any wind or Mobi people spot a T889?

  • Caha2639

    Stores in Southern Alberta most wont have stock either.
    I just opened and already had a phone call (less than 10mins open) about it and I said call back Nov 1st.

    Turns out I was right, but its expected with the insane storm on the east coast, also how silent the launch is. It`s more silent than LG/Google’s Nexus launch!

    Just patience is the best, and if you want to compare the note 2 vs the s3 play with a note running 4.0 and imagine a little bigger and faster OS with more stylus optimized android running on it.

    I rooted my s3 and have it running a note 2 port. LOVE the rom!

  • Vitalic

    Checked the Sudbury Telus store. I asked if the phone was actually being sold in their store today. The guy said they didn’t get any and he seemed confused. He then checked the site to see if they were being released on the 30th still.

    Sounds to me like they didn’t even inform their employees about the delay in shipments or low stock. I’m not impressed with Telus right now.

    • outburst

      Samsung and Telus were the only two companies quoting October 30th. Since Telus was likely using the date that Samsung supplied, I know where I’m laying the blame.
      Samsung Canada screwed this up gangnam style.

  • Kezghan

    I just called the Samsung store in Metrotown and they said delayed shipment and that they could arrive anytime within the next 2 weeks. Fail.

  • Dave

    Boo ! I pre-ordered with Best Buy Canada in store 2 weeks ago and they are now telling me, ‘we don’t have them yet’ Come on Best Buy / Samsung – what’s the point of pre-ordering if you can’t get one on the release date ! Ridiculous.

  • Kristen

    The Telus site has been changed from November 30th to “Coming Soon” now.
    This is pretty disappointing, but I feel like Samsung is more to blame here.

    • Kristen

      Edit: October 30th

  • sak500

    Those going for nexus prepare to be disappointed, it bloody LG made for crying out loud. Got burned with their top of the line first gen 3D optimus 3D. Relagated as a bathroom gaming phone thanks to just a GB upgrade that too after 5 months after launch. Goodluck with no updates and dropped support right off the bat.

    Glad i bought an S3.

    • Pete

      Except its a Nexus, which means support will come directly from Google instead of Carrier/Company.

      LG simply made the hardware.

    • jack

      except its still made by LG, the hardware is still s*** quality going by their track record

  • Matt

    I work at bell, i just got mine now, this device is HUGE!

    • Ron Mexico

      Taking stock from customers, how nice of you. Im sure bell would be happy to hear that too.

    • Henry

      @Ron Mexico
      Chances are he got stock and opened on for demo or he could be a bell customer that just happened to be working at bell.

      Usually phones doens’t get discount right off the bat so to Bell, a sale is a sale it doesn’t matter who it went to.

  • AWSguy

    Telus has confirmed that there is no tock available and they dont know whent hey will get some.

  • George R

    I received my NoteII GT-N7100 International model couple of weeks ago. Using it with my Telus Sim, it is an awesome phone!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear about all the delays!!!

  • Eric

    I wouldn’t have any concerns about the new Nexus 4 even though it is made by LG. Additionally, it is half the cost of many high end smartphones…

  • Jason Cohen

    Telus Support just responded to my tweet:

    ” TELUS Support ‏@TELUSsupport

    @implode99 Sorry to disappoint ! Samsung is late in sending the Note II to all carriers – we hope to have them available later this week.”

    If anyone finds any let me know.

  • Brandon

    Can’t wait to pick this baby up. Patiently waiting for the hands on. 😀

  • Gera

    Was so excited to pick my pre-order up at Best Buy- needed it for a trip- not being able to pick this up before I go is going to cause a more than bit of a problem as my daughter was taking over my old phone. How STUPID to have a big glitzy party to launch the device and on the next day let customers who have gone to the store find out – surprise!- it’s not available. Words fail.

  • DC

    Really Samsung could have made this annoucement yesterday. When should we expect stores and dealers to get the device now?

  • Adam

    in the past few days and this morning Telus website says it is coming October 30th and now it says Coming Soon

  • Peter

    I just got back from Toronto. I’m in Mississauga, so it’s not a big trip. I visited three stores; the flagship store at Yonge & Dundas, and two in the Eaton Centres. No one had the Note II, and none could tell me if they were coming in today. I waited until 2:30pm, and no shipments.

    I also called three stores in Mississauga, and none had the device, either. Oh, well.

    I ordered one from Rogers web site, which should be here by the end of this week, or Monday at the latest. We’ll see.


  • matt

    Where is the 32GB? There is no mention of that at all

  • Guy

    And what’s the point of working for a retail company if theirs no benefits. We do have to deal with you f***s all day long.

  • Peter


    Ahh, typical response from someone working in the retail sector. They seem to so easily forget that if it wasn’t for us “f***s” as he put it, he wouldn’t have an intellectually inept job.

  • Mark

    Called 2 different Bell stores, plus FS & BB, nothing at all. But there’s hope for some stock tomorrow. Samsung definitely dropped the ball on this one. To have no stock after all that glitzy fanfare, very disappointing. Meanwhile, Nexus 4 was just announced yesterday. Hmmm…perhaps fate is trying to tell us something?

  • Peter

    Rogers should really be ashamed of themselves. Even if the delay is Samsung’s fault, Rogers should never have announced a release date. After all, “release date” means the device is available. It’s about as stupid as announcing a release date for Samsung’s Galaxy S7, with an 8-core processor running at 5GHz. Hey, they could release it today, and then not have stock for two years.

  • Ian

    Tried four more store after work, no dice. The soonest anyone said was “maybe try again Friday”. FutureShop told me that even if they had any they wouldn’t sell me one outright, that the first bunch would only be sold to those signing 3 year contracts.

    What a pile of bs.

  • Ron Mexico

    Absolutely laughable launch. They’ll never catch Apple running the show like this. Pathetic.

  • rj

    I was at bestbuy and was going to check it out but they didn’t receive it cause the “frankenstorm”.

  • Eric

    I just called Rogers Corporate and ordered a non-contract Note II for $649.99; out of stock @ the moment.

  • Noluck

    No luck asked 7 stores no shipement… call center they have a lot but only new activation or contract not full price wasnt able to get mine.. maybe tomorrow :s hope so

  • Elsa

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  • Outburst

    Some of you were told to try again “tomorrow”.
    Anyone having luck on the 31st?

    • Chris

      My Bell store got some in on Thursday. Picked one up for myself =D

  • Rich

    @outburst no stock anywhere here in the Windsor On area (telus) . This is truly frustrating. This is the first time I planned my day around a phone launch, and after this Fail of a launch I won’t be doing it again. has anyone anywhere received the phone yet?

  • Doad

    still no luck in Calgary yet. now its tomorrow.

  • Outburst

    Called Best Buy in Brampton.
    “Release date was delayed. No idea when we’re going to get it.”

  • Jen

    Got it today! Best Buy in Cambridge ON received two this morning.

  • claude

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