Apple sold 26.9 million iPhones and 14 million iPads in fiscal Q4 2012


  • Brad F

    Oh no! Something something Android, therefore Apple is doomed!

    • 1234APPLE


    • lmao

      lool Brad F tard..

    • SAM


    • Tech

      1234Apple, I was just thinking that :p

  • Alex

    Fandroids.. Why are you here? 🙂

    • Brad F(anboy)



    • Ron Mexico

      Yep just like you do in the Android news posts Brad 😉

  • David

    just here 😛
    Android sold (my estimation) more than 90 million phone during this period

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @David 1 phone (technically 3 models of 1 phone) versus 1000’s of phones. Just saying. Makes a difference.

      But, since selling phones is a business, remind me which company makes more money?

    • Slappy

      Well that would be Samsung then Brad.

    • Slappy

      You asked which company made more money, which isn’t Apple.

  • jonny

    wow, there are a lot of suckers out there!!!

    i think they released the ipad mini with such horrible specs to see how bad of a machine they could make that they could still con lots of people into buying. a social experiment.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @jonny “Such horrible specs”? It’s the same specs as the iPad 2, the iPod touch 5th gen, and better than half the Android phones on the market.

      Grow up.

    • Apple Sales Guy

      Haha Brad F(anboy) you’re an i***t.

  • Monkey Face

    Comparing Android vs Apple is the same comparing Vette and a Porsche. Ultimately, they are both nice and fulfills the needs of the consumer.

  • Alpine

    loook at fagroids storming in

  • AppleStockHolder


    $52 Billion guidance in Revenues for Q1? WOOO!

    • Hilman

      I wouldn’t say that, the stock has lost $100 (~15%) per share in the last month since the over hyped iPhone 5 launch lol. The magic is starting to fade……….

  • I Know

    Notice how they count ALL the IPhone models and ALL the IPad models in those numbers. A dirty technique Apple has used for years now to make the numbers looks better.

    Do not fall for it.

  • Dalex

    I love Apple Fanboy arguments. Look! Look! Apple made record money! It totally justifies my purchase!

    Are you people that dense? Does Apple share their profit with you? Do you think Android users care how much money Samsung makes, or HTC, or Google?

    Unless you’re an Apple shareholder, who the bloody **** cares how much money Apple made?

    • Hilman

      Good point, I never understood the “well Apple makes all the profits!” comments. More profits for Apple means you are spending more of your hard earned money on a similar or inferior product, you should actually be upset that they are making that much money. Apple = Greed

    • Mark Adrett

      Right on the money!
      Every single time that I see Apple posting their profits, and Apple customers getting excited about these numbers, I realize more and more how deeply brainwashed those people are. If you’re not a stockholder, you are basically telling everyone that you are an idi0t.

      “Hey look! By paying a lot for an outdated technology, I am helping Apple executives with their boat payment! Aren’t I just an amazing human being? #YOLO #SWAG #LOL”

      The American Dream…

    • crimsona

      But I am an Apple shareholder… and not happy with these numbers

    • Daniel Bryan

      lol please if Apple ever posts a loss you’ll be the first in here leading the fandroid circle jerk, spare us the fanboi rhetoric.

    • Dalex

      Did you read my post? I specifically ended it by writing “Unless you’re an Apple shareholder, who the bloody **** cares how much money Apple made?”. Heck reading articles on their earnings today it seems those shareholders are disappointed as well, but I don’t feel like getting into that.

      But what boggles the mind is this sort of affiliation people seem to have with multi-billion dollar companies that couldn’t give a flying **** about them (and no it’s not just with Apple). What makes you think I care about how I make Android users look? Is this high school? Are we juvenile frat boys arguing about what to represent? Grow up please.

      If some massive corporate entity’s bottom line really makes you happy, and provides you a sense of belonging as well as a source of derision arguments against users of another company’s product, you are frankly a sad individual (again that’s not you per se, just in general).

    • Monkey Face

      @Dalex: As much as you try to propagate about Apple Fanboys, you posting here seems to validate the point that you are part of the Fanboyism as well. Personally, when a company is doing well, making a profit, it’s good for EVERYONE! If you look beyond the little Android bubble that you live in, Apple employs a lot of people. If the start losing money, guess what, thousands to people are out of jobs. Case in point, just refer to RIM or Nokia or any other big company who have laid off tens of thousands of people. And if that day does come, when Samsung runs a monopoly in the smartphone/computer/electronics sector, what do you think the kind of products Samsung will put out or the kind of Android features you will get? Companies are only as innovative as their competition. Without healthy competition, you will see a downgrade in the products that you and I use.

      So in the end, I DO care about how Apple or Saumsung or Google or RIM or Nokia profits look like for the better of all of us and not just your own selfish opinions.

    • Dalex

      I’m starting to think reading comprehension is really not your forte. How do you extrapolate from what I’ve said that I want Apple to fail? Worse yet, where the heck did you get that I want Samsung to have a monopoly? If you don’t have anything to say there is no need to reply, you don’t win any internet points if you reply with poor arguments and grasp at fallacies.

      Also, please let’s be real for a second, if Apple or Samsung make billions in profit (which they do), it doesn’t beneficiate everyone… Sure their execs get extravagant and opulent lifestyles, but their employees aren’t worse off. Let’s not forget Steve Jobs was one of the most arrogant and selfish CEOs we’ve ever seen who’s never spend a dime on charities. Compared to him, Microsoft’s Bill Gates is a saint of philanthropic activities.

    • Monkey Face

      @Dalex: jeez you are such an idi0t. As they say, “Never argue with an idi0t. They only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  • Zen10

    @Mark Adrett Best. Comment. Of. The. Week.
    *clap* *clap* *clap*

  • Schadenfreude

    Apple’s been known to included wholesale and 3rd party partners and retailers into their sales numbers as an attempt to glorify and sensationalize sales numbers.

  • Rich

    I don’t think anyone talks about Apple more than Android users.

    (Disclosure: I use a GS3)

    • blah

      And vice most definitely versa.

  • Brandon

    Move along.

  • hmmmm

    1 million units sold to their lawyers. I finally saw the iphone 5 the other day, god it is small and ordinary!

  • Porilaisten

    Good God, how many more people are going to join the GESTAPO?

  • mjolnir

    Too many sheeps in this world. Time to start culling so I can help myself to some lamb chops. Oh you thought I was talking about iSheeps? Nah man just the baah baah baah ones. How did you draw the connection?

  • rufusy

    Didnt meet expectations, stocks down. thats 2 quarters in a row now where they didnt meet expectations right?

  • jorge

    why the need to call people sheep? Maybe just maybe 26.9 million people bought the phone they felt was best for them.

    • Ron Mexico

      No more like, 20.6 million bought because it was “cool” and had a fruit on the back of it. The other 9 million fit your category.

    • Porilaisten

      No, it’s MOB mentality.

  • Marc

    And? Who cares really!

  • ActivesiN

    good, that’s 29 million people that do not have the same phone as me 😀 , stay away from good phones sheep, keep buying apple

  • drone

    outdated tech? Are you that dense? The Apple A5 destroys leading Android SOCs such as the Tegra3 and Exynos Dualcore.

  • Schadenfreude

    Cut that number in HALF because the iPhone cant do VOICE and DATA at the same time so all the Apple folk had to buy 2. One for each front pocket

  • Kostas Kritsilas

    Overall, Apple made more money than Samsung. $8.2B is more than $7.4B last time I saw. That being said, Apple’s profit margins are also better than Samsung’s, but Samsung does make a lot of lower margin products (TVs, Components, hard drives, PCs, etc.). However, when discussing all of this, keep in mind profits are what provides the resources to design future products. Profits mean that products (from any company, in any industry) is what allows for product improvement and innovation.

    As for innovation, the Android camp thinks that they are innovating quicker than Apple, and in my mind, is completely false. Apple has designed its own CPU, which not only has lower power consumption, it is also one of the fastest ones out there, even though it is only a dual core. The Android side doesn’t innovate in this regard, all they do is pick one of the off the shelf CPUs (Exynos, S% (in various guises), OMAP, or Tegra 3), and with it come standard GPUS (Mali, or Power VR/SGX famaily). Apple does change around the quanity of GPUs to suit their design (2 in the iPhone 4S, 3 (I think) in the iPhone 5, and 4 for the iPad 3/4). The Android vendors are just like guys in a PC shop, pick your parts, and then assemble them. Apple actually does the equivalent of designing their own, unique CPU and motherboard, and then integrating it all as a complete product.


  • mjolnir

    @kostas what? I would give you A6. Everything before that is JUST like how you described. Exynos btw is samsung in-house designed which incorporates the mali. Apple STILL uses powervr for their gpu. I have no idea what youre talking about. You clearly are not very knowledgeable on soc designs. all of them are based off cortex a9/a15 from ARM. qualcomm, samsung, etc design soc based off those architectures. the A6 was the first attempt. end of story and get your facts straight.