TELUS confirms the removal of the $35 activation fee and the $25 equipment exchange fee, will charge $10 for a SIM


  • vn33

    So … gives with one hand, and takes away with the other ?

    Still, most customer should come out on top, and we can’t really say that too often for Robelus, right ? 🙂

    • Whopping

      What’s up with the “New” Telus’s pricing:
      -Outright price and
      -3yr price

      What happened to 1 and 2yr options??
      Where is the CRTC in all this?

    • Burger King Whopper

      Their excuse (and reasoning, for that matter) is probably that they have a flexible pricing à la FlexTAB. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S III offers a $491 subsidy on the $650 device with a three-year contract. On a two-year, this would be a $327 (over 50%) discount. The phone would therefore cost $323 on a two-year contract.

      Keep in mind that WIND does not currently offer this. It’s all or nothing: an outright purchase, or a three-year contract with little discounts when cancelling early. WIND has more discounted service and less discounted hardware.

    • some guy

      The 1 and 2 year pricing on handsets were always $50 and $100 respectively. *Unless* there was a sale and an old handset was sold at a much higher reduced rate to clear inventory.

      But how many of you would sign a 2 year contract to knock $100 off the price of the phone? Not me.


    I still think it’s stupid to charge for a SIM card. I am aware it’s a tangible object, but it’s required to use the service. Imagine if banks started charging for bank cards (some charge for more than 1 in a certain time), but afaik most/all give you at least the 1st card free. It should be considered a cost of doing business, they certainly recoup the cost with their service fees.

    • Whopping

      They better keep business as usual ( When you buy a phone, ugrade, they give you a phone WORKING with a SIM included)

      -Hope they don’t start selling phones PLUS $10 for a SIM CARD!
      That would be “gives with one hand, and takes away with the other ?” like someone said!

    • ClearAndSimple

      You only have to buy a sim card if you need a sim card. if your using a regular simcard, and then sign a new contract that uses the same sim card then you wont have to pay for a new sim card. its only if you go from lets say a regular card to a nano sim, or micro sim… so if you stay with the same sim card (which soon enough will only be micro and nano) then you will never have to pay 10$ unless you fry your sim card, it becomes too old to function, or you get a phone that needs a new type of sim card you dont have.

      Also, just to note. Telus had 26 different fees and they brought them down to 10 so we could all benefit (the clients) of clear and simple pricing.

      35$ – Transfer of ownership

      35$ – custom phone number

      35$ – Reconnection fee

      35$ – Device unlock

      35$ – Device set up (In store)

      15$ – Bill reprint (if clients need their bill sent to them by mail)

      15$ – Changing rate plan (we can change plans once per calander year for free)

      10$ – Phone number change

      2$ – Complete a prepaid transaction (like adding an option, or adding a top up card)

      Cancelation – (Same as before)

      Most or all of these fees can be avoided by going on and signing into “your account”

    • NorOntByndWrlss

      I am not sure what bank you are with but mine charges for a bank card.

  • nrj4life

    While this is a good thing, it appears all of their “changes” are geared towards bringing in new customers. How about some love for your existing, like I don’t know maybe allowing us to change to any plan we want without renewing like the other carriers allow?

  • nrj4life

    I of course mean the promo plans.

  • dudeguy

    Where do they take away with the other? They just removed fees.

  • Dylan K

    The customer, no matter who you are, will see a savings. Rogers will jump on this soon, for sure. Not sure about Bell, who still rock the derelict ECF system that everyone loves to hate.

  • Frank

    I’m relieved to know that that they will be able to “cover the product cost that was previously included in the renewal and activation fees” by charging $10 for a SIM card. I was worried that they would go bankrupt if they didn’t do that!!!!!!

  • Miknitro

    I wonder if the CRTC is about to make these cash grabs illegal and Telus just acted first.

    Hard to believe, Telus is lowering any costs without being forced.

    • Whopping

      We should stop beleiving that CRTC protects people!
      The CRTC is the organism supported by ROBELUS that allows them to still charge SAF and GRFF in old plans and the ones that makes CANADA the ONLY Country IN THE WORLD that has 3 yr contracts!

  • Chris Manchur

    Now hopefully Rogers follows through too, I’m going to upgrade my phone, and I really don’t want to pay a lot of money.

  • SheepSix

    Thanks to Mobile Syrup and this article I can now call Telus so they can refund the activation fee for the phone I just activated for my son on my plan last month.


      So last month was after today?

    • jack

      going to go with no dice, unless they’re being nice about it

  • common_sense

    Still a good deal in my opinion.
    Most people use their current SIM cards anyway.

    Telus, you impress me yet again. 🙂

  • Paul

    This isn’t a bad thing. Really, for those complaining about the sim card cost,how many do you go through? If you pay 10 bucks for 1 that you use for at least three years save the 60 bucks you would have to pay for activation and device exchange. Can’t see why anyone would complain about saving 50 bucks overall. You spend almost 2 bucks for a pack of gum and its gone in a week…lol.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Still a much better deal. God, I hope Bell starts doing it soon.

  • steve

    telus has greatly increased the cost of their data recently… now $50 plans only get 100 megs???? COME ONE!!!! 2 Years ago we were getting at least 500mbs if not 1 or 2 gigs~!

  • Paul

    @Steve,I didn’t believe you til I checked. Holy cr@p!!! If you want data it is forcing you to get a more expensive plan as we all know 100 MB is nothing!!! That is something to complain about!!!

  • Mark

    Our at store cost for a SIM card is $0.02. If they want to cover the cost of the SIM they could charge maybe $1. This $10 crap is ridiculous

  • Max

    From the CRTC website :

    The CRTC does not regulate the rates, quality of service or business practices of wireless service providers because the market for wireless services is sufficiently competitive.

  • Ashley

    Don’t know if any of you realize this but Telus has always charged $10 for thier SIM cards, this isn’t a new thing. I’ve had to replace mine on my Desire a couple times in the last 2 years.

    • blah

      Telus has always charged for a new unactivated SIM. An in-store SIM activation (whether a defective exchange, renewal or new activation) would eliminate that charge. It was only when you asked for a SIM to leave with and activate yourself that you would be charged for it.

    • NorOntByndWrlss

      What the heck have you been doing to need to replace your SIM Card that much. The only time you should need to replace it is if you removed it and phsically damaged the SIM Card or set up a SIM Pin and forgot your Pin number.

  • Betty

    So with my NEW BB10 device, they want me to pay an extra $10… rude

  • Tej

    So the activation fee is removed as of today and the $ 10 SIM fee starts on Nov 1, so wht happens if you go in between now and Nov 1 ? Do you get the SIM card for free + No activation fee ?
    I think they will charge you the $ 10 SIM fee anyways if you go in before Nov 1 even though they say that they will sart charging from Nov 1 🙁

    • some guy

      SIM cards were always $10 at Telus… I bought one for my Nexus when I activated.

    • some guy

      oh… nvm… I re-read the statement. durr…. $10 for the SIM even at renewal.

      So what if I don’t need the SIM? I wonder if I can tell them to keep it, haha. Doubt it.

    • scrooge

      @ some guy – If you actually read the article, you probably would have noticed this…”For renewing customers, many will already have a compatible TELUS SIM and will not be charged, but if you decide to grab a device that has a different SIM, say the iPhone 5s nano-SIM, you’ll need to fork over $10.”

    • some guy

      Thank you Scrooge. I have now had my coffee and brain is in full gear. Yes I did not read the final line of the quoted statement.

  • ExR

    This is absolutely nothing new lol. Telus has always charged for SIM cards… Good luck finding a dealer to give them to you for free now because telus now charges them $5 a pop!! Oh and as for those people bitching about “where is the crtc” and “I hate three year contracts”… Fun fact, the only reason they do this is to give you people a discount on that shiny fruit or the latest droid! You don’t want a three year? No problem! Buy your own damn phone at full cost like every other country as you so mention!!! Every single carrier will sign you on a MTM agreement. Some even give you discounts for bringing your own hardware (bell 10% off telus 100 bill credit)
    Maybe you people should educate yourself before just spouting off randomness

  • John

    Lets do some math, telus charges $10 for a sim card, wind charges $25 which is cheaper to the wind fanboys.

  • rorix

    “cover the product cost that was previously included in the renewal and activation fees” by charging $10 for a SIM card.
    If they are able to make up the difference by only charging $10 for a SIM card… what were they doing with the other $50 from my activation fee and renewal fee?

  • James

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  • caha

    So this $10/Sim Card….it’s legit. Why not? They arent implimenting anything different from before. Just that before they could get away with giving a different simcard for free on a Hardware Upgrade. Now on paper they have to charge. So going from a iphone 3gs to a galaxy s3 to a iphone 5 you’d have to pay for each simcard. Better than $25 fee on your next bill. If you wonder what they did with the activation/upgrade fees ask your lawyers 😉

  • Justin

    Ok, I just want to clairfy things here.

    1.) The CRTC does not control pricing. They are the regulator of the service that goes in and out of the phone (hence the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commision name)

    2.) The CRTC does not get funding from any companies. Its a goverment appointed commission. Kinda like the Landlord and Tenant Board.

    3.) Sure, this policy sucks. But most customers will be in the clear and saving money. People just need to stop bitching and deal with the punches that these companies. If you don’t like it, dont go with that company. Or, better yet, move out of the country if your fed up.

    Grow up Kids.

  • OGOD

    I heard lots of people saying to cancel their telus contract, they will have to pay $1000 dollars. There is no limited for cancellation fee, how about make a change on cancellation fee instead of remove the $35 and $25 activation and upgrade fee.

    • Porilaisten

      They don’t have cancellation fees, it’s a device balance. And so far no phone they subsidize is $1000. Even on a pre device balance contracts the max was $400. The only way you would pay $1000 is if you had multiple phones, and why wouldn’t you pay per phone?

  • steve

    if you go into the store, telus also charges you $50 to do any changes to anything… for example my wife wanted to switch phones and thus needed a new sim card, they chagred up $50 for some ‘service’ just to switch her contacts, and get a new sim card activated… there is no way around it.. friggin rip off. it only took 5 minutes too.

    • NorOntByndWrlss

      @steve Maybe you should of stayed away from that Dealer store that you went to and instead have went to an actual Telus Corporate Store. It is not really that hard to tell the difference. Phone book transfer is just $10 unless you do it yourself (bluetooth, iTunes/iCloud, Desktop Manager, gmail or various other ways) and prior to today it would of been $25 to swap to a client owned phone when clients do not want to do it themselves (online or depending on the phone by simply putting your sim card from the old phone into the new phone)