Rogers Samsung Galaxy Note II 16GB to be a whopping $249.99 on a 3-year?


  • Bill

    For me it is either this smartphone or Asus Padfone 2…

    • Tech

      even that price?

  • Badidea

    Give me a 2 year term with that price, then you got your self a deal.

    • Whopping


      If you ask me “Whopping” sucks!

      Syrup has to stop announcing $249.99 on a 3 -year”
      The ENTIRE price is ” $249.99 on a 3-year with a minimum of $50 per month”

      That’s the TOTAL price, so either they type that mouthful or
      “$699 outright”

      In Oct, 2012 all advertised prices should be the OUTRIGHT PRICES, that way you compare potatoes with potatoes!
      Also: are we to assume that $50 per month is a given??

    • jack

      damn people love complaining. go check out their site if you want to know what the minimum plan is

  • Beso

    Damn WTF … how come Rogers one is more than Bellus??!!


    • Davor

      Expect anything else from Rogers?

  • Zzz

    To be honest, I’m not surprised. Phone is supposed to retail at about 750. 500 off on a 3 years is more or less the norm. I was actually surprised by the best buy pricing more than this one. And I think that if it does come out at 150 it will be for a very limited time

  • Surveillance

    Cell phones are starting to get expensive folks!

    • OGOD

      disagree, Canadian cell phones and plans are always expensive until new companies opened…

  • gnote

    So you guys complain when the prices are the same. But then also complain when they aren’t the same… LOLMFAO!

    • Ender

      Starting to get expensive? Remember the Nokia 8800? I believe it was over $1000 up here when it came out…

  • Plan Shopper

    Hmmm, I might have to wait a little after launch for the pricing to settle down before I can get this phone. I don’t need to be first in my area to have it. I just have to have it. LOL

  • Dan

    I bought the International version for under $700 outright and I can use it on a standard cheepo plan. Never sign a 3 year smartphone contract expecting to get a deal on the phone.

  • Andy

    Why is all you’s complaining? This is the Best Buy site, not Rogers.

    Best buy made the mistake, not Rogers. The link isn’t even available anymore, so it is most likely a mistake.

    • Andy

      Please, downvote me because I’m speaking the truth.

    • jack

      done. no need to thank me

  • Hank

    Another Rogers first

  • Tom@Bell

    Is anyone surprised if this information is accurate? Rogers is always more expensive, always. Besides, 500$ off your phone isn’t too bad a deal. People on this board are very entitled, if you’re not willing to pay 50 dollars per month, goto mobilicity or wind. Oh their network doesn’t reach your area? Point and case.

  • mauricio

    screw that pricetag

  • Ron

    I don’t really care if I have to buy my phone (unlocked) for full price, but just gimme a fricken better plan for a cheaper price T.T (callerID and voice message shouldn’t cost an extra $10-15 per month…). All the subsidized costs just boosts the price of the plans, not worth it.

    $50 per month and a premium price is just brutal.

  • crimsona

    Give it a month and it’ll drop

  • TKG26

    Problem is buying out right does not get u a better plan. The just gets u the phone at full price plus your monthly plan… On less your highly probable to leave why pay full price and pay the same monthly as me?

    • Andy

      True. Don’t shoot the messenger, but getting a 3 year term is probably the best you can do right now. Whether you pay full price for the phone, or subsidize it, you’re still paying the full cost of the phone if you decide to cancel. The only difference is you’ll pay less the longer you wait.

      If your subsidy is $500, your monthly cost of your plan that goes to the device is $13.89. If your monthly plan is $60, $13.89 of that goes towards the cost of the device. If you cancel 12 months in to go to another provider, your cancellation cost will be $333.36 + the cost you paid for your phone, say $150. That is $483.36 for the phone.

      If you decide to get the phone at full cost, you’ll have paid $650 for the phone, plus $60 for the plan each. That’s the same $60 you’re paying whether you got a term or not.

    • Andy

      Make sure to add one-time charge $12.50 for the line cancellation.

    • Andy

      EDIT: The cancellation will be $333.36 + $12.50 when you cancel.

      The full cost of the device you’ll pay from start to end will be $333.36 + $12.50 + $150.

    • OGOD

      Its not just the phone price, plus the plan. It is too expensive.

      For the cancellation fee, is it included the last month of monthly payment??30days notice for cancel BIG3’s plan. It should be $500+. So only a $100+ off if you sign a contract and use it for a yr. And paying expensive plan….-___-“

  • deli

    wow. $100 more than the competition? i am 100% that rogers will reduce it upon launch, it has happened before when they overprice themselves.

  • James

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  • zefanatic

    I’m not sure if it’s an error on Best Buy’s part, I called them and asked if the price was correct and they said it was, but then it was prob just a regular worker who’s reading off the screen I guess.

  • Ken

    I spoke with a Rogers rep yesterday and he couldn’t even find any indication on their end in regards to release date or pricing of the note 2.

    • Andy

      That’s because there is no information yet. Called myself either. It would be posted on if it was.

  • Surveillance

    I’m going to buy a 7 inch tablet with LTE and get a $35 per month for 5 gigs data plan. The I’ll just subscribe to Dell Voice for my 15 minutes a month I actually talk on the phone. Problem solved! And now I’ll save $60 a month on my bill!

  • Jon

    WIND will beat Rogers. Wait until they release their pricing. $349 won’t be out of the question on a 3 year WIDNtab.

  • joe

    How come when i go to best buy there is no pricing of any kind? I double triple checked that i’m on the official website. it shows it on their website but no pricing. can someone send me the link? in stead of a cut and past copy?

    • joe

      Its okay everybody i found my own answer haha! fun times, just overly excited!

  • samdimarcs

    Well folks.. We got to admit phone these days arent phones at all.. You pay for the technology in the phone. Since the dino days all a cell did was call n text… now you got Gps, Bluetooth, internet, basically NASA space station in a box.. Lets not underestimate the true value for the return on investment.. ive saved enought time and money through my phone to pay it 50 time over again..but i hear ya all never fun dishing out 300.00 bucks for a phone that others sell for 150.. WTF Rogers wake up and realize your not the only one out there and stop ripping people off with you crazy markups.. Looking like I may soon be a Bell or Telus customer again..

  • Seth

    Rogers galaxy note 2 will be 200 flat on a brand new three year contract.saw price list tonite at Rogers store in my home town