Bell’s PTT LTE network to go live “in the first half of 2013”


  • Sean

    If it is something that just requires an app why would it not already work on LTE? Serious question whats preventing it.

  • GuiSim

    It works on the S II but not the S III?

  • Chris

    They should work on the LTE network and resolve disconnection issue before trying to implement other feature…

    When a tech supp ask you to drop the LTE and go to WCDMA because it’s a “know” issue for some tech … it’s kind of a big issue here!

    • Chris

      Isn’t that just an issue with the spectrum their LTE is running on? I always get much lower LTE signal than HSPA+ signal

  • Brian

    It is more than just an APP. Unlike some of the third party apps, the Kodiak solution is tied more directly into Bell’s systems for security and reliability purposes. Proper provisioning on both networks is required in order to maintain this cohesion.

  • awsguy

    I see something completely new in that map. Kenora to Tbay is now a “coming soon ” zone for bell!!!

  • Ed

    Yep. Bell is lit up Thunder Bay with HSPA back on the 3rd of October I believe.

  • d3v14n7

    Would anyone actually use PTT? I see this as being a mostly useless feature with today’s smartphones and data plans…

  • determinator

    we use ptt in place of a two way radio system.