Bell’s PTT LTE network to go live “in the first half of 2013”

Bell launched their PTT (push-to-talk) network back in April, unfortunately there’s no word on how many subscribers have jumped on board. The device lineup is currently limited, only the Sonim XP5520 BOLT, and by the way of mobile apps the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Curve 9360 and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The PTT service runs on Bell’s HSPA+ network – speeds top out at 21Mbps – and covers about 97% of the Canadian population. When we first reported the news of Bell’s pending PTT network launch we noted that there were future plans to go live on their LTE network. Bell has been heavily investing into their LTE network, now coast-to-coast and reaches 19 million Canadians, but we’ve received word that the PTT LTE plans will go live in 2013 – not to much of a shocker but good progress.

According to our source they noted that “PTT continues to work over the HSPA+ network and in the first half of 2013, PTT will expand to the LTE network where access will automatically be provisioned for PTT customers with a 4G LTE device.”

We’ll update you once we find out more info on devices and timing.
(Thanks tipster!)