TELUS launches Optik Smart Remote for iOS to better control your TV experience


  • Gabriel

    For iOs? BEWARE! the app could come with scratches out of the box, could think your in asia instead of canada, comes with a purple tint, will drain 5gb of data per houre and will have WiFi issue! Bah theyll just say your holding it wrong!

    • Alex

      Gabriel, you are the most ignorantm stupid troll!!!!

  • Andrew

    If is is anything like their other apps it will be half baked and be poor resolution. Where is the android support?

    • Curtis

      They already have a pretty good PVR App on android. I don’t think it works as a remote, but you can set the PVR and view the schedule from anywhere. It’s pretty handy.

  • John Mills

    The Android app is coming soon, according to the website.

    • John Mills

      They already have an app for android, but the “new” version is coming soon.

  • Telusinsider

    Android app is in the works although corporately have prioritized iOS due to demand. Next step on the roadmap is to integrate full program viewing from tablet/smartphone, to everything you subscribe to.

  • Mike

    I use this app & it works pretty well. Does what it says & while I love android iOS is still a bigger priority in the eyes of consumers just the way it is.