RIM sings to the developer community: “We’re Going To Keep On Loving You”


  • TestMe

    In Before the “Is it BB10?” comments!!

    • Average Joe

      Having seen more of BB10 today, I’m convinced it will shut up a lot of the trolls.
      RIMM stock is up!

  • Dalex

    Was excited to see hands-on with their progress, saw it… big resounding Meh…. Not sure why, but I have a nagging feeling it won’t really bring back customers from the other platforms. I want them to succeed, because competition makes me as a consumer win, but my gut feeling says this won’t make it.

    • nick

      Not sure what you were looking at, but what I saw just about made me wet my pants.
      BB10 is a game changer. And I mean that in the true sense, not the way Apple marketing uses it.
      This is an entirely new OS and UX. Nothing like iOS, Android, or WP8. Everything that I have seen points toward ease of use, flow, speed, convenience, etc.
      Contrary to what the media would like you to believe, the BB user base is increasing, not decreasing. 80 million subscribers to date. That’s just incredible when you consider that they haven’t put out a new flag ship device in over a year. If they can increase userbase with outdated OS7 phones, imagine how things are going to explode when BB10 hits the market January 21st!

  • js

    on behalf of all canadians – even justin bieber – i apologize to the rest of the world for this.

  • haxor99

    Couldn’t be lamer

  • Crankshaft67

    Better buy me a cheese sandwich before you get lovins.

  • Blaxx

    I’d like to see them succeed because I’m Canadian, they’re Canadian, the town of Waterloo, their economy and whatnot but they need to take a seat if what they showed today is all they’ve got after 2+ years of working on BB10

    • sicpuppy

      Notice that no Canadian band wanted their song associated to this .

  • ronll

    RIM is hitting the nail on the head…. no one can say BB10 is real now. i cant wait to contiune developing for BB10 #BB10believe

    Proud to see RIM show the world some real innovation

  • John

    Yeesh RIM is getting pathetic

  • Blaxx


    Nothing like Android, iOS or WP8 but exactly like MeeGo Harmattan that Nokia showed off over a year ago

  • sicpuppy

    At least REO Speedwagon made some money

  • Collin

    ugggh.. seriously, i mean, yes, It would be nice to see rim succeed but their products SUCK compared to other companies offerings, it’s going to be a 1.0 os in a world of 4-6.0 os’s

    rim should just sell off their shares and pull out before they are bankrupt

  • Bas

    Now I’m jealous. I want Tim Cook to sing to me, backed up by Eddie Cue and Scott Forstall.

  • Chew

    The band has just the appropriate amount of nerdiness to represent Blackberry. By which I mean lots.

  • Scott

    Love the video – great geek humour, I believe it when they say they love their developers. I just hope BB10 is enough to keep the customers loving Blackberry! They are really making it hard on themselves by taking so long to release the product…

  • Jack

    @bb “you guys don’t know anything, watch apple crumble and watch rim take over”

    RIIIIGGGHHHHHHTTTTTT…… Whatcha smokin?
    $700/share vs $5/share………

    • bb

      exactly my point jack…a company with a $700 stock making mistakes every minute of the day can go down pretty fast…as you have noticed its at 685 and analysts are all covering their butts…not smoking much…just remember I told you so. Apple is all stock manipulated…once share holders leave so do users.

    • bb

      anyone who can afford to invest in apple is smart enough and rich enough to know you won’t make anymore money with them as they can’t even keep up with samsung anymore. after q4 earnings….we will see where the price is at…we will see. I’m no analyst but, the writing is on the wall and unless apple comes out with iphone 5 by early next year and the followers continue to line up…its over.

    • bb

      i meant iphone 5s with the nfc and other things they left out for no reason.

    • bb

      $679 jack…and creeping lower

  • Mike

    RIM reminds me of Nortel. When time was good, management didn’t plan properly nor take competitors seriously. This bb10 better lived up to expectation or else no one can save them.

  • rip rim

    rip rim

  • Stupid

    Keep on loving us???
    They aren’t loving us now.

    Everything is overly difficult with BB developing. Just another failure in a long list.

  • OgtheDim

    Geeks singing bad 80’s songs.

    I was at Waterloo in the 80’s.

    It wasn’t worth bringing back.

  • Taylor

    After all the money pumped into making this video BB10 launch has been pushed back another month