Rogers launches One Number app for iPad, Android app coming soon


  • Thurnis

    Say what you want about Rogers, but this is actually quite useful.

    • CRTC

      This is EXACLTY the way it should be:
      Pay $30 fo 6GB of DATA and ($10??/month) for a virtual number.
      it could be the ROBELLUS-One number App, Dell Voice Skype, Google etc.

      The SAF, GRFF, CID VoiceMail, Evenings and Weekends at 9-6-5, in nterwork calls, Fave 10-5-features are so 2005’s!!

      I think prepaid is the only way to get $30 6GB of data ONLY, then get the app and you are ready to go!
      Say goodbye to your $73/month plan with 100 minutes LOL!!

  • Andy

    Been using Rogers One Number for a while now. Got the RON box for a VOIP landline at home. Like said above, say what you want about Rogers but for a free service on all current plans, this is pretty awesome.

  • Azzo

    This is very useful when i’m in my basement and have low signal. Shoots the call straight to my desktop.

  • Nick

    So Google Voice isn’t allowed in Canada because…….. Rogers wants to corner that market? GG CRTC

    • CRTC

      Of Course!
      The CRTC won’t BAN THREE YEAR CONTRACTS but it will FORBID
      GOOGLE VOICE AND others to enter into the Canadian market.

      The truth is that CRTC is only portecting its Shareholders…ROBELLUS!

      IT’s Oct 2012, we could just get a 6GB plan and then call anybody with Google Voice. Pitty its not allowed in Canada, but DELL VOICE and others are, $20 PER YEAR!! and you are set up with a virtual number. Also, with Skype you not only get a “phone call” you get a “Video Call with video and better sound!”

      If you think about it, this old, evenings an weekends, $8 for Caller ID, SAF etc ets just a source of revenue for the telcos to offset the losss of their print and TV, Radio, divisions with the “Wireless Division” which is the only diviion that makes money….thanks to things like THREE YEAR contract, SAF and their buddy, the CRTC!

  • Yeria

    Google has been offering the exact same service for at least 3 years in the US now. If Rogers can do it, Google could have done this a long time ago.

    The reason Google couldn’t is because Canada is so closed up to foreign ownership. There is also some f’ed up rule that says Google can’t offer phone numbers because they’re not a phone company. What a 1950’s mentality.

    So I’ll say what I want about Rogers. They’re extremely anti-competitive and for that reason they need to be punished. Try allowing in American and European corporations to set up shops in Canada. Rogers will go out of business so fast and unfortunately all those people in India will lose their jobs.

    • Hum?

      rogers only doesn’t have any international call centres, all the call centre employees are Canadian.

  • Robbers

    On Mac Rogers one number app doesn’t work. Called number of times – got run around. Apparently business and corporate clients are not allowed to use this service! Go figure!?! We Canadians love to be ripped off and our idol is CRTC.

    • Ryan

      I use One Number on my iMac & Macbook just fine. I am pumped they finally rolled it out for iPad!

  • dorbit

    Vbuzzer gives you a phone number wherever you want, Canada or US. $50/yr. All the features & more. Works with Android and iOS. Also, you can buy phone adapter for home. Number portability. It’s cheaper than a voicemail add on at Robellus.

    Been using it for years.

    • John Kickass

      $50/yr???, is free and only a one-time fee of $50 for the voip configuration to use with an ATA and standard phone, to have freephone for life (or as long as the compnay is in business)

  • aman bassi

    that is very useful, especially when we have wifi almost everywhere we go! goodbye house phone, no need for it now!!

  • rob

    Great to hear, one number is excellent. I also noticed in the announcement it is was launching for business too!

  • phil

    Fantastic news.

  • Mike

    Dumbest service ever. We had it when we lived in a city were rogers was the cable tv provider. Then we moved to another city had to drop our tv, internet and home phone service. We kept the cells (rogers) and wanted to use the Rogers One Number service but lo and behold. We were’nt able to. Why? Because our internet is with another company now.

    • phil

      Mike, I think you are mistaking one number with another service. You don’t need rogers internet to use rogers one number.

  • hippie

    This basically duplicates Google Talk already available to anyone for free for several years. Additionally, with the Google version you can video call if you want. You call any number in North America free of charge.
    This is not at all Google Voice, that actually allows you to make calls from your phone using WiFi or data plan . That service is only available in the US.
    This Rogers service does not bring anything to the customer that wasn’t already available to anyone with a gmail account.
    How is it so easy to mislead the masses?
    Allow me to make calls on my data plan or Wifi with my phone – that would impress me.