Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 now available in Canada for $499, comes with 50GB of Dropbox storage


  • Fandroid


  • billy joe masterson

    I am in – this sounds like a great new toy to carry about and stuff in the iSheep peripheral view 🙂

  • nely


  • Brandon Atkinson

    Nice deal. Shame I already got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1…

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I cant believe the 50 gigaflops is a major selling point. nobody cares about dropbox, and nobody will upload 50 gb, absolutely useless feature.

  • sicpuppy

    So where’s the Samsheeps now ? Should be ordering these by the millions no ?

  • craig

    who cares about the Dropbox app …

  • sam

    Too bad the resolution is set at 1280X800, there is no excuse to have that on a 10 inch tablet in 2012

  • JellyBeaner

    baaaaah baaaaah samsheeps have you any souls?

  • The Pope

    It’s priced too high. It’s a better tablet then the iPad, however non apple consumers aren’t stupid enough to toss this kind of money for an over priced tablet.

    $399 would have been a sweet spot.

  • Doug

    I have this tablet and it is phenomenal.

    I wish it were available in Canada when I bought it though. Spent more money on the 16gb. 🙁

  • aviking

    I will wait for the surface.

  • zed

    Really laughing at people dissing dropbox. As a student, it’s indispensable. I also introduced it to my dad for his work, and he’s using it ever since.

    ANYTHING that requires group work goes easier with this, but even if you want to back up your own stuff or sync your phone pix so they are ready on your computer when you’re home.

    I feel you though, I was as skeptical when I started using it 3 years ago too, but it’s been my most used service since.

    Ontopic: Great looking tablet, but a bit too expensive for my needs.

  • JT

    The digitizer alone makes this well priced at $499, if that’s not your thing then buy the Tab 2. Not everything has to be less than an iPad. Try to find a used cintiq for less than $700

  • Calvin

    how can it cheaper than the US price?!?! wowow

  • Fred

    Hmm… Don’t buy at Staples. They appear to be selling the 16GB for $500 whereas FS/BB have the 32GB for the same.

    • Chris

      Staples does have the 32GB for 499. Maybe it was the Galaxy Tab 10.1 you were looking at and note the Note.

    • Viceman

      Staples has the 32gb unit at $ 499.99. is listing it with only 16gb for $50 more. i would likely buy from staples but i will NOT ever go into FS/BB thanks to several bad experiences.Is there any other places to get one?

  • RyanOver

    I’ve waited too long for HTC to launch a tablet… they didn’t…. so Samsung here’s my money, take it

  • ABC

    If another store is selling it cheaper, Staples should be able to price match.

    • Fred

      It’s a different model, 16GB vs. 32GB so not sure they even would. I don’t see the 16GB for presale anywhere so could be just a typo on their part too.

  • deli

    WOW. gonna sell my 10.1 and upgr to this

  • roman20

    You’d be better off with two Nexus 7s side by side.
    Or five Playbooks

  • MattyMattMatt

    No LTE?

  • notbillable

    I’m game Samsung! Can’t wait to try out this baby.
    The s pen makes the whole difference. And makes it worth the price.
    You know how blackboards switched to whiteboards. Well give it 2 more years and you’ll be driving presentations on the screens from your tablets. This is the next step in this direction.

  • Lyndon

    The 2 year storage thing doesn’t sit well with me, because in 2 years you’ll be struggling to find somewhere else to store your stuff online for free. gave out free 50 Gb lifetime accounts like they were candy so I got a few of them. Heck…my girlfriend got a special promo through her LG phone that netted her a free 50Gb lifetime storage account through for being an LG customer.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    It’s still not in stock at Bestbuy… Do yourselves a favor and try out the Xperia tablet S at the Sony Store before buying this. I’m not saying it’s better; but it’s $400 for a 16gb, has a slot for full sized SD cards, an aluminum back and is possibly the nicest looking tablet ever.

  • khota

    I have one already and it is indeed a really good tablet. Fast processor running Android ICS, 2GB RAM, SD memory expandable to 64GB: this table this a great buy!