Update: Rogers states that over 30,000 customers have “received their shipment notices” for the iPhone 5, Fido says “over 9,500”


  • ActivesiN

    isheep unite!

    • Daniel Bryan

      2007 called, it would like the term isheep back, and to think fandroids accuse apple of not being innovative.

      LOL fandroids.

    • lol


      Go replace your scratched dented phone! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ish33ps lol

  • deli

    That’s IT??!??!?!?!?!!! I thought it was some crazy number in six digit territory.

  • mike

    8300 isheep fell for the hype.

  • Doug

    Wow, I was expecting a LOT more (just judging based on hype/buzz/etc)
    I was thinking maybe a lot of people decided to buy it unlocked on Apple.ca instead?
    (although with the high upfront price, I doubt it….)

    • Dylan K

      Apple isn’t doing outright sales right now. They have to get it from a carrier, which means they HAVE to get it on contract, because no carrier will sell out outright.

  • LOL

    8,300??? There is NO way that is correct. I work for Rogers and the amount of ppl calling in asking about the iphone 5 and reserving, far exceeds this number.

    • kenypowa

      Actually, it’s the same 200 iSheeps keep calling again and again.

  • Justin Credible

    No lineups at several stores today. The iHype is dying off I guess.

    • Daniel Bryan

      Im glad you were able to take the time and go out to check, you must live such a full and prosperous life.

    • Justin Credible

      Actually, I work at a dealer. Not one person has come in for an iPhone yet and it’s already 11am.

    • Justin Credible

      And Daniel, I just sold an HTC One S. It’s iPhone launch day and the first phone sold here was an Android. U mad bro?

    • sp

      lol he is totally mad… he has been defending Apple a lot recently and being out numbered by people who dont drink the Apple Kool Aid.

      those are low numbers though they are posting for sales. during the 4S launch..i was one of the however many numbers it was.

      which dealer do you work at JC?

    • Daniel Bryan

      Not mad at all Justin, its just a phone, life goes on, my Apple stock is doing wonderfully 😉

    • lol

      @ Daniel ..again..

      Or Maybe you are jobless, spending your welfare checks to sign contracs ..maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ish33ps

  • JR

    I think DOUG might be right. If I were shelling out for the iPhone 5 (which, I’m not), I would most likely want the unlocked phone. So, possibly more people went straight to the Apple site for it.

    • kroms

      OR !

      Maybe people are starting to realize that the Samsung Sg 3 IS a way better phone !

  • Jon T

    LOL so almost 35mil people in Canada… lets assume all the big carriers had 8300 pre-orders… that’s not even close to even 100k people. Even with all the people lining up without pre-orders, I doubt we’ll even break a million. I have a feeling that this is mostly due to people on 2 and 3 year contracts not wanting to upgrade early but still… that’s a pathetic number.

  • john

    do you guys not know how to read? 8300 customers have RECEIVED their preorders….who knows how many more p/os there are

  • jonny

    Pacific Center in Vancouver only had like 30 people lined up this morning. I have a friend who was by there just before the store opened.

    • iphonelover

      And here I am trying to find a store that has some available in burnaby/coquitlam area and all the rogers stores i’ve phoned said they don’t have any only for the reserved people, and I reserved mine online and I haven’t received any notice =( I was hoping to get it today =(

  • AWSGuy

    Thats IT? Only 8000? Even mobilicity has about 300,000 customers, public has 200,000!!!

    • kroms

      Take that as a SIGN from GOD and go buy your self a REAL phone.


    • kroms

      Sorry that message was meant for ” Posted by iphonelover “

  • ramih2085

    its actually the people who were ready to pay an extra 40$ to reserve it…alot of people were in line in montreal this morning. i dunno about the rest of canada, but the ihype isnt that dead…

    • craig

      they get the $40 back

  • Jim K

    That is just the number they can process it seems. Went in to pick up my Iphone(Going to sell it for a juicy profit) and the computer and phone system was down. Taking hours for people to actually get their phones. And in case you were wondering, yeah, it’s pretty pathetic that Canada’s largest Cell phone carrier in Canada can’t even process 8000 orders without clogging the system to a standstill.

    What makes it worse is that this seems to happen at every Iphone launch. You’d think they would learn by now.

    Maybe they are just spending too much money on finding a good starting pitcher for the Jays

    • DrParanoid

      This happened to me when I picked up my GS3 on launch day. I was stuck in the store for 2 bloody hours because their system was barely responding

    • some guy

      This is why I don’t buy any phone at launch. That and I also wait for the main launch bugs to be ironed out. 🙂

  • craig

    8300? that’s it? FAIL

  • jack

    ya too bad if u preordered from fido, cant even do s*** today most likely because the system has been down since 745am. how the f*** does the system go down before the store even opens?

  • kris

    apple fabricates its pre orders and sale numbers to generate hype and demand for supply

  • Dalex

    So how many news of the Iphone 5 do we need? It’s out today and its an incremental update to the Iphone 4s to try to catch up to the competition. What’s the big deal already? Its still crap.

  • Hooligan

    OMG, There are alot of isheep out there…baaaa

  • Jim K

    Isheep all the way to the bank! People are selling the Iphone 5 for 1k on Kijiji! Glad I used my HUP for this! Will pretty much pay my cell phone bill for 2 years!

  • Collin

    8,300 out of their millions of customers, Wow apple.. thats it??? Epic lolz

  • sp

    just say someone in Burlington selling a locked to Rogers 64gig iP5 for 1300 on kijiji…..

    funny thing is…someone will probably do it… 400 over store price…

    profit still to Apple of over 650 for the phone.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Daniel sure is hostile today lol… He must be mad that his fruit company didn’t sell as well as the s3

    • Daniel Bryan

      We shall see once monday rolls around, you wont show…. cowards never do. And dont confuse anger with pity, I feel sorry for you losers.

    • kroms

      @ Daniel Bryan.

      “shakes head” You sir are in need of an Intervention.

  • AR

    People selling unlocked iPhone 5 at 1000$ or more. Some people have put advertisement on Ebay in India asking for Indian Rupees 85,000 (Equivalent to about 1600 $). Can not figure out who will buy those! But you never know. There are those kinds of people.

  • iSheep

    The word is not one single one of these 8300 orders have been shipped. They have sent a notification, but not 1 single person from business gets the phone today.

    Most residential iPhones have shipped.

    Figure that one out

  • Laila

    i didnt receive my notification and my position with fido is 1800…

    • AndyOne

      Mine is 1700, I just finished my call with Fido and guy said just wait, I guess all what they had was 2000 phones.
      My son works at Bell and he said they still have lots of iphone 5’s and there wasn’t any line up, so I guess all what sold in Canada was under 10,000.
      This phone will the worst Apple ever made (Apple – Jobs = Big zero)

  • MattyMattMatt

    Also, as of right now, Bell/Virgin is the only activation centre handling the throughput we are creating. Telus and ROgers have both been up and down since about 8AM MST.

  • Toopy

    I guess most of those Isheeps need to pay early upgrade fees with Rogers.

  • OGOD

    Usually system down on the first day…haha
    Most isheep is a repeat customers from iphone3,4.

    don’t forget to check out the IOS6 3D map!!

  • Tomatoes

    I went to play with one after work today. I think I was checking it out for roughly half an hour.

    – This is the first time I saw a bit of a stutter on IOS but it never appeared again after the first 3 or 4 swipes.

    The phone really is as ugly as the pictures and videos show, It is just a taller 4s with extra screen real estate that didn’t seem needed one bit next to the 4s.

    The screen is actually quite a bit nicer than the screen on the 4s and definitely looks like one of the best displays I have seen.

    I forgot how unintuitive IOS is sometimes. I had the belief that it was the top in fluidity back when I used to own a 4s. Now it seems pretty primitive after spending some time with my gf’s Lumia 800 and my Android.

    The browser is ridiculously smooth and fast. In terms of smoothness and web page loading speed, it’s the best. In terms of scrolling speed, for some reason Apple chooses to make it slow on the iphone but fast on the ipad. Other phones scroll the pages much faster but not as smooth.

    That said. Pathetic looking phone. haha

  • Mike

    7 million iPhone 5 sold over 3 days. Take that, droid morons.

    • AndyOne

      Not a chance Mike

  • ace

    Hahaha they stand in line for days, have to wait another day just to pick up the phone. Was it worth it? I bet they haven’t read the news that maps don’t even work haha.

  • ace

    Mike… 1million androids are activated each day. That means you can walk into the storeand buy it! Not wait for a while week in line just to realize your phone maps doesn’t even work.

  • kroms

    Hey ? Mike and Daniel Bryan.

    How you liking the Samsung SG3 Comercials ?
    Gotta say, that is one sweet and OP smartphone ! Too bad the Iphone 5 has still not matched it . Maybe Iphone 5s will be closer. I loved the ” im texting while watching a video ” part.
    Can the Iphone even do something so simple as that ?

  • MattyMattMatt

    And also their system went down really early today. They were so busy they started calling the people who were porting their numbers out, trying to keep them on board. While I was doing the activation, their old phone rang and it was rogers customer service asking them what they could do to make him stay. He said free iphone 5. They said no. He said, that’s OK, I’m already not paying anything for it.
    Welcome to The Source.

  • Adam

    Rogers SUCKS!!!!
    Rogers’s system can’t even handle 8300 iPhone activation? It’s hard to believe but it’s true. how come US doesn’t have this problem? Rogers store staff said it happened every time once new release of iPhone. obviously, Rogers roger the problem but choose to ignore since they have no intension to spend any money to upgrade the system to make their customers feel better.
    Rogers customer service is not good. the staff from Rogers store told us go home and wait couple days until the system is ok. What the FXXX! They called this customer service.

  • jay

    still people buying this piece of junk. what is so special about it? the first once were good but all other getting better and now galaxy line up getting so good that apple better do something and not only a 5s.