Qualcomm Vellamo benchmark updated with new interface, better HTML5 tests and x86 support


  • CW

    My SGS2 benchmarks higher than my HP Touchpad. This makes me sad. Apparently it *is* just a larger screen and battery.

  • GothKatt

    My HTC Raider LTE ((HTC-X710a)) scored 1145 putting me between Galaxy Nexus (4.1.1) and the Sonny Xperia ion (2.3.7)

  • n2burns

    My Nexus One is showing it’s age. 698

  • Gord

    Hmm, HTML5-603 METAL-302 for my Atrix.

  • monsterduc1000

    Not to shabby for a 2 year old Nexus(S) device on CM9. It scored between the Tab 10.1 and Flyer, and beat the Note 2.3.5 =)

    907 HTML5
    225 Metal

  • Jared

    Nice, Galaxy Nexus on 4.1.1 running ParanoidAndroid 2.13 and Franco kernal 264 beat out standard Nexus with:
    1418 HTML5
    413 Metal