iOS 6 on nearly 30% of devices after 48 hours on the market


  • TestMe

    How are the maps working out for these 30%? 🙂


      Judging by some of the 3d bridges, quite rough 😉

    • boojay

      There are going to be soooo many poor lost sheep out there….

    • Kroms

      LOL wow, so 30% of Iphone users are now F#cked up using Maps?

      Man , that is not nice of APPLE. They should have at least warned users that they will lose Maps and other features when upgrading to IOS6.

      Thank god my Google Maps work flawlessly.

    • DanT

      In other news, 30% of Apple customers are looking for a way to downgrade to iOS5

    • I know :p still I wish android was that easy to update

    • Bobblehead

      Does needing maps speak to the intellect of the Android Tea Party? I mean, if you need Maps everyday to get to work, the grocery store, then you might not be the smartest tool in the shed. We all know you’re a tool making a phone a partisan issue, but there are varying degrees of how big…


    Seeing as iOS 6 is only consuming iOS 5 with OTA updates Apple should take the message that iTunes sucks.

  • howitzer

    Android 2.3 still has more features than iOS6 theres nothing to brag about.

    • Yannick Wolfe

      ginger bread having more features then Ios 6?

      we both know that’s not true.

    • some guy

      Ok, I’ll bite Yannick.
      Please enlighten the class as to what features iOS 6 has that the good ol’ Ginger-beard doesn’t. (yes that was intentional)

      BTW, Apple maps, iTunes and iMessage don’t count as different features. They have contemporary apps on Android.

      Look man, we all like what we like, but blindly defending something makes you kinda…. dumb. Android has many pitfalls, but so does iOS. At this point people are turning their mobile OS of choice into a religion, and we all know how well that turns out.

      All I can say is, if you’re gonna post a rebuttal, how about give some evidence… otherwise you’re just another tool on the interwebz.

    • Brad F

      @some guy

      I’ll just name 1 feature that’s been in iOS since day 1 that still isn’t in Android: a 60 fps UI.

    • Monkey Face

      Do u know how much of a hypocrite you sound? lol The first jab of didn’t have any support as to why Gingerbread has more features/is better than iOS 6 and now you say that iSheeps have to give proof of their claim to counter. Niiiice…I guess the colour of the sky is different in the world you live in as well.

    • some guy

      @Brad F
      Haha, you can have your 60 FPS UI of app icons on a page. You know who else does that? Microsoft.

      Look, they are different devices that do the same thing.
      The point is people are not questioning the products Apple puts forth and are believing the hype.

      The iPhone is a solid device, it works well and is simple enough for people who are unsure about smartphones to use and become comfortable. If it weren’t for the original iPhone we wouldn’t have the plethora of devices we enjoy today.

      That being said, the iPhone that started this mobile revolution is practically the same as the current rendition.
      when I step back and look at what apple is doing, it is absolutely brilliant. They are selling minor changes to old tech with basic features missing at exorbitant prices, and people are lining up! People are actually taking time out of their day, skipping work, to pay close to $1000 on a phone! A phone that hasn’t changed in 4 years! Yet Apple can do no wrong. All I can say is, they’ve got this huge bug up their bottom about competition and guess who suffers in the end? The consumer. Yet Apple can do no wrong.

      And this is what is wrong with people.

  • Kid.Canada

    Just let me know when Rogers releases Jelly Bean for the GS3

    • Me Ted

      That’s why I’ll always stick with the Nexus product line. I’ve been on JB since mid July when Google gave us the stock images to download.

    • Daniel Bryan

      It must really suck having to be married to a carrier like that. Thankfully with wp and ios we can get all of our updates on time with no reliance on the big 3.

  • ELNY

    As an android user, it’s quite sad that our ecosystem is so fragmented. I bet by the end of the year almost everyone with an iphone 4+ will be on iOS6. Meanwhile, ppl with newer phones like the Razr, etc. are still on ICS and not even Jellybean or worse, Gingerbread. Google needs to step their game up.

    • Jay

      I agree. As much as I love Android, Apple has it right for upgrading software. Also keep it mind that not every iPhone that gets IOS6 will have the all features of IOS6. Still, I’d like to see Google improve the way updates work.

    • slimmy

      My HTC Desire HD won’t go past gingerbread, which sucks badly, I preordered the Iphone 5 but now since their maps sux I don’t know if I should just buy another Android, but the big question is ,will it come with Jelly Bean and if it doesn’t will it be eventually able to upgrade? And why are new Android phones being shipped with ICS??? Unexcusable.

    • vn33

      I’d rather take a fragmented ecosystem over one that doesn’t give me any choices when one of the more important function doesn’t work properly.

    • nope

      Lets keep in mind that apple’s fragmentation is the same or worse. When the iphone 4 gets iOS6, it’s more like iOS 5.5, with android it’s either 2.3, 4.0, or 4.1, all big leaps, and you either have it or you don’t. But apple is just as bad, they say you have iOS6 but you only have part of it. For every iteration of the iphone the fragmentation gets worse, since one previous version of the iphone gets left out. It’s a really stupid system they use just so they can boast about their huge numbers of upgrades to every new version of iOS.

    • aliwhatsit

      nexus, nexus, nexus
      any questions?

  • BB King

    iOS6 is garbage. I have used all mobile platforms and as an owner of an Samsung Galaxy Tablet, BB Bold 9900 Smartphone and Windows 7.5 Nokia Lumia 900……….iOS6 has a long way to go.

    Fanboy analysts and bloggers that say Apple is the only polished OS are obviously sniffing glue and have never tried anything else.

    • Rio

      They say that because iOS 6 is the only OS that is build from the ground up to work with the hardware it is made for.

      The integration between the hardware and software is like none other.

    • Yeria

      I’m glad you’re talking about integration between hardware and software, because Blackberry owns iPhone when it comes to integration.

      Even Blackberry 9000 with OS 5 was able to customize hardware buttons to run anything installed in your phone. Camera, web browser, even sub-menu in the Options menu. Manipulating LED light? Can be done with any apps as long as it registers to the OS. Keyboard shortcuts to get to any menu, apps or options is another highly polished integration between the OS and the hardware.

      I said it before: Apple is the marketing king. It makes people to BELIEVE it just works when it doesn’t really.

    • some guy

      It’s easy to polish a spoon.
      Simple design, limited function. It does it’s job and does it well. If you have problems polishing a spoon, then maybe you need to rethink your choices in life.

      Now polish an entire dinner set. Has the same general function as the spoon, but there are more choices in cutlery and function. Some are easy to polish and some are more difficult because of the shape.

      Now I don’t know about you, but try eating a steak with a spoon. Sometimes choice is better, sometimes it means a bit more work.

      Now I am hungry. Peace.

  • O_O

    iOS 6 broke my dad’s iPhone and he lost all the locally stored data on it when he upgraded. Same thing happened on the iOS 5 upgrade I did to my iPod Touch.

    It just works, I guess. No one said “It just works well.”

    • Brad F

      Well it’s a good thing he backed up his stuff, just like I’m sure he also backs up his computer.

  • Yeria

    It doesn’t matter if 30% of your device gets the latest software when the software update just gives you a Passbook and a broken map. When it comes to iOS updates, people got to realize even a major version jump is as insignificant as Android 2.3.3 update to 2.3.7; bug fixes.

    I’m not an iPhone user so I wouldn’t know exactly what was changed from iOS 5 to iOS 6, but this is what my iPhone fan friend had to say: “Now I have a new app that shows me cards and the background and icons changed.” You decide if it’s crap or amazing..although I think the answer starts with a C.

    • some guy


  • Vengefulspirit99

    the difference is that android doesn’t need the latest os to stay competitive… as opposed to iOS…

    • briggs

      Say that to the developers. Until google get’s their act together, I’ll be avoiding the android ecosystem as much as possible. Hopefully they will, I enjoy developing with java. Just not on obsolete APIs.

  • Brandon

    Not an apple fan. But as an android phone, I’m envious. Wish android had the same effect. But then again, we wouldn’t have such a big selection of devices.

  • sp

    these graphs should also poll the users who wish they didnt upgrade to iOS6 and jailbreak their phone to go back to iOS5 or older.

  • tehPr0fess0r

    Keep in mind that this is only 30% of eligible devices as determined by Apple’s planned obsolescence to essentially force people to upgrade.

    Guaranteed the number of Android devices “ineligible” for Jelly Bean but which are actually running it anyways (tanks to the absolutely amazing dev community for Android) is vastly larger than the number of ineligible iOS devices running 6.0 (which I’m going to peg at a whopping ZERO).


      True. However I wish OEMs would use the dev community more(for example HTC). Today HTC announces the TWO series with Sense 6; and for advanced users, an official CM11 will be available at launch…

    • some guy

      +1 for that! Get the devs involved and make a better product!

    • Bobblehead

      This is where you’re incredulously out of touch with the average smartphone user. They dont want to mod their device or jailbreak it to force a non-eligible OS on it. You early-adopters apply your values to a device as if those fit everyone else – they don’t. I’m not sure why you can’t see that and understand why Android is used by some and iPhone by others – they do different things and are for different people.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Nothing but marketing BS. Most users get os6 in name only, NOT in function. How many functions from os6 are missing on the ipad 2????, the iphone 4?????????, the ipod touch????. Incomplete software upgrades now get the full name? Absolutely disgraceful what Apple manipulates and makes you believe.

    • vn33

      What Apple has brilliant succeeded is creating a cult mentality with its users. They (the users) truly believe Apple can do no wrong, is the best choice bar none, refusing to acknowledge there are alternatives just as good (or better)

      Well, not everyone is THAT brainwashed, but looking at the line-up year after year for devices that are barely changed from previous models, you have to wonder.

    • boojay

      Let’s not forget that while iOS5 was finally able to catch up to Android 1.5, Cupcake, iOS6 barely matches Android 1.6 Donut.

    • Bobblehead

      I agree some iPhone users are like that, but so are Android users and there are a lot of them here. There are only a handful of comments criticizing Androids rampant fragmentation and poor carrier-driven update strategy, while everyone else glazes over it. You cannot point out a group of putz’ without the other.

  • Keith

    So all those years of sniping at people with displays larger than 3.5″ then they finally get one themselves and now they cannnot get enough of it.

    • some guy

      Well it was the same difference with us on Android who didn’t care about the buttery smooth UI experience. But when I got jellybean on my stock Nexus, I did go, “oooh, that’s smoother.” Then continued to use it the same as before.

  • nope

    you realize there were full touch android phones before the first iphone? the iphone was almost a copy of the LG Prada, which was released almost a year before the iphone. Doesn’t the truth hurt? Yet another oblivious person defending apple.

  • ECBomb

    Seriously, the 4 to 4S seemed like a more significant upgrade than the 4S to 5.

  • Daniel Bryan


    Yes and apple had a product called the Newton which was created and released long before android was around.

    A touch screen device released in the 80’s, but I guess you’re just another misinformed fandroid. While we’re at it, apple introduced widgets (another so called android “feature”) to their lines of computers (Lisa) back in 1983.

    yup, the truth hurts alright.

  • some guy

    Anyone who disputes the iPhone is what pushed us to the current model of smartphones is just ignorant. But seeing how the iPhone hasn’t changed since then and is far from perfect, I think you can check the smugness.

    And I quote, “Innovation, not litigation.”

  • Mast3rbug

    @Daniel Bryan
    Yes and Lisa was based on /a copy of a xerox machine. All company copy great basic concept. It’s normal. For example, the Slide to Unlock that Apple have “Invented” was copied from an old windows mobile phone or PALM.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    @daniel bryan
    Unfortunately the first touch screen device was not apple made. Sorry. But good try though. Fairlight CMI-30A. The first touch screen phone you say? Oh sorry not that either. IBM Simon. So as you can see, apple did nothing but take ideas and put their own twist to it and then calling it their own.

  • BS detector

    in reply to nope | September 21, 2012, 4:44 pm

    I’m sorry, which touchscreen Android was out before iPhone? Apple launched a highly publicised June ’07. According to Wikipedia and various other web sources, the Android 1.0 /beta/ was first released in November that year (SDK release Nov. 12), with the first commercial launch following by almost a year.

    Prada was not Android, and AFAIK its first images came out December ’06 (though only launching ~1 month before Apple). iPhone (i.e. the ~complete device) was FCC SAR tested in February (with an application submission date reportedly November ’06, though I’ve never seen that bit of documentation).

  • HO

    Nearly 30% of iOs6 users are lost by now, that is something u really don’t want to share and scream out loud…