iPhone 5 opening weekend sales surpass 5 million, 100 million iOS devices have been updated with iOS 6


  • Richard Singh

    In other news, 105 million people are lost.

    • REvView

      I’m not an Apple fan, but I do admire how they jumped the release of the i5 to September, just to hurt the sales of the SG3.

      The i5 had been planned all the time for an Oct release; the current wait of 3-4 weeks for delivery in Tier 1 market demonstrates that. Then it will be Tier two, they will be out of stock in release weekend and, then 3-4 weeks, then Tier 3…

      The thing is that by Holidays Apple will be almost meeting demand. A brilliant release for an OVERPRICED product that good or not will sell. Those guys are SMART!

      Compare it to RIM: Blackberry 9900 for $600??
      -You are jocking right? it won’t sell for $300!
      (Price of the SG2 and SG2x now)

  • aliwhatsit

    sweet zombie jesus. 5 million people are seriously ok with paying 800$ for something that took 100$ to make?

    • Rory

      more like $179/$279/$379

  • Dro

    Didn’t Apple say they were aiming for 8 million? Looks like they overestimated by 3 million.

    • BB

      see wall street analysts at their finest, push the stock up and then when earnings aren’t what was expected stock drops. I’m sure someone made some money.

    • Brad F

      Apple never announces expectations for sales.

      Wall Street analysts who can profit from wild fluctuations in stock price, on the other hand…

  • Frederick

    @aliwatsit – $168 to make and $649 to buy (16gb). Also, most are buying subsidized on contract, not outright.

    • sicpuppy

      And how much was your Samsung G3 ?

      enough said .

  • Sterling

    5 million sheeps and counting!!

  • Me

    Get over it android users. I just sold my s2 an bought a iPhone and will sell my iPhone to get the s4. There’s no right or wrong. This site really has the most immature posts. Maybe the site should keep posts to the forums.

    • TROLL

      ipoof ishit welcome to your devil evil company go suck steve blowjobs dick u lowlife brainwashed iSkum listen to your master

  • TK

    iPhone 5 is at the same price point as GS3 when it first came out… So don’t go around and telling everyone they are crazy getting iPhone 5 while you and me both are holding GS3.

    • David

      Learn how to count sherlock.

  • AllanVS

    Can anyone remind me how many SGS3’s were pre-ordered and sold the first weekend? Was it … 9 million, or something to that number?
    I had predicted the iphone 5 would sell 8 million the first weekend. Boy, was *I* wrong!

    • blah

      GS3 supposedly had 9 million pre-orders, but took about 50 days to break 10 million sales, so it has been suggested those ‘pre-orders’ included carriers’ booking orders.

      None of the released #s I’ve seen are comparable yet – Apple announced 2 million pre-orders in 24 hours, and 5 million sales in the first weekend. Speaking locally, I don’t recall any carrier-wide system overloads for the S3 launch, but there reportedly were on all 3 majors on Friday (and I can vouch for 1 of those).

  • Nomes

    As Matt stated the IP5 launched in 2 or 3 more markets then the 4s did and only a million more units sold.

    This year there was no real line ups. Futureshop had the phone in stock and so did may Rogers stores in my area.

  • Mobile Man

    IOS 6 was a huge dissapointment. I just upgraded my iPad 2 and surprisingly discovered that Apple had removed the Youtube app and Google maps. WTF?? I have been a loyal Apple user for years and now I am being punished because of their disagreements with Google! They also decided not to provide Siri to iPad 2 owners, although the hardware is more than capable of handing it. I assume they want us to buy a new device. Well guess what Apple?….I am not a mindless sheep like you believe and refuse to put up with this…This was the final straw, I am done with you. Next big question is where should I go, Android or Windows 8??

  • KennyPowers

    In other news, 99.9 million users who ugraded to iOS 6 now want to downgrade because the Maps application is terrible.

  • David

    Was at Best Buy the other day and got a chance to looked at the real thing. It was a lot more plasticky than previous iPhones. Not sure why these fanboys are wetting their pants over it.

    • TROLL

      shaarap you fckn iSheep brainwashed iPoof kill all these cults and hippys evil devil worshipers restrictead junk os baaaaa mbaaaaa fckn brainless sheeps

    • derp

      ‘more plasticy than other iPhones’ – the 3G and 3Gs were housed in plastic.. The 5 is housed in aluminum and glass, though the home button is still plastic.. Try again’ derp

  • superfly

    .Apple can tell us any amount of sales they want. 5M, 88M, 209M. They always lie so who cares what amount they say they sold. The fact is every store in North America has sold significantly less new iPhones on launch weekend than the previous 2 launches. That they will not tell you.

    • derp

      Actually, they can’t lie to shareholders and make up sales numbers – there are laws and consequences for deceptive financial reporting like that. Try again, derp.

  • superfly

    Hahaha…… sold out? What is he talking about? Nationwide in Canada there are still iPhone 5s in almost all retailers. Sold out in the Apple store and Apple.com……maybe.

  • Harris

    Why are people claiming that you only pay $179 for it? If its under contract, it does not cost you only $179. It costs you the FULL price but you end up paying off the phone THROUGH your contract.

    So you claim its only $179? Okay, then cancel your contract in a month and see how much it really costs you.

    Nuff Said.

    • scrooge

      I’ve never really understood this logic…Ya, the phone is subsidized, but it’s not like the contract is any cheaper if you buy the phone outright. You’re not really paying the phone off, the phone acts more like a loss leader for carriers in order to draw you in.

    • Fanboi


    • REvView

      It makes me laugh how people say it’s only $179 for my iphone (when they re-signed for 3yr contract an a min $50, AND maybe an early HUP)
      -It’s only when they drop it on the stree, loose it, drop it in toilet that they go to the store and its $903 ($799 plus taxes) plus new case plus nano Sim Card, that they find the REAL PRICE of the phone!
      The “loss leader” effect of the iphone for operators is not so much to ATTRACT you, but to “NEVER LET YOU GO!” 3yr contracts are E-Slavery!

  • BB

    when tim cook mentions they have run out of supply twice you know they are blowing smoke. I asked some of the providers at Rogers, Bell, and Telus and they said it was ok. “Wasn’t so bad”. They have more phones available but want people to think they need it.

  • Fanboi

    MobileSyrup = Fat Android Fanboys

    • some guy

      Such inspiring words!
      You are a credit to your species, sir.

      Well even if there are over-weight Android fans on this site, they can always go hit the gym and lose weight. Unfortunately for you however, there’s no cure for dumb.

  • BB

    q4 will be a real slap in the face when apple doesn’t hit its targets….willl they go under. Ps….doesn’t take a genius to realize that it is not just android users who dislike apple. ITs everyone…..

    • some guy

      I don’t know about that. I don’t really see the iPhone 5 not being the go to Christmas present for the masses.

      It’s kind of a safe bet, especially with how kids are nowadays.

  • Netguru

    @Matt, amazing how Apple and MS overlook such an important detail.

  • steve

    100 million ‘pissed’ off ios customers…. with no maps… and new $700 paperweights… with bad batteries… … i can go all day 😛

  • Sterling

    RIP Apple. RIP Iphone. RIP 5 million dissatisfied costumers.

    Hey look at me, I look like an i***t Saying RIP to a company.. (yes that is a shot to the isheep that keep saying RIP RIM)

    But if people go over to bgr and see that they are a pro apple site and read the first few news articles about MAJOR issues with the iphone 5… it will make Apple start to sink.

  • sp

    so again lets go over the price point one more time

    162.50 to make a 16gig iPhone 5. adjust accordingly for the 32/64gig
    699/799/899 for iPhone 5
    20 for the nano sim
    29-39 for cable adapter for your old Apple usb adapters
    10-60 for case (depending on what you get)
    10 for screen protector
    99 for Apple Care (if you decide to get it..i think thats the price)

    927/1027/1127 before taxes

    does anyone else here feel like Apple followers are getting butt pillaged? cause in the words of Will Smith…. DAMN!!!

  • Wishes

    The area where I live at most of the stores ran out of iPhones the very first day.
    I have been calling every single store doesnt matter which provider they are all “sold out.” : /

    • BB

      Tim cook says they didn’t hit the estimate, but if you had estimated to hit 8 million, why don’t you have 8 million phones ready?????? Come on people, it’s easy to see what they are doing? I can go to a provider right now and get one.

    • derp

      @ BB | September 24, 2012, 12:45 pm
      Cook / Apple never released projections. 8 million was a number 1 analyst pulled out of his rear orifice.

  • d3v14n7

    A picture is worth a thousand words… All you see in the above picture are kids and old people in the Apple store, which is what many of us have been saying for the last few years… Apple products are best suited for people who want outdated, dumbed down technology which lacks important features that competitors have had for years and costs more than far superior products.

  • jonny

    There are over 1000 listings on vancouver craigslist with “iphone 5” in the title. Huge numbers of people trying to sell the phone at a huge markup.

    I wonder what the real numbers would be if the flippers were removed. It looks like people are having a hard time flipping the phone for a profit. Guess its hard to do when many retail stores still have stock.

  • eyePhone Sucks

    iPhone -5 is for girls with low IQ or KY jelly lovers

  • bstrd

    I love how non-iOS users attack apple, it’s products, calling the users of such iSheep and whatnot, it’s OK to review products and give out an opinion, but in a respectful way.

    You keep buying android, blackberry, windows phone etc etc and leave people that like apple products alone, we have our reasons, please respect that; I don’t bash other platform users just because they feel comfortable with a different device that the one I got, as a civilized human being I have to be tolerant and respectful of others, I only expect the same towards myself.

    • sp

      ooops..i “like” this comment by accident.

      i was going to say..then you are in the wrong thread cause we look at you like the sheep you are picking up an iPhone 5. you have to remember that most of us that are denouncing iPhones were once iPhone users who because of the lack of personalization, closed off ecosystem etc etc… decided to look elsewhere for a better option.

      we found ours and have opened our eyes to not being slaved by a company that tells us that we dont need this/that and the other and all you need it this phone…sorry but til the sheep who blindly follow Apple realize this and upgrade from 1, 2, 3, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S to the 5 .. (i upgraded every time from 1-4S..then stopped) while throwing money in the wind and such… you all will be known as such.

      *coming from a recovered Apple fanatic*

    • bstrd

      @sp I understand where you are coming from, but to me lack of personalization, closed off ecosystem etc etc doesn’t affect me, it has the apps I need, I don’t need a rooted device.

      I have not bought the iPhone 5 yet, I might buy it later, just because my iPhone 4 will be used by someone else, no rush, but trust me apple doesn’t rule my life, I’m not their slave, I choose to buy whatever phone I feel more comfortable with and in this case is an iPhone, incorporates very well with my work thru Exchange, emails load faster that bb, and I do not have to upgrade to blackberry enterprise to get it, encryption is good enough. anyhow thats my view.

  • Abhi

    Apple = best apps
    anriod = good apps
    apple = decent phone
    andriod = best phone spec wise
    total apple = buy
    total andriod = buy


  • boojay

    Let me get this straight. The iPhone 5hit sold 2 million in 24 hours, double that of the 4Sh*t, but only ended up with 1 million more sold after the first weekend. You know what that means, sales have finally become stagnant after the initial demand. Have people finally smartened up and realize that Apple keep selling them the same crap over and over again? Laughing their way to the bank?