Canadian carriers on iPhone 5 pre-orders: Great, Strong, and “one of the best releases to date”


  • TestMe

    We need to see numbers or it didn’t happen!

    • 1234APPLE


    • Crack Barry

      Funny how they said “One of the best releases to date”.
      Not “THE best”, just “One of the best”.
      iSheep are starting to wake up. This is just a refresh of the 4S, which was just a refresh of the iPhone 4.

      I’m waiting for the new BlackBerry coming in 4 months.

    • BB

      also funny how apple has a buy back program, but has to battle other sites as well. last time i have seen a buy back program was from rim. Lets do the math people, buy back programs are a way to get customers on to new phone, which makes sales look very good. I would never even buy a used phone anymore after working in repairs, you have no idea what these things go through. You might as well put a jock strap on your face.

  • Android4Ever

    It’s more like they are praising their network rather than iPhone5….

  • IsItJustMe?

    I find it kind of depressing that iOS 6 will be released officially this week & I’m yet to get Jellybean on my One X 🙁

    • GuiSim

      I’m still on Gingerbread on my barely-two-years-old Atrix.
      My next phone will be the next Google Nexus.

    • Pegger

      You had to have known beforehand that Android updates aren’t exactly a smooth process. There’s way too many different handsets. The fragmentation makes it very difficult. Most will be lucky to get Jellybean. Those that are able to upgrade to Jellybean, it will probably be their last upgrade.
      One of the benefits of iOS, the iPhone continues to get updates for a few years.

    • TheInformantsMom

      I find it depressing that ios is being released with features REMOVED whereas Jellybean is adding features.

      Wait, that isn’t depressing at all. 🙂

    • 1234APPLE


  • mxm

    Definitely a Top-6 iPhone release!

  • TheInformantsMom

    I find it hilarious every company that has to due with sales of the iPhone are trying to convince us that it is the best release to date.

    We are not as s tupid as you think and know this is the worst iPhone release in history. We will not change our minds on this mediocre device by you trying to trick us into thinking everyone is getting one.

    All these reports of sales for the iPhone 5 have to be one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. I’m not joking. It’s path etic.

  • T1MB1T

    Yet another example of the big 3 blocking wind from the Iphone!!! lat second under the table deal and we are locked out again. BUT we will release a new Huawei that will be AWS/MP3/LTE and make you all drool!


  • Justin

    Telus’s pre-order system was great. I can order the phone for my wife right at midnight.
    But I guess I will wait for the bb 10 or the coming nexus.

  • blekdar

    Don’t be stupid, the Big 3 aren’t big enough to block Apple from launching the iPhone on wind. Apple just chooses not to make the iPhone AWS compatable. I mean come on T-Mobile has 34 million subscribers in the US alone at the moment, that’s more than the Big 3 combined. If the big 3 had ANYTHING to do with Apple not making the iPhone AWS compatable you can bet your butt that T Mobile would be on them like brown on rice! It’s probably just the Apple doesn’t deem AWS enough of a globally used network to justify the additional bands. So stop being blinded by your hatred of the Big 3.

    • T1MB1T

      @ Blekdar Tony said it was in he bag and to be clear wind has 200,000,000 subs! so try that on for size!!! It was a lock and then a lst second deal and no AWS!!! I say this is a blatant attempt to end wind! I agree 100% with winds decision NOT to big on he LTE since this is just going to keep happening! Short end of the stick!

    • blekdar

      Again, stop being stupid.
      Wind Mobile uses AWS in Canada, and uses the AWS band. T-Mobile also uses the AWS band in the US. Videotron in Quebec uses, you guessed it, the AWS band. None of the companies offer the iPhone because APPLE DOESN’T SUPPORT IT. Indeed there is money to be made, but apparently not enough.
      Also, Wind Mobile is ‘part’ of a network that provides service to many customers as they are a subsidary of Globalive, which provides many different services, not all of them wireless. Learn your stuff.
      Probably the only carriers with the ability to influence Apple are Verizon and AT&T, as they are the largest carriers in north america (100+ million subs each) and can make Apple soooooo much more money than anyone in Canada, or anyone that uses the AWS band.

  • Zeake

    Cant these effers not even make a statement without sucking their own #icks!

  • David

    I think it’s part of the contract that carriers of the iPhone has to say each launch of the iPhone is the best ever yet and the new folks (Wind/Mobi) because they’re honest, won’t lie to customers and that’s why Apple isn’t making an AWS iPhone.

  • OgtheDim

    VirginMobile should probably come out with something like
    “What Bell Said”.

    Instead, they will come up with something like “Yoo Hooo iphone5 rocks dude and its the perfect exclusive thingie for your now 30 year old lifestyle as you slowly morph into being like your parents.”

  • OgtheDim

    VirginMobile should probably come out with something like
    What Bell Said.

    Instead, they will come up with something like Yoo Hooo iphone5 rocks and its the perfect exclusive thingie for your now 30 year old lifestyle as you slowly morph into being like your parents.”

  • zzZZzz

    Don’t know what’s with this launch. From what I’m seeing Robelus is just hyping their network and preordering system. In my store we had 2 preorders so far … TWO! Now i’m not saying it’s the busiest one out there, but still. Makes me think that each company had maybe 5000 phones available or so.

  • Marorun

    Very strange i work at a Telus Store.
    We received 5 time less preorder than iphone 4S lol.

    I think all big carrier will say thats to boost the hype and get more sales.

  • DrBadass


    What does the Big 3 and Apple iPhone have in common? OVER PRICED, SHAZAM.

  • Bart

    Big 3 carriers = Liars!

  • Porilaisten

    The big 3 are just drooling over the huge device balances that their customers are inheriting.

  • 45

    The iPhone is a great phone, and while I personally prefer Android, I don’t see the point in people bashing a product for no real reason…

    • OgtheDim

      Cause it makes em all feel better?

  • Marlowxim

    Well if it is true. I can only see their LTE networks get worse due to increase of users. Let the technical logistical nightmare begin.

  • Jim

    Can I just by the nano-sim for my non-data plan account?

  • The Pope

    Look at it this way:

    8 Countries…

    4 Billion people…

    2 million in sales.

    lol. That’s a fail in my books.

    • Jack

      Good thing your books don’t count.
      So which other phones in “your book” have 2 millions sales in 24 hours?

    • The Pope

      ” n the history of gadgets, none has picked up such an army of fans before launch. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has already received nine million pre-orders before launch – even with few people getting to play on Android’s latest smartphone until it arrives in the UK on May 29. When the phone arrives, it will instantly become the fastest selling gadget in history, beating out the iPhone 4S’s four million units sold in three days. It also tops the first iPad’s two million tablets in two months, and the Microsoft Kinect system -which allows you to wave at your television via the Xbox 360 games console – which shifted 2.5 million units in 25 days. Samsung has reportedly hired 75,000 workers to keep up with the demand, with the company confident of meeting all pre-orders.”

      The gs3 had over 9 million preorders. IPhone 5… 2 million. Don’t give me fake shortages as to why the iPhone 5 has less then half. Or time duration. Both non essential variables to the outcome.

      My books may not be accounted to you, but a simple google search reveals my books are correct and accurate despite your disparity of apple figures.

      Take care.

  • RMB

    It’s funny how Bell and Telus turned their comments into ads…

    • The Pope

      Brilliant free marketing. Humorous, agreed. However I cannot blame them for it.

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