Kobo already scraps 8GB Arc tablet in favour of 16, 32, and 64GB versions, adjusts prices


  • Sean

    Seems like very competitive pricing. Assuming it gets a good dev community it should be great for people who need storage and decently speced device.

    Also since it has access to the playstore you can just download nova or apex launchers and have a “stock” experience

  • TelMe

    Just as expected:
    Kobo, Kindle and Google 16GB at $199 at end of Q3
    They will be $149 for the holidays. All of them getting JB in the future.

    This make the BB Playbook at $99 more and more expensive.
    Would you get a piece of history/portable DVD player for $100, or a tablet good enough for 1.5 yrs for $200??
    Your call.

  • Amanda

    Good move as before the price change it wasn’t really competitive with the Nexus 7. Now only if they kept microsd support with the Arc I might actually buy one then waiting to see what tablets would be available next year.

  • Nomes

    I am not sure why you think the PlayBook is not capable of being around for another year. It has already been around for 1.5 years and is a good tablet. Most of the key apps are there, once Skype and other big names make it on there it will be good.

    RIM has also stated BB10 is coming on the tablet.

    Most people that criticize the PlayBook have never even really used it.

  • TouchMyBox

    $299 for 64GB makes this a potential killer device for loading up a ton of TV shows, provided that the screen is of high quality.

  • XR999

    You know, despite the price drop, I’m still not seeing much incentive to buy a Kobo tablet, the Vox was a poorly built, underperforming Android tablet and despite the hands-on impressions of the Arc being better, I still don’t put much faith in the Arc remaining a quality product.

    In a market where the Nexus 7 and the Blackberry PlayBook exist, with both at similar or lower prices, what’s the justification, if you need access to your Kobo library, there’s Kobo apps for Blackberry/Android and the Nexus 7 is guaranteed to get OS updates since it’s a Google device. The Arc offers nothing except it’s design as a draw to it.

  • Pauly

    Agreed! And fyi, the screen has 1280 x 800 res. 215 dpi 16 mil colours with an industry leading wide viewing angle. That’s a lot of pixels for a 7″ screen! My eyes won’t tell the diff.
    Also, the 1.5 GHz dual is more than sufficient and is holding its own against comparisons even with the Nexus.
    Now with the memory increase and price drop, I will not need an SD nor will vast majority of folks. Power users may need more.
    Almost feel guilty saying I like my Vox & the Kobo reading experience. The Vox has been adeqately responsive, have access to Google Play and the web surfing is good. What I miss is flash, smoother videos, longer battery life and more up to date O.S.

  • Tri

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