Twitter for iOS and Android updated with new profile view, iPad overhaul

Twitter for iOS and Android have been updated, the former with a new iPad version, as the service moves away from third-party clients in a big way.

The first thing you’ll notice, on both versions, is a new profile view, that allows you to upload a larger, high-resolution photo much like Facebook’s cover photo. You also get a new photo stream per user, mirroring an update made a few months ago to the web client.

In fact, this update is largely meant to consolidate the company’s formerly-disparate mobile and web apps into a single, unified vision: gone are the sliding columns of the old iPad app, replaced with a static side bar with four familiar icons: Home, Connect, Discover and Me. The new profile view is meant to showcase people — and brands — and allows Twitter’s customers, advertisers and brands, to show off the best of what they have to offer.

The service has also done away with third-party image hosting, opting instead for its native Photobucket-powered service. This will come as a disappointment to fans of Twitpic and Lockerz, but most users won’t notice a difference. With Twitter’s heavy integration into iOS, most users are already accustomed to uploading straight to Twitter’s servers.

The Android app has been given a slight aesthetic makeover, and seems to run a bit smoother than before. The Direct Messages tab is also more easily accessible, and you can now pinch-to-zoom in photos, a long-needed addition to the app.

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Source: Twitter