Motorola and Intel launch the RAZR i with 2Ghz Medfield processor


  • aliwhatsit

    2ghz! sweet jesus!

    • Herp Derp

      You can’t compare clock speeds between the ARM CPUs and the Intel CPUs, they way they work is fundamentally different. You can’t say a 2.0ghz x86 chip (intel) is faster than a 1.6ghz ARM chip (just about every smartphone out today) without some serious benchmarks.

    • TelMe

      As we know: Intel’s architcture takes a lot of clock cycles to make the same process. Hence the battle for “Speed” which was in effect the battle for Speed cycles or Megahertz (now GigaHertz)

      Remember how you would have an Apple CPU at 800MHz and an Intel running at 800Mhz and the apple one was faster (I miss those old days when apple was the good guy.!)with ARM is the same: ARM architecture is way way more efficient, it has been designed from the ground up to get the max speed with the minimum precessing power/battery.

      The intel one is basically a desktop CPU small enough, efficient enough (32nm) to put in a phone. That’s the reason why its being released in UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. It’s a prototype..

      In Quadrant the Razr i (1 core at 2GHz) got a bit lower than an SG2x (1.5GHz Dual core, a CPU from last year and very cheap for OEM these days) I doubt the Intel is cheaper than the 1.2GHz. In CPUs, the rule is, the more cores the better! you use the cpu at lower Frq, use less battery, less heat and the multitasking will always be better!

      Get ready to another ARM vs Intel battle. If there is quick fix for devs to run on both ARM and Intel it’s all right, but if they have to develop for both ( another Android fragmentation) i doubt they will fly!

    • GrapeApe

      @ TellMe: the rule in CPUs is not “the more cores the better” , it’s the more USABLE cycles the better. Your app/OS may not be able to do anything with those additional cores.
      But even that isn’t the end of the story since it depends on how well you optimize for the processor, and Intel has more software and hardware engineers working on that than pretty much all other companies have engineers period, so I wouldn’t talk about who’s efficient yet until we see them in the real world under user added app-bloat.
      Apple has one of the other largest groups of engineers optimizing for the architecture, and in the mobile segment things are FAR from optimized as anyone can see by seeeing how much more M$ can do with WP on a slow single core OMAP than other can do on inefficient ‘faster’ multi-core Snapdragon processor tied to an inefficient platform.

      BTW, Apple never made a CPU ! And was never ‘the good guy’ except in their own minds and that 1984 ad. You may be confusing AMD or IBM with the ‘made a CPU…’ but that would make your ‘good guy’ statement ironic if it’s the PowerPC chip you’re refering to since it turns the tables of the Ad.

    • Carlo S

      Grapeape, the PowerPC chip that Apple used to use were built by IBM. It is ironic that Apple, the great “anti-establishment” company has always relied on the establishment to provide them with the guts of their devices.

      I got a chance to play with the Intel reference devices at CES this year and can’t wait to see how the OEMs take those designs and improve upon them.

      Tellme, it’s always dangerous to speculate on pricepoints of one CPU vs another.

  • nrj4life

    It really amazes me how almost everyone waits until the next version of Android hits to then begin pumping out the previous iteration. Where’s the Jellybean????

  • Dalex

    Few questions arise…

    1) How’s the battery life? Since we know Intel is not known for battery friendly SoCs.

    2) The apps. How many work? How many don’t? Which ones do? Do the important ones all do?

    3) Can you make a RAZR HD Maxx one? With HD Display and Jellybean? 😛

    • TelMe

      I don’t care about speed anymore!!
      The issue with me is AMOLED HD, with an 1.5Ghz core ( Kernel development will make the CPU more and more efficient) and I want development in BATTERY TECHNOLOGY!!

      I want to hear about 2,000mAh batteries ( The min for a 4″-4,3 Screen in 2012!) getting smaller and lighter!! not speed!

      Battery, Battery, Battery!!!!

      more Speed?? Single core ?? Intel architecture?? talk about regression!

    • Carlo S

      Intel’s specs for their smartphone reference design which most OEMs that decide to try Intel will use as a base for thier design since it cuts their own development time considerably are:

      An 8MP camera, 15 fps
      HDMI 1080p video playback 6 hours
      audio playback 45 hours
      3G talk time of 8 hours, and standby time of 14 days.

      Take them with a grain of salt since alot of other things such as display and LTE chipset, camera components used, etc… will affect these specs.

    • Carlo S

      Tellme, barring the discovery and maturing of new battery technologies Li-ion battery technology has been maximized as much as possible.

  • Scott

    I thought Android apps were written in Java and run in a virtual machine? If so, then app compatibility should not be a problem. I think the biggest potential hurdle for this phone will be battery life.

  • boojay

    They got physical specs right, they got the hardware specs wrong.

    • TelMe

      Yep! big fail!!
      The RAZR i is EXACLTY the SAME phone as the RAZR M!! with 1.5GHz Krait Adreno 225 LTE CPU; which is a WINNER!!

      You want lower than that??
      Get the Razr M (4″) this phone is redundant in the middle of everywhere and is:
      ” The answer to a problem that doesn’t exist”!!

      The current DROID RAZR line:
      M-4″ entry level
      HD- 4.7″ ( in the frame of a current 4.5″ ) high level
      HD MAXX ( heavy users, high performance, huge battery!!)

      has everything you need: three variants, simple choices, more profits! the Razr i just does’nt fit there!!

      Thanks but no thanks!!
      I Will: MOTO-PASS!!

  • Lame

    Most Android apps are written in Java and run inside a virtual Machine. Hence most apps will actually work on this phone right out of the box !

  • monsterduc1000

    Moto is crap anyway. I’ve had 2 moto phones, both failed, no mo moto =)

  • 45

    Uh oh, they used the letter ‘i’…

  • Art Vandelay

    It will launch with ICS and they call it the best of Google!? What’s wrong with Moto/Google? Remember how Moto promised Razr will get ICS like 6 weeks after release of ICS source codes? Now JB source codes and PDK were already released long time ago; CM10 has already reached milestone release on many devices, and yet Moto is still releasing devices preloaded with ICS??

  • Brain

    This happens in every market. Smart phones, specifically Android, has really taken off. The big boys want a piece of the pie, so Intel came stomping in. In a few years they will own the market, just as they completely took over the home PC market (alone with AMD but Intel is far and above them in market share) Poor little ARM processors, RIP…you will not be missed. Time for some real power, by the masters of CPU design.

    • JC Fung

      Intel is going to take over ARM in the smartphone market? In your dreams maybe.

      Intel by no means master of CPU design. Anyone who has taken introductory computer architecture classes can tell you that x86 instruction set is anything but efficient. Meanwhile, their Itantium platform went nowhere, and had to clone AMD’s AMD64 instruction set for their CPU to move to 64-bit world.

  • Mike

    JC Fung you have no idea what you are talking about. I work for Intel, and we have big plans for the Android space. Wait and see what we are bringing to the table, the talks that are happening now. In the near future everything will be designed for our CPU leaving ARM out in the cold. I sincerly hope that ARM users check out out tech, get excited about it, and leave that ancient architecture.

  • Netguru

    Hey MS what’s with the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” nonsense? You don’t like my comments, then stop posting garbage.


    Imagine an i7 Android. Just imagine that. Are you drooling yet? From what we hear partnerships are already happening and the exclusive apps we’ve seen left us with our jaws firmly planted on the floor. Welcome you new Intel overlords with open arms…things are about to get a whole lot interesting.

    • Sanjiro

      A Core i7 android would be a portable space heater with phone functionality on the side. All kidding aside, Intel has it’s work cut out for it if it wants to be competitive in the smartphone processor industry, ARM processors are fast, efficient and inexpensive, gonna require some serious work to beat them in that.

  • Android.yyz

    HaHa they should call it the “iRazR” lol!