Update: New 6GB data plans released by several Canadian carriers


  • Jedduff

    Its too expensive! No way for me!

    • 99er

      Where is the CRTC in all this?
      We need another Lawsuit for Price Fixing!

      Who Came up with the $73number?? (The new unnoficial ARPU for next yr)

      How is it possible that ROBELUS have the same price -$73
      Isn’t that the definition of price Fixing?

      LOL! to Bell and Rogers for offering a $73 plan WITHOUT Caller ID and VoiceMAil- To be fixed next week “In response to competition”

    • Wia

      I don’t understand why internet and phone plans are so expensive in Canada. I wonder how many countries are there that has a max for GBs of internet you use at home each month like Canada. These companies and their ridiculous prices.

    • 99er

      (Because this is Canada and you need a chart to compare different nomenclature for the same things)

      $73 packages:
      Rogers: Common base (CM)
      Bell: CM + 10 hrs of TV (Yay!)
      Virgin: CM + Texting (SMS and MMS) to USA

      The most expensive package: CM + Voice Mail, which makes it the LEAST EXPENSIVE one..so far.

      $65 Plan
      -Caller ID and Voice Mail,
      – Unlimited Text & Picture messaging then ir gets STUBBORN:

      -Unlimited Canada-wide Calling
      -100 minutes ( If you have unlimited, do you need 100 on top of that?? OK let’s make it “Unlimited + 100”

      – Unlimited Evenings and Weekend, starting at 5PM; if you have Unlimited do you need EW@5?? OK let’s call it:
      “Unlimited + 100 + Unlimited Evenings and Weekend, starting at 5PM”

      – Unlimited Canada-wide Family Calling, Call Waiting and Conference Calling, refuse to write about it. The Koodo guys simply have the BEST PLAN! (Koodo has great phone prices, supports HD Voice along with Bell and Telus and now has LTE service) but they wanted to play the:
      “Who has the plan with the most Bullet points for $73- Game”

    • 99er

      The Koodo plan is so redundant the I will make a DECODING/ Translation for them:

      Koodo Mobile $65/month
      – 6GB data (LTE network or regular?)
      – Canada-wide Calling
      – Unlimited Text & Picture messaging (Assume Canada-only?)
      – Call Display,Voicemail Call waiting and Conference Calling

      I would consider it at $55, I’m SURE it will be on 3 yrs ONLY, Forgeddabout it!

    • ToniCipriani


      I’m not trying to defend Koodo here, I think the plan is ridiculous and clearly out to slaugher iSheeps…

      But just to set a few things straight that you said:

      – Koodo never said unlimited minutes, it’s 150 LD included. The unlimited is for family calling only.
      – Messaging is international, as per footnote 5
      – The plan never said 3 year required, it’s the iPhone only.

      At least they did come out cheapest.

    • ToniCipriani

      Oh and Bell’s plan includes US texting as well, been using it for years.

      Only carriers that doesn’t include NA texting is Rogers and surprisingly Wind.

    • Rio

      What happen to the 30$ for 6GB days? I would much rather pick a simple plan and just add 6GB to it then these crap 73$ plans. Like really? 60$ is max I would consider paying.

    • ToniCipriani

      @Adam Green

    • ToniCipriani

      (damn it hit the Enter key by accident…)

      @Adam Green

      Mind posting a template? And should we file 3 forms for one case since it’s 3 companies?

    • Plan Shopper

      ^^^^^ Adam Green

      I filled out the complaint form. Thank you for pointing us in that direction. I doubt it will help but it’s a start.

    • Kroms

      Well here you HAVE IT folks. In BLACK & WHITE.

      …….CRTC Complaints and Inquiries Form……..

      cellphone or wireless services

      The CRTC does not regulate the rates, quality of service or business practices of cellphone or wireless service providers. Therefore, we can’t pursue complaints about these services for you.

  • Draven

    so, $73 for the same plan that Rogers was offering for $60 just a little over a month ago? Generally, I am pretty happy with Rogers, but stuff like that just ticks me off.

    • raydotcom

      Keep in mind the 6GB is now LTE with data sharing.

  • anonymous

    And suddenly all plans are in the $70 range? Bell, Rogers and Telus are ‘competing’ for your buck. F THEM ALL!!!

  • Kristen

    Weren’t the majority of these released a couple months ago for around $60 each?? Why the price increase?

    • Chris

      Because these are probably aimed at iPhone buyers

  • sp

    if i accept this from Rogers…i lose all my discounts and promo prices…

    is it really worth it to change my 6GIG data plan to the 6GIG LTE data plan?

    $25-$30 a month discounts tell me otherwise

    sides..i have wifi at home and at work. i still never go over 5% data usage for the month. almost seems like i dont even need 6GIGs… ALMOST!!!!

    • Mike

      Rogers doesn’t differentiate 3G and LTE data plans anymore.

    • 99er

      ROGERS is migrating all the olde data plans to LTE by the end of the month.
      DO NOT MOVE/ UPGRADE TO LTE!!!!! !!! !!! !! !!

      If you had your $30 -6GB plan with a $10 discount code ($20 TOTAL) just go to a ROGERS store get an LTE Card anf if you have an LTE capable phone you will have 6GB on LTE for $20!
      If you “get Moved” you will pay $30 for the same thing!!
      once again:

      Hope this helps!

    • rw9

      @99er Where did you read that Bell and Rogers are going to add Call Display and Voicemail? I just asked a rep online and they said they weren’t changing it.

    • sp

      @99er …well thats news to me!!!!!! is that true?

      i wasnt gonna change it anyways, but I have the S3 and i did get a free LTE sim..might just take your advice and pop that in.

      that would be good, so i dont freaking lose my retention plan, discounts and promos….

  • Jay

    Oh how convenient… for the big 3, they are almost identical in features and in price.

    Obviously just a coincidence…

  • David

    Now try and convince me that there is no price collusion going on here. The big 3 mobile companies and their “discount” brands all come out with almost identical plans at almost identical prices at the same time.

  • Bubbles

    Can someone forward this to Competition Bureau? Another $10M for agreements on pricing.

    • anonymous

      Feel free to forward it. Why are you waiting on someone else?

  • WTF

    How is this price fixing even legal??? What is this, the oil industry?

  • steven schwartz

    Ever notice how all these plans are pretty much identical? I am willing to bet there is collusion to fix prices. I wish the feds would investigate this as this practice is anticompetitive and illegal. It keeps choice from the consumers while maximizing profits for all the stake holders. They always release them around the same time as well. I am a rational skeptic and before I was sick a journalist. I can smell crooked practices a mile a way, and this just reeks.

  • sbg

    I say No to the Plan.

  • Michael

    I have that EXACT same plan from bell, for $60.

  • Josh

    The Koodo one is 150 minutes, not 100.

  • Faustin

    How is this not price fixing? All providers pretty much offer the same services at the same price. And it’s been going on for years!

  • chris

    2 dollars more with telus, call display and voicemail. The difference.

  • LJK

    still too stupidly expensive.

  • Ricky

    Too expensive, I can get unlimited data and talk in Hong Kong for $20.

    • ToniCipriani

      (Cue the Big3 humpers saying how we cannot compare plans across countries because of density…)

  • trev

    They are all working together it seems. All the plans from the big three are the same or very close. And so expesive!!! What a rip. Who cares about the my 10 anyway, give me my 5 and more data. What’s this 500mb s**t the other plans have.

  • andrew

    Prices are not like patents. Companies can copy them all they want. It’s only price fixing if they meet to specificity set a price

  • Chris

    Hahahaha, good thing I got the $60 6gig plan 2 months ago

  • JD

    WOW, is it just me, or all this Company met and decided to come up with this unusually closely priced Plans?
    Price fixing alert!

  • TKG26

    Absolute F-ing BS!!!!!!!! TELUS old 65$ promo plan is now 75$…. Because the iPhone5 is coming out??? I guess its kind of funny though… They know the iSheep will be lining up to over pay for a slightly bigger phone then they have now… The montly rate of 75$ is just 36 monthl reminder you got screwed. 75$ COMMON!

    Not sure if any of you had noticed but the last time Telus ONT had the almost reasonable 65$ 6gig plan, TELUS SASK had a 55$ 1or2 gig plan and a 60/5$ 6gig plan, sorry i missed saving the details, but basically it kicked azzz…

  • Derek

    These are awesome deals. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I’m going for the Telus plan as soon as I finish paying off my yacht…

    • Pac

      Like yachts, the best two days you have with Rogers, Telus and Bell are the day you start it and the day you get rid of it.

  • Anthony E.

    Maybe they should have rounded everything to 75 dollars to make it less obvious that they came up with the plans together. You all came out with $73 plans on the same day? REALLY?!

    • ToniCipriani

      And how does rounding the number help…

      You think the $60 plans 2 months ago was a mere coincidence?

  • Mystic09

    How is this competition?
    I have a very similar plan with Telus but with only 5GB data @ 55$ /month

    • ToniCipriani

      Nobody ever said it was competition…

  • mark paisley

    I love how rogers has to specify that it is sharing and LTE. Bell’s has always been both, even when it was $60. Rogers are a bunch of crooks for not allowing that 6GB to be sharing

    • 99er

      ROOT your phone!

  • Joey_G_1975

    I’m sending this off to the Competition Bureau … I’m f@@kin fed up with all the bulls@it collusion ….

  • TKG26

    Mystic09 Are you with telus SASK? I think you have the plan i was trying to recall in my post above. 55$ for 5gig now thats a plan… I think you probably had the 65/6gig option at that time as well right??

  • So Clear

    Rogers and Bell/Virgin BOTH charging $73/month? $73 isn’t even a “round” number (like 70 or 75). If this isn’t the proof of collusion, I don’t know what is.

    And who the F*CK would ay this much for a LIMITED plan? Are you f*cking insane? I am so glad to be with Wind. I simply don’t have to care about what Robbers are offering, as it does not appeal to me even a tiny, little bit.

    Finally, poor iSheep, raped again and again, yet asking for more yearly. I honestly do feel bad for those lost souls…

  • Mystic09

    @ TKG26
    I live in Ontario but retentions did the SASK plan for me due to crappy service issues. I think the 6GB @65 was out at that time also.
    Still, how can plans go up 10/20$ in a matter of months. I mean really T_T

  • Kezghan

    Glad I scored the 6gb superplan for 50 a month back in Aug. These prices are laughable. Set to rape iphone 5 users most likely.

  • TKG26

    How about the current 50$ plan. That is also a joke, 100meg for 50$ with there silly pay what you use bs… I dont think its even possible to operate a smartphone for under 100meg a month… unless its powered off.. your up to 70$ if you hit 500meg in one month… That is sickening

  • MouseRat

    And there’s wind’s $40 plan that gives you unlimited canada wide calling, texting and unlimited data (while in the wind zone), with caller id and now free voicemail.

  • softwareden

    LOL Because they know people want the iphone!!!
    F*** the Ip5 and the big3.

  • Joseph

    6 similar plans, 6 similar prices. Glad to see the competitive market in action.

  • jPhoneUser

    it was 50$ plans once then it became 60$ plans now 70$. and they all announced it around the same time. good job CRTC .

  • David

    Add this to the Competition Bureau’s sue list: Price fixing.

  • @maikelparets

    This price was designed for IPhone users. They are already over paying for the phone. Why not making then overpay for the plan?

  • jack

    Everyone’s getting mind f%$ked. They’re doing this because they know damn well that the zombies will pay whatever they have to to get an iphone5… This world’s scary 🙁

  • koodo

    Koodo offers 150 minutes in their plan. wicked offer.

  • JesseS

    Well the same plan on Rogers, the “Superplan” from a couple months ago is $60, and with Caller ID, voicemail, 100 intntl txts it is $72. So yah this is kinda crazy. My wife is on the plan and uses her LTE on her OneX (despite many people complaining the superplan was not LTE data).

    Now bend over and take it…

  • jaylen

    No lube!

  • Arthur

    All these companies are charging so much money as they believe that this is the last iphone. Wait till next year when they will have Iphone 5s and iphone 5 with 8gb memory. These plans will go up to $83 – $85 next year.

  • Josh L

    Anyone else baffled as well why data keeps going up but daytime minutes barely ever move. Why not make a plan with unlimited Canada wide talk with lower data? I mean these prices are shockingly expensive but WTF, 250 minutes??

    • 99er

      It’s called: OVERSELLING!
      They sell youmore than what you would need.
      An unlimited voice with texting,Caller ID, VM and 1-GB of Data for $50-$60 would be more than enough for 95% of the population, but then; what do they tell to the Shareholders, when the ARPU stays the same???

      Why sell a $20 subscription to HBO, when you have to get the Base package $50 plus the movie package $20, plus $5 for HBO, plus the box rental, plus $5 because you want it in HD and $4 for “Digital Binary uber complicated, its not me is the government-fee” …….That’s why they charge you that. iphone 5 is coming.

  • Peter

    The slime-bucket companies should charge even more so that people will opt out of data and instead of staring at their phone all day, do something just a bit more meaningful…like reading a book.

  • jaylen

    Honestly guys. Subliminal mind rape w/ no condom…. 🙁

  • Peter

    Well, this is basically the same plan released one month ago with $60 6G LTE superplan with an enhanced voicemail package of $12.95 which included Caller ID and 100 International text messages. With 6GB of data on hand, I can use the built in GPS in my phone to navigate may ways while commuting without having to buy or bring along a seperate portable GPS with me. Also I can use your phone as a wifi hotspot and also use cloud storage service . People complaing about too much data available are because they dont know they can use these features from their phones which require a lot of datas.

  • Mark Ewing

    I have Koodo’s 6o super plan from July and there is no way I am moving away from it given these prices… I get more minutes and more features for less money.

  • jack

    fido STILL the last carrier to give their plans lol, whoever runs fido is f***ing useless

    • Mitch

      I am waiting for Fido to release their pricing on the 21st, hopefully they show these BIG3 asshats what competitive pricing is really all about. Not to mention that Fido is waving the activation fee right now and if you’re not going to use more than 1gb of data they are still the best route to take.

  • jack

    competition bureau complaint sent, doubt anything will be done

    • Stern

      I filed ones as well. $73/month is an abvious collusion.

  • Gus83

    I average over 1200 min/mth, text all over the world, and use over 9 gb/mth(tethered). My bill comes to $45.20 a month. If you don’t like Big 3 prices, switch to one of the new carriers. These prices are almost double. Even with roaming you’ll on a new entrant you’ll probably still save!

    • Matty

      I average only about 150 to 200 minutes per month, only a bit of it Canada-wide, but send about 4000 texts a month and usually use quite a bit of data, almost 5 GB each month.

      My bill is also only $45.20. And oddly enough it’s been that way for the past 4 months in a row since I signed up with my carrier! PRICE FIXING! It’s no coincidence we pay the same price for our bills. We should report this. 😛

  • Ron Mexico

    Blame Apple

  • Rick

    wtf? They launched the $60 plan a month ago.. how are these crappy price plans justified??

  • Jav

    With Videotron it’s 54.95$ for:

    Unlimited local calls
    Evenings, from 6 p.m.
    Weekends, from 6 p.m. Friday until 7 a.m. Monday
    200 minutes
    Call Display
    6 GB mobile data add-on
    Unlimited text, photo and video messages

    Hope they get the iPhone soon!!

    • ToniCipriani

      iPhone doesn’t support AWS HSPA.

  • Cyrus

    If wind or mobilizing got a hold of the iPhone.. The big 3 would be shaking in their pants. Yet another year without an iPhone on these networks means more advantages taken on Canadians by the big three that are able to carry this phone and dictate these plans

  • 99er

    Let me tell you a story:
    ..In a land where 3 yr contracts are legal…
    ..In a lawless land with no sheriff ..
    ..In a land where ROBELUS tells the CRTC what to do…
    …ENTER: … The iSheep, ( Or how I can affor an ifon5)

    iphone is coming; 90% of isheep can’t afford the phone outright (or so they think, becuase it would be cheaper to buy it outright on the card and not sign 3yr overpriced contracts; but that’s another story) ROBELUS gets the iphone 5 jacks up the prices of the plan; gets tons of people in those plans for 3 yrs. Stock goes up, Dhareholders are happy and ARPU goes up for the month. Comes mid October, they will lower the prices and there will be a bit, wee, iny tiny lower for holidays. Still on 3 yr contracts though

    I know, I know.. it’s a SAD STORY, i never said it wouldn’t!

  • John Smith

    Don’t pay for the LTE stuff if you have a LTE capable phone with rogers. I don’t pay for LTE, but have an LTE sim and phone, and i get LTE. Its a marketing scam.

  • Dave

    Currently I pay 45 a month with koodo for 500mb, unlim txt, 50 anytime mins and vm/cd.

    No way I’d pay 30 bucks for the extra data / minutes!

  • ile2010

    Honestly, if not for Wind, I wouldn’t even have a data plan. If Wind folds or becomes like the Big 3, then that’s what I’ll do.

    Most of my surfing is in places with WiFi anyways. I was a smartphone and data user well before iOS/Android came into the picture. I’ve paid way too much for the convenience of mobile data. I even used to see it as a necessity.

    As someone said, this does resemble the collusion in the oil industry. Unfortunately, while I cannot go without a car, I can go without mobile data.

    As long as most people continue to “need” this service from them, they’ll continue to proverbially rape our wallets.

  • slimmy

    I’m in Toronto and last year I was inquiring about upgradring to the Iphone 4/4S with Telus, the customer service agent said we can’t really help you with what you want but they gave me the SASK $50 plan (which had nothing to do with my inquiring bout the Iphone), because that plan is so good, I’m basically stuck with Telus my whole life. For someone just starting out, these “new” “promo” plans are complete BS… does anyone have any experience with the little guys i.e wind, mobility, chat-r, etc. ??? If I ever leave Telus I might have to go to them.

    • Remmy

      Chatr is Rogers, and has no data.

      If you’re considering whom to go with, Wind is a clear choice. They started off poorly, but have improved significantly over the 2 years, especially in the last 4 months.

      I’ve been with them for almost 2 years now.
      I’m all over GTA.

  • Blekdar

    The Telus one at least includes long distance on the minutes, it says that on the preorder.

  • Adrian

    That’s a joke.

    I did move back to Telus from Mobilicity last month after I was able to get a plan that’s $50/month which includes 300 _MORE_ minutes that the $75 plan (500 total), has early nights and weekends an hour earlier (5pm) but 1GB less of data (5GB incl. LTE) and doesn’t have CID ($5 more). Everything else is the same.

    I don’t see how this is a “good deal.” As far as why I left, slow speeds and random no signal (voice and/or data) at random times during the day and night (both at work and home). I’m sure WIND might have been slightly better but even their network has issues. You do get what you pay for.

  • Zod

    These seem pretty bad.

    My current plan from virgin costs $55/month (and I only got 14 months ago) and the only difference is that I get 1gb instead of 6gb.

    There’s no way the extra 5gb’s is worth $18 more a month?

    For that kind of money, I’m perfectly content using wifi for anything that really sucks back bandwidth.

    On a positive note I didn’t find it hard to convince Virgin to add call display/voicemail for free when I got my phone so I feel my $55 plan isn’t too bad. I’m not looking forward to seeing what packages look like when my 3 year contract runs out. They’re really get up there.

  • Big Ang

    Wow, most of these plans offer a whole 200 minutes! Wow! I can make ONE 10 minute phone call daytime Monday-Friday! That’s awesome! What am I going to do with all those minutes???

    Robelus iRape

  • rip rim

    Good thing I got the super $60 plan back in early Aug for my S3.

    Oh yeah, RIP RIM.

  • nomi gill

    this is apple dictating to the telecoms….canada is the cheapest…did anyone look at the USA or UK…super expensive….

  • Josh L

    How about unlimited canada-wide calling (canada-wide roaming without penalties) for that price. $75 is more than i pay for my monthly bill and my wife’s combined and I could just not justify spending that much!

  • lucas

    when i upgraded to the s3 a month ago, i called in on the last day of the 6g deal. i was told to go pick up the phone in store, was offered a credit on the phone and on the plan as a retention deal dropping it to about 55$ a month.

    i called back when i got the phone and i was told that it was no longer available after having been promised it, eventually i settled for 1g+ id for 50$ and an increased credit. rogers screwed up my bill and i now have caller id and 6g (miraculously it came back 2 weeks later) for 50$ a month.

    all that to say that this plan stinks and if you want a deal you have to sit through a load of bull from their sales team trying to who try to convince you that 3 months of unlimited browsing is the same as 6 gigs of data.

    ladies and gentleman, the state of the mobile industry in canada.

  • gwydionjhr

    If Canadians keep signing up for ridiculous 3 year contracts instead of buying their phones outright, the carriers will have no reason to end these kinds of ridiculous practices.

  • Mike

    LOLOLOLOL ROLFFFFF I just returned to Canada after studying at an American school for 4 years, I used to pay $35 for an unlimited data plan, Nationwide 200 mins, 5pm E/W, Unlimited Text, CD, VM. THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY PEOPLE!!!! STOP SIGNING 3 YEAR CONTRACTS!!!!! Buy the phone outright and shop for a cheap plan, not only will you save money, you will change in industry!

  • some guy

    $73-$75??? gtfo!

    How do people afford cell + TV + internet nowadays???

  • Netguru

    @Adam Green, great suggestion. I will also suggest in my complaint that the Competition Bureau add the CRTC to any lawsuit. Bell, Rogers and Telus are only able to get away with this scam with the collusion of the CRTC.

  • vn33

    Thank Heaven for corporate plans! I pay $50 which includes 6Gb on Telus. If you have anyone who works for a bank, one of these banks specifically has a “Friends and Family” Telus corporate plan. They can sign you up for it.

  • tbv420

    Funny how I have the same plan from Bell but with unlimited incoming, unlimited LD and callID, mesg centre for 70 bucks…..from almost a year ago…..how do they justify charging more for LTE? I mean really…this is BS from all of Robellus…

  • zenapw

    Glad that I bought my iP5 outright on Apple today and even happier I bought the Rogers 6GB Super Plan back in July.

  • zenapw

    Sadly, it’s up to us consumers to look over our plans regularly to make sure we’re getting the best deal. Rogers has never called me to inform me about their “new” deals which offer more and cost the same or less than the plan I’ve been paying for. As painful as it is, it’s worth doing. I’ve made a few changes over the years so I continue to get the best deal.

  • MattyMattMatt

    BTW, bell is addint the cid/vm bundle tomorrow at 75 just like telus.

  • staeit

    Gonna fill out the competition bureau complaint, but I think this is way beyond that. I was going to buy an iPhone 5 and renew my contract on the 21st but not if I have to get one of these plans.

    All 3 big carriers raise their prices to the same price point with the same plan? WTF.

    I’ll be voting against these plans by withholding my money from them.

  • Brad

    I’m happy to see 6GB of data… But come on, where are the voice minutes?!?!? 200 minutes is garbage!

    • steven schwartz

      What a typical scam. They offer you great data plans with crappy minutes or crappy data with great minutes. and usually on both they screw you with lousy text plans and charge for voice mail, these plans are never good deals. But few Canadians are willing to pay upfront for devices so ROBELUS can continue to screw us.
      Say what you want about Wind, I have the original HMP $40 unlimited Canada Wide and US calling, Unlimited text and MMS and Unlimited data ( Which for all usefulness is 5 or 10 gigs till they slow you to death) Still a great deal and I put the extra $40 bucks I save each month from a ROBELUS plan I can bank that for a total of $480 a year towards a new phone of my choice without a contract.

  • Bad Apple

    What a deals…..

  • Kroms

    I would like to thank the CRTC,the Canadian GOV, and all the LOYAL customers of the BIG 3.
    If not for you ,Canadians would NEVER HAVE IT SO GOOD.

    – $73 6GB Plan

    – Fab 10 Promo 73 with 6GB of data for $73/month

    – “Promo Voice and Data 75″ for $75/month
    – 6 GB of data

    Virgin Mobile:
    – “Smartphone 73 – 6GB” for $73/month

    Koodo Mobile:
    – $65/month
    – 6GB data

    Yes Folks competition is dead and buried in this Country!
    Long Live Monopoly !

  • Kroms

    Anyone interested in starting a Canadian BAN YOUR Company site ?

    I mean this is plain Horse s**t.

    The Big 3 are CLEARLY! Price fixing here.

  • Kuhm

    These horrible rates only exist to take advantage of the iphone5 early adopters. Wait until Christmas and competition will being down rates.

  • Stanislav

    You guys are a buncgh of whiney i****s. Every single story posted on this site is followed by your cheap whining. If you can’t afford these prices, get a better job. I am sure if the Big Three offered everything unlimited for $10 there would still be a bunch of whining on this forum. Get a life and get out of your mothers’ basements. Losers.

  • Dustin

    This is unbelievable. Not like the CRTC will help us any. They are at the order of Harper. We’re screwed.

  • gmd

    What do people do with 6 GB in a month?

    a) tether because they can
    b) watch movies on Netflix and Crackle
    c) spend 8 hours a day on their phone downloading apps
    d) avoid wi-fi at all costs
    e) run speedtests 24/7
    f) cannot set up their laptop at home

  • Jeff Crew

    Wow, they all launched roughly the same program all on the same day. We are such lucky consumers here in Canada.

  • sixer

    Wow, even better reason to not get an Iphone and wait for BB10 on WIND which will have a better screen resolution then new the new Iphone, an awesome OS experience with way better multi-tasking and NFC.

  • Petra

    What happened to the $65 plan for the exact same thing they came out with 2 months ago?

    C’mon Telus, you can do $65.. For us? Please?

  • delumen

    This is a conspiracy.

  • Halopend

    Im convinced Telus is trying to pressure people to go with their more expensive telus plans than their cheaper Koodo plans..

    -You CANNOT preorder the iphone on koodo at bestbuy or futureshop but can for EVERY OTHER CARRIER. Keep in mind this inventory is not pre-reserved by each carrier. Best Buy just gets a bunch of unlocked iPhones they lock to a specific carrier when you buy/insert your sim.
    -Koodo won’t answer if they are getting LTE whatsoever. Even now that apple says they do.
    -They’ve said for 15 months they were “working on” getting visual voicemail running but still nothing
    -Every question asked about the iPhone 5 gets a “find out on the 21st” (uh that’s too late to find out for early adopters thanks!)

  • Darren Clarke

    of course these plans are based on meetings. I am no longer an active employee, we had these meetings regularly at Creekbank campus in Mississauga. For those who don’t know it, this is Bell Mobility head office. We discus pricing strategies with 2 other major players. You can figure out the names for your self. I am gland that WIND, Mobi and Public are around and I hope they will stay.

    • Petra

      Yeah those companies are great, but what do you do if you don’t live in an area serviced by any of them?

      Choose between the Big 3 and Koodo and Virgin Mobile as far as I can tell. *Sighing*

  • joe

    no 1 mentioned the great mobilicity & wind deals.
    anything over 40$ is a ripoff.Wind will give u 5gb(so called unlimited) & voice mail till sept 30 for 40$

  • Dam

    I can’t believe Canada is having limited data on Internet. It feels very 1999 during the time of dial-up internet. Since ADSL, we never had any data limitation in France.

    As for the mobile plans? The situation in Canada with obvious and clear price fixing between major carriers is what happened in France years ago. Now we have a carrier called “Free” offering a voice plan for 2€ (or 0€ if you also sign up for their Internet plan) and an all-unlimited voice/texts/data plan for 20€. Yeah, it’s 2012. It costs nothing for big companies as Rogers or Bell to provide such services. “Free” carrier in France makes money with the 2€ plan.

    The prices and non competition sounds very ridiculous to me. And as I’m moving to Vancouver soon, I’m quite afraid.

  • Kanye’s sock

    Dont you guys got bigger things to worry about in life other than being all up in arms over some prices by companies that you dont even use.

    we’re in a country of 30 million. Tiny compared to everywhere else you want to compare your plans to.

    you must have bigger fish to fry then what someone elses cellphone bill may cost them

  • Hypz

    This plan is not worth more than $40-50, so therefore I refuse to pay what they demand.

  • matthew

    I work in the mobile industry and these prices are absolutly crazy just a month ago these plans were $65 respectivly.

    This is BS that the major three carriers think they can do this and get away with it.

  • Richard

    Videotron: 54,95$
    Included in this plan:
    Unlimited local calls
    Evenings, from 6 p.m. + Weekends
    100 daytime minutes Call Display
    6 GB mobile data add-on
    Unlimited text, photo and video messages

    Oh and as with all videotron plans… unlimited calls to any videotron line

  • RJ

    I picked up the Telus plan when it was $65 for 6GB and all the other goodies

  • Jason

    Maybe Christmas will bring us some better choices but I doubt it.

  • Andrew

    Has anyone heard anything from Fido yet?

  • Sonya

    Does anyone know if Fido will ever be releasing the Galaxy S3?? I’m on the verge of changing carriers since all of Fido’s Androids are old & looking a bit outdated.

  • Mary99

    PhoneBox is $65/ mo for unlimited text talk and 6 GB data

    • Jim Bros

      Very cool! But PhoneBox, like WIND, MOBILICITY, and the other small players are here today and/or bought/gone tomorrow. IT IS comforting to know that SOME cell companies are actually rolling over DATA AND MINUTES, however.

      “FreedomPop launches rollover data strategy – for a $3.50/month fee
      FreedomPop launches rollover data strategy – for a $3.50/month fee Under the FreedomPop scheme, customers can store up to 500 MB each month and continue rolling it over until the fund reaches 20 GB.”

      Now it’s time for the BIG PLAYERS to follow suit!

  • Jim Bros

    The big 3 Canadian Thieves are still at it! Nickle and dimeing Canadians at EVERY SINGLE opportunity! So WHY can’t UNUSED MINUTES and UNUSED DATA be carried over to the next month? Do you HAVE TO return unused crackers and paper towels to SAFEWAY OR SAVE-ON-FOODS if you haven’t used them for a month after buying them? The policy of making unused minutes and unused data EXPIRE AT THE END OF ONE MONTH, is a TOTAL RIP OFF AND SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!! Where’s the CRTC when CANADIANS REALLY NEED THEM! Show me which companies in the world repossess an item you have bought and paid for after a month of non-use of that item. BELL/VIRGIN, ROGERS/FIDO, TELUS and the others are OUTRIGHT THIEVES! You pay for your minutes and data every month. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR MINUTES AND DATE BELONG TO YOU!

  • Jim Bros

    “At Slingshot, we think it’s only fair that customers get to keep any unused monthly broadband data. So we’ve created ROLLOVER DATA on all our new Broadband Plans… which means every month your unused data rolls over into the next month and builds up over the year.”