Update: Virgin and Bell to release the “Smartphone 73 – 6GB” plan


  • Wes

    wind mobile beats this by far

    • NoLTE

      $73 plus Caller Id, plus Voice Mail, plus Taxes??
      These guys are out of their mind!!

      A couple of yrs ago the big 3 had $40 plans, then $50, this yr is $60, now they are going to start the “new” plans that offer less for $73??

      In Sept 2012 all you need is 4-6GB of data for $40 + 0 -$10 for a virtual number ( google voice, Dell voice etc) and you have unlimited voice (remember that??) unlimited video calls, anywhere in the world, SMS, MMS, Voice Mail and CID.

      You get a google voice, Dell voice, or other, a web-based number for free or $10 PER YR and that’s it!

    • NoLTE

      What’s exaclty “Smart” about paying $73 for 200 minutes daytime + Caller ID + Voice Mail + taxes??

      Looks like the telcos figured out that we cut the cable and got Neflix and now are releasing phone plans that equal mobile and cable bills!!
      Ten points for the effort, but they will not get my money, and I won’t pay for their LTE network!

      Pay for for an LTE phone, get less battery and pay more for data??
      Just get a Koodo/virgin Samsung S2/3 for $300 and SHOP FOR THE PLAN, not FOR THE PHONE!!

    • Josh

      Wind’s prices might be cheap but their network is notorious for having holes all over the place and a lot of people have trouble getting signal indoors.

  • Steven

    I hope Rogers brings back their version of this plan before the iPhone 5 / Note II release!

  • al

    $73? They be trolling.

    Last month the other providers (and Virgin too I believe) were pumping this deal for like $60.

    • al

      Also is that actual sales language in Virgin?

      Sounds like a 12 year old wrote it with that amount of “OMFGery!!!1”

    • Jim.Shorts

      It’s a psychology game… They push the prices up by let’s say $20, not many bite. Then a month later they will come with a SUPER package that is $10 cheaper per month but you have to sign your soul for 3 months.

      So compared to 2 months ago they got the consumers to pay $10 more and sign a 3yr contract and getting them to think they got a sweet deal.

      Telco’s are desperate to bring that ARPU higher and higher.

  • Kuhm

    Garbage! I get this for $60 on Bell!

  • Cob

    I have the same plan from bell .. For 60/month

  • Travis D

    Yea, but for those who didn’t grab it then, can grab it now…
    And for wind… I’ll be sure to use my iphone on them asap!! oh wait…..

    • al

      No they can’t. It’s $73 and last time I checked that’s like 20% more than last months price.

      So no, they can’t just grab it now without paying a hefty price hike for it.

    • Travis D

      No one said they would be paying the same price….
      I’m just saying… no one’s offering 6gb right now..
      they did… regardless of what they are charging…
      if other carriers lowball it, they’ll drop the price..
      basically what they did was take their 3gb combo and up the data… When the I5 launches, we’ll see specific promo plans…

  • Lazed

    Wow this is an awful plan! I think it’s pretty shocking that anyone would even consider paying $73+tax for 200 local minutes. It doesn’t even come with unlimited incoming.

  • linsanity

    Did carriers forget they launched the same plan for $60 about a month ago? Extra $13 for what? Plus no Canada wide calling or caller id/voicemail? For shame..

  • Gen

    Humm I have the exact same thing but with 250 mins and call Id+voicemail with Bell for 62$…and its not even a retention plan.

    • al

      How did you swing that?

      My wife has been with Bell for a few years and hasn’t got that good a deal.

      She has 200 mins, the Fab 10 stuff, 6GB data and call id/voicemail for $67+tax

  • Dylan D

    Doesn’t even include caller id or voice mail. While 6gb’s is nice, I’d rather wait for a better deal.

  • John

    You know the collusion of the big three are gonna bring it all at $73.

  • ile2010

    Hahahahahahahahaha… Wait, they’re serious. Let me laugh even harder.

  • Plan Shopper

    WOW! This is proof that there is competition in Canada. Which carrier can come out with the highest priced plan with the lowest amount of service. With prices like this, I will end up staying with Rogers. Retention or no retention.

    This plan bl*ws.

  • steven schwartz

    200 minutes, no incoming fab five or voice mail? Virgin/Bell fail

    • Travis D

      it has my10

  • cybik

    In Virgin’s defense, last month, they were offering a 300min plan, not a My10.

  • Bad Apple

    Oh, Man…. When these id1ots, provider, will finally realize how a$slame they are and start coming up with unlimited plans?
    With proper $/month (ie $40.00)
    Well, I’ll answer myself… Never! Greed, greed, and stupidity…

    BTW This plan sound like its for 73 year old people… (newbies? ha, right,)

  • Bad Apple

    She’s no more Virgin Mobile!
    Looong time ago!

  • Travis D

    What I find funny is when you actually compare providers, the $63 mark comes with 1gb… Had Virgin slipped this into their brochure as a normal plan, everyone would be up in arms that the other carriers haven’t done it yet, they throw the words limited time offer and that’s got everyone heated…

    • al

      Missing one point there.

      Last month when just about all providers offered this for $60 that became the de-facto upper limit cost for those features from that point forward. It’s why upping the price of plans by $3 like Bell (and maybe others did) was a douche move.

  • rip rim

    73 dollars? That HAS to be a typo lol.

  • boojay

    Wow, ONLY $73?!? That’s $7 LESS than $80!! Whatta steal!!

  • Grahamf

    Does this include call display and voicemail? if it doesn’t than it doesn’t compare to the Bell version

  • OGOD

    I am paying $19.60 after tax and using $45plan on Mobi. Unlimited everything, including unlimited data. Of coz the singal and speed won’t be as good as big3, but saving me $60+ per month.
    If I use it for a yr, the money I save is enough for me to buy a $600 phone with no contract.
    $73?Its way too expensive…

    • Scotty Scott

      Will you buy an iphone to use on Mobi’s network?? Let me know how that goes

    • OGOD

      Too bad, I m not a iphone fans. But I can tell about my S3…hahaha, plus the coming iphone5 haven’t support AWS yet. I guess apple might launch one for mobi/wind/t-mobile later….just like koodo’s iphone4, it didn’t launch the same day as BIG3, as i remember.

  • Ron Mexico

    LMAO, taking advantage of all the iSheep. It’s a baaaaa-ad plan!

  • Colin

    Don’t even understand why posters here are still shocked by this. Pretty much the MO these days, re-releasing plans with less for more. Every major wireless company has been doing it steadily since 2010. However, the days of Virgin operating as a semi-low cost division of Bell are clearly behind us.

  • Beso

    WTF .. $73 plus CID+VM+Taxes minus unlimited CDN LD is complete BS

    Koodo 6GB plan FTW handsdown!

    • Travis D

      which isn’t available anymore

  • LW81

    looks like i hit the jackpot with Koodo’s $60 – 6GB plan.

  • Arnold Dupp

    Here is my current plan:

    Talk – ulimited (Canada + U.S.)
    Text – unlimited (global)
    MMS – unlimited (Canada + U.S.)
    Data – 5GB

    – MY330,000,000 (pffft, MY10? Get the hell out of here…)
    – No contracts (not that I’m going anywhere…)
    – Unlimited phone usage 24/7 (that’s right!)
    – 20 cents a minute to roam (if needed)

    And, most importantly – peace of mind, and no bill shock.

    How much do I pay?
    $45 a month, taxes in.

    Now THAT’S a f*cking competitive plan!!

    I haven’t seen an impressive plan for the Big 3 in, well, ever…

    Back to the drawing board, Big Boys 😉

    • MattyMattMatt

      But I would like reception. So no thanks.

    • Arnold Dupp

      But it has reception. A company wouldn’t be in business if it has’t had reception.

      I know that you are trying to justify the reason why you are paying more each month, yet getting less, so I’ll let this one slide 😉

  • slapnuts2k5

    yep i love the Koodo 6gb plan as well.. i’m sure you will see more 6gb plans come.. once 1 does it the rest follow, just like once Wind starts putting up more towers and it costing more to run and they start getting greedy and they become the top 4 carrier in canada, you will stop seeing these unlimited plans.

  • dan

    Lol Koodo had this for $60 plus VM and Caller ID a few weeks ago.

  • Jellybean

    Looks like the carriers are trying to cash in on iphone 5 sales. Glad I got it when it was $60.

  • Petra

    Does this mean Telus will roll out it’s 6GB plan from this summer out again? (I hope so since I missed it last time)

  • n0va

    Why are we all surprised here? Of course all the carrier’s will have jacked up prices with their 6GB data plans. They know there will be lots of customers looking to grab an iP5 when it comes out. So why not rape their wallet with over prices plans?


    f this ….. wind 29bts all day

  • Rogers123

    I was on Virgin but because of countless problems I ended up with Koodo and now Rogers. Rogers is the best in terms of plans and coverage for the big three in the area I live (Vancouver). Rogers had this same plan for like $60-65 plus your on a better network… at least in my area.

  • Saone

    NoLTE how does one go about setting this up? Did a bit of Googling and not quite understanding.
    Anyone with experience with this and wouldn’t mind sharing? Is this way as good as a phone plan?
    Currently have an international s3 and on no contract. Paying like 45-55 a month with Telus with no data. 150minutes, evening and weekends after 9,and unlimited texts. Tried to switch to Telus for the 6gb plan for 60 but they said I would have to go on a contract for the deal. I just don’t want a contract.

  • Saone

    And by this I mean just getting a data plan and using Google voice

  • Juschilin

    These guys know that the iPhone 5 will be a hit and there is no need to be generous plan wise. This is why they had the super plan sale a month or so ago.

    All carriers will hold firm on plans for the Christmas. Why have discounted plans when people are going to be buying the next iPhone 5 like sheeps.

  • John

    Not a good deal. I pay 60 with Rogers for the same thing….

  • Aj

    Saone go to rogers, if your not looking for txting rogers has a 10gb smartphone plan for 52 a month. data only though.

  • Michael

    Rogers’ price for this $60.
    Bell’s price for this $73.

    Thank you Rogers because of you I’m paying $61 on Bell for their (now) $73 plan!

  • puzzled

    Wow what a terrible plan.

    Glad I jumped on the Koodo $60 plan as it beats every single aspect of this one

  • ile2010

    Sticking to Wind, thanks. I get TWO holiday miracle plans for $75.

    2x unlimited North American calling
    2x unlimited global text
    2x 5gb data (with tethering) – even if I exceed the 5gb, I only get throttled, not charged for overage
    2x caller ID and voicemail

    And all this for $2 more than this one plan at Virgin, lol.

    I don’t love Wind. In fact they’ve pissed me off with customer service errors, but I can live with it. I live in a Wind zone (London) and travel frequently. But, wherever I normally go, I have home coverage: K-W, Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara Falls. It’s not like I’m going to surf the net while driving to these places. 99% of the time I have a home signal. No signal at my university, but there’s WiFi so that’s a moot point.

    The big 3 need to offer something like this:

    voice: 500 anytime minutes (nationwide) OR 200 anytime minutes (nationwide) with unlimited incoming.
    messaging: 500 outgoing and unlimited incoming
    data: 1gb
    caller ID and voicemail should be a must (if not both, then at least CID)

    And all this at no more than $50.

    Check out the Vodafone UK “Red” plan (not a promo, by the way):

    voice: unlimited nationwide
    messaging: unlimited nationwide
    data: 1gb
    caller ID and VM – nobody in Europe even advertises this as a feature, lol

    The price of this plan is between 29 and 37 pounds, depending on the phone. If you get something cheap like the Galaxy Ace or Lumia 710, it’s 29 ($45). iPhone 4S or an S3 is 37 (55). Oh, and the prices of most phones? FREE. iPhone 4S 8gb, Lumia 800, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, etc. 29 pounds for an S3 16gb. 49 for a 16gb 4S or 59 for a 32gb S3

    Their addons? 5 pounds a month for phone insurance (if you got your phone in store, they’ll replace it the next day). 10 for extra 2gb of data.

    The UK also has a Big 3, with a 4th challenger (though their 4th has over 8 million subs). T-Mobile/Orange is 1st (owned jointly by German/French companies). O2 is 2nd (Spanish company). Vodafone is 3rd (the only British company). 3 is 4th (Hong Kong).

    Don’t we preach the values of a free market? The CRTC is what’s keeping our Big 3 in business.

  • Eric

    i’m with bell and pay 75+tax for the exact same plan as this but WITH caller ID/voicemail and 50 long distance minutes. this plan should be like 60 bucks.

  • mark

    When the iPhone 4 and Samsung G came out they had a promotion for a 6gb plan for $35/month…I got that and I CAN’T believe they are trying to get away with over double that now! Unreal.

  • Ray

    I pay $52 for this with Bell.

  • Mao21

    Hi everyone ! Please let me know about what u think about my new fido’s plan that i got from the retention yesterday : 6Gb data for 30$ , unlimited calls in my area (mtl) 35$ and 6$ for call display and voiemail .