Sony Xperia ion update to Ice Cream Sandwich “coming next week”


  • good stuff

    I was just wondering hwo it was possile that the ion is still on 2.3.7…

  • Poodz

    Yeah. So sad. “Hey next week we’ll be less behind than we are now!” – Running Jelly Bean via CM10 on Galaxy S2…

  • 99er

    Hopefully LG, and Sony learned the Lesson!:
    Release a good phone with an olde version of Android and you will have a poor reception; poor reception leads to poor sales; poor sales leads to no XDA support; no XDA support leads to……darkness!!

    Not to mention Poor reselling value and mind’space.
    Sony: yellow Walkmans; Stolen playstation database; Crappy cameras; Olde record label, decent phones with dated software.

    If I were them I would keep it quiet:
    -You mean you are upgrading your Sony to Jelly Bean no? -Nope, upgrading to ICS!
    -You need to see a professional!

    • Juli

      its called icionc memory, in GENERAL people photographic memory’ lasts for 3 tenths of a second, and from then on it is either erased or is harder to retrieve. A way to ameliorate this ability would be by constant memorization, but genetics has the more important role in this. There is not much one can personally do.Hope this helps

  • George Foreman

    Sony is, and always has been a total joke in the cell phone business..

  • Manny

    I was aware of some of the Rogers apps but I didn’t know there was a Roger 1 Number app for Android. I know there is 1 Number contacts but the actual app? You can see it on the photo above, it’s the second icon from the right on the top row. Anyone know what it is?

  • Cavemeron

    Well it’s about time. Now, all Sony has to do is put in processor that’s not last-gen and this thing might actually sell decently.

    • sim bob

      Have you seen the Xperia T, TX and V ? S4 inside.I am waiting on the T or V to replace my Atrix. Still undecided. I hope they will be available in Canada …

  • Allan

    Wow low comment on an android phone hehehe

  • Gurn Blansten

    LMFAO will believe when seen. Abandoned the phone for Samsung S3. Ion spent more time charging than any phone I ever owned. Doubtful Sony will fix anything with this, 2011 models still can’t run Chrome and are getting 2nd update because 1st so bad. Ion should have shipped with ICS and be looking forward to Jellybean. Wil need to unpack and update when I read it’s official. S3 rocks and the latest update improved battery life and added auto-dim to ICS. Jellbean coming soon. Saw the Ion for 0$ on 3 year contract, spend 99$ more for S3

  • squirrel_masher

    As of Sep 17 10am – ICS available for Xperia ION phones on Rogers. I used PC Companion to check “availablity” and it started upgrade process immediately.
    Smoother scrolling (swipes for notification finally) and longer battery life.

  • Mokichii

    I live in Ontario and my Ion LTE (LT28i) just received the ICS update.

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