Google: Jelly Bean is now powering 1.2% of Android devices, ICS sitting at 20.9%


  • Sean

    I am the 0.1% yay…?

  • Brandon

    Stupid fragme… ah screw it. I don’t feel like getting worked up right now.

  • Richard

    I seriously don’t know what is going on with updates. I have a Galaxy Nexus and I am still on 4.0.1. Planning on switching to yakjuu this weekend, can’t keep waiting this long.

    • Andre

      I’m also on a Galaxy Nexus (just bought it last week) and am also new to Android. I specifically bought the unbranded Nexus to be able to get Jelly Bean immediately. I’m on ICS 4.0.2. and don’t understand why an update isn’t being pushed to my phone.

      I really don’t want to start mucking about with it to get it upgraded to where it’s supposed to be.

    • Dave

      Messing with a Nexus was a terrible move by Samsung. Letting them do it was a terrible move by Google. There’s no reason at all for using a different ROM outside of the US. This is a device that was heavily associated with the phrase “Pure Google,” and that’s not what it is at all.

      Samsung should feel some serious blowback for this. At the very least, you should contact them and express your unhappiness (politely, of course). If I were you, I would be demanding a free upgrade to the real Nexus, since that’s what you were lead to believe you were buying.

    • Netguru

      Memo to Samsung Canada: If you do not release JB for the Galaxy Nexus now, I have 3 words for you…class action lawsuit.

    • jack

      cause canadians get f***d on updates

  • superfly

    Boo hoo…….

  • Derek

    It’s ridiculous how my Mom’s Nexus S received an official update to Jellybean and the Galaxy Nexus is still on 4.01. I know I can flash to the yakjuu version, but the point is that I shouldn’t have to. The whole idea of purchasing a Nexus device is that I get updates in a timely manner. I hope Google and Samsung do not do this with future Nexus devices.

  • Anirask

    Does that include the Nexus 7? Thing has been selling like hotcakes yet JB is still below 2%?

    (Posted from a Nexus 7 🙂 )

    • Sean

      The high estimate for N7 sales for all of 2012 is around 8 million. There are hundreds of million android devices out there so thats why it is not higher

  • ruddias

    I feel that if people care enough about updating their Androids, they’ll do it themselves or get their friends to do it. Most people don’t care who buy them, just us.

    I actually saw someone today amazed at the calendar app on their Galaxy S3. Not a big deal for them, clearly.

  • Carlo Sambrone

    If Samsung Mobility’s cust support is anything like the cust support of other divisions, then good luck with getting your nexus swapped for one with a US ROM. More likely response will be a click from them hanging up no matter how polite you are

  • ActivesiN

    hooray im part of the 1.2% , thanks galaxy nexus and nexus 7 *80’s thumbs up*

  • Eric

    I bought the Galaxy Nexus because, like others, I thought I would be one of the first with 4.1 but my friend has a Nexus S and she has had the 4.1 for weeks now. Google and Samsung are a BIG disappointment for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kid.Canada

    F*ck Crapdroid, iPhone 5 here I come!!!

  • Thrasher

    Gingerbread and Honeycomb were the best. All apps worked perfectly under those two. The same cannot be said about ICS, which is often nothing but headaches for me.

  • monsterduc1000

    I just switched back from cm10 (a jb rom) to cm9 (an ics rom) because it was too resource hungry/glitchy for my aging nexus s. Games like Shadowgun, Dead Space, Nova 3 and Dead Trigger were so laggy it was ridiculous under the jb custom rom. Everything else was decent, but cm9 has been a much better experience so far. Hopefully cm10 can reach that level.

  • Astralmind

    I wonder how that graph would look if they did include non stock ROM stats ? Or are they already ? CM10 is spreading like wildfire on a lot of devices. Granted it’s not perfect yet but getting to a point where it works flawlessly on my Galaxy S and S3

  • djscuzzy

    Hans I’m still using the EVO 4G. It’s a great piece of hardware on sprint network ofcorse I unlocked and rooted it and I am a SU this phone is ausome

  • Chris Manchur

    I just did the math, if Android has sold over 480 million devices and prob around 300 million of them are still active, then there’s about 4 million JB devices out there, which isn’t bad.

  • zzZZzz

    While I played with JB on my HTC 1S, it was a stock ROM and no Sense camera. Stock camera is pretty bad. I’m not expecting JB for a while now.

    But yes, how Samsung/Google handled was pretty poorly. Sure I put JB on my brother’s Nexus and sure it wasn’t hard at all, but the longer they delay, the more they will drive people away from their next Nexus. I sure hope HTC or Sony will release one.

  • Nik

    Thought this was interesting… I recently sent my GF’s GNex in for screen repair to a Bell authorized repair shop. The device had samsung yakjuux 4.0.1 on it when i sent it in. I received the device back on Tueday… with samsung yakjuux 4.1.1 on it.

    So now my GF has a Bell GNex with 4.1.1. while my Bell GNex is stuck on 4.0.1.


    • jack

      send your phone in as software defect

  • jon

    On my rooted Nexus S, I can install what ever rom I want. I have tried GB, ICS, and JB.

    I deceided to stick with the original rom the phone came with, GB. It’s fast and has better battery life than the others.

  • jonny

    JB works great on my Nexus S, but it does drain the battery more than the two previous versions. The JB launch was bug free for me. The ICS launch for me had a few bugs, including I lost all my non-sim contacts. The other ICS bugs I had went away quickly.

  • GNexUser

    One of the 1.2% JB users (of the Galaxy Nexus) here, no thanks to Samsung Mobile Canada who has yet to provide an official update in the past NINE MONTHS that all Jakjuux/Canadian users can all get past the original 4.0.1

    Absolutely pathetic for a supposed Nexus phone.

    That being said I gave up on them a while back and flashed to the Yakju stream a couple days before JellyBean was released for that stream and have been enjoying it since then.

  • George Stevens

    How is increasing 0.4% in a month “small strides”? Its a 50% month over month increase, or an annual rate of 13,000%. If JB continued to grow at current rates, all Android devices would be JB by March.