Sony debuts Xperia Tablet S, Xperia T, V and J smartphones

Sony has unveiled four new products today: the long-rumoured Xperia Tablet S and previously-discussed Xperia T, V and J.

The Xperia Tablet S, which is a follow-up to the Tablet S released last year, has a 9.7-inch 1280×800 pixel display with a Tegra 3 processor and up to 64GB of internal storage. The 6,000mAh battery fits into the 8.89mm body, and will ship with Android 4.0.4 first, upgradeable to Jelly Bean as soon as Sony’s various apps are optimized for the new software. There’s a full-sized SD slot and a HDMI port, to go along with various accessories that Sony is introducing as well.

The tablet will come with a host of accessories including a stylish keyboard carrying cover, a carrying case, a simple dock, charging cradle and dock with speaker.

The 16GB model will debut for $399 and be introduced early next month. The 32GB version will be $499 and 64GB $599.

Sony’s also putting its new Xperia branding to the test with the Xperia T, V and J. The Xperia T is the new flagship, with a 4.6-inch 720p display, 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC capabilities and Android 4.0. As expected, the Xperia T will have a 13MP camera with “sleep-to-snap” capabilities that beat its previous models such as the Xperia S and ion by a great deal.

The Xperia V and Xperia J are more mid-range devices, the former having LTE connectivity and the latter coming in a variety of colours.