Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will look like


  • andrich

    I want it now.

  • m82a1

    You take a galaxy s3, take it apart, extend everything in size by a few inches, and voila. You have the Note 2. 🙂

  • Kid.Canada

    I couldn’t imagine myself rocking a 5.5 inch phone, do u know how rediculous it would look holding a phone that big to your ear?? I hope other manufacturers don’t follow suite with the size of this phone.

  • Cody

    HUGE disappointment to me. I knew it was going to be a clone of the S3 and not something unique like the original note was.. I’ll pass and patiently wait got he htc one xxl

    • Cody

      wait for*

  • Dustin

    Love it, but i’m cofused, a worse screen? For real? Bigger plus less pixels, an entire year later? What gives?

  • Phil

    I was really wishing that they would put the Exynos 5250 in it. I’ve played with the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy note, and so yes, combining the two makes sense, but they should have done a better processor. Oh well, I still am using the iPhone 3GS and its about time to upgrade, so I hope to get this in Canada soon

  • mattprime86

    Um… It has a worse resolution? wtf?

  • EvanKr

    VERY nice! I’m holding out for a new Nexus, bit this is VERY tempting…

  • AppleStockHolder


    its all about the iPhone 5’s 4″ screen. No one needs such a big screen.

    I bet this phone will get banned with the recent patent decision too.

    • S S

      “No one needs such a big screen.”

      Thank you oh mighty omniscient one tell us what we need or don’t need!

  • sam

    It’s not a worse screen its just a different aspect ratio 16:10 back to the standard of 16:9. And to the guy implying that the first note wasn’t just a glorified S2, the first note was a glorified S2. I’m personally pumped as hell for this!

  • manchild

    It could be using AMOLED+. I am disappointed about the specs when the Optimus G is brought into comparison.

  • briggs

    fun fact: the all touch BB10 will have a better resolution (at 1280×768) than the note 2, with a smaller screen. What the h*ll Samsung?

  • CJ

    I’m excited about the phone but I’ve seen so many fake images the last few weeks that you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t believe that these shots are legit.
    Just a little over an hour until the truth…

  • nrj4life

    The phone is too big for me. But damn they do a good job of making you want one lol. Love the titanium. Bravo on the battery, Samsung!

  • Darth Paton

    The only people who will be “Hugely Disappointed” by this phone are those who have unrealistic expectations. Everybody forgets that the original Note was very similar to the SgsII. It had the same design language, Same Camera, Same Ram, Same Storage, and even a less powerful processor I believe. Someone explain to me how Samsung could have realistically differentiated the Note 2 from the SgsIII, especially when the SgsIII has such high end specs (although I will admit the screen resolution was little dumb).

    • Cody

      I’m hugely disappointed in the aspect that Samsung always coasts off the success of the galaxy line… Every phone between now and the GS4 will look identical. Differentiate your phones, make them look different for once.. Also don’t crap out on resolution and stop being so cheap and give us the exynos. We’re paying a premium price so give us what we’re paying for..

  • realist

    I love samsung, i think it’s the best phone manufacture out there, but unfortunatly we live in Canada, a great country but we probably wont’ get the Note 2 with the quad core…

  • ih8fanbois

    Nice, is that a record? 3 months before a revision? There’s a difference between choice, and the illusion of choice. So many vendors, so many models. The manufacturers need to relax for a bit and concentrate on quality vs quantity. Why would I get a new device, when an improved one is 3 months away? When do you pull the trigger?

    You really do have to let the buyer feel like they have the latest tech for more than a few weeks at least… otherwise they hop from Samsung, to HTC, to Moto.

  • TK Chan

    Hey S3, I see u getting fat!

  • GetwithIT

    is this the iphone 5?

  • NK

    Used to be a high resolution and bigger alternative to the GS2, now it’s just bigger than the S3, no more extra pixels. I guess if you make use of the stylus it’s still very compelling.

  • Chris Manchur

    better be careful Samsung, that’s a rectangle with rounded corners. 😛

  • EddieWinslow

    Very tempted to sell the galaxy 3 for this device.

  • mike Neufeld

    Stellar device if this is true!!! Big Battery and S3 specs plus a Nice Screen. IMO this is the best of the best…

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    We see that tablets are getting smaller and cells getting bigger, to a point where all sizes will be available, from one company or another. I personnally prefer a phone that will work well, be easy to carry (so not too big/heavy) and a tablet with a reasonnably large display so it can be useful. Tethering between the two will give me access to the net wherever I am. Then, it’s only a matter of features and gadgets.

  • Brandon

    Pumped for this device!

  • superfly

    It’s so funny laughing at the millions of iPhone users……I didn’t know so many people works at Starbucks.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Why aren’t they using Super Amoled Plus screens?!?!

    • Abdullah Naji

      Super Amoled HD is better than Super Amoled Plus. 🙂

  • Abdullah Naji

    The Note 2 = The best device on the surface of the planet.

  • Mark

    From now I’ll put my faith in the next HTC phone.

  • Darren Shane

    What’s the date for the N.American release? Thinking Note 1 or wait until Note 2? or just go Samsung Galagy 3? But sure love the stylus pen option that they have for the note!!!

  • LJK

    looks amazing.

  • Mark

    3100 mAh battery? Thank you Samsung, thank you :’)

  • kenypowa

    Wait, did I just see a rectangular product with rounded corners???

  • Ron

    Not too impressed by the minor bump in spec. it only gets the buzz because its a Samsung product. (disclaimer: I am using a i9100 to type this comment, I still heart Samsung)