Rogers, Bell and TELUS Samsung Galaxy Note drops to $99 on a 3-year


  • Silence_Alarm

    Telus has had the Note at $99 for close to a month now. It’s probably to counterbalance their exorbitant plans.

    • Clearing

      Let’s be CLEAR:

      -Three year contracts are illegal in the rest of the World!!

      -ALL phones on 3yr AND min $50 should be free!!!

      -Seems like Canada follows the US in all the Bad stuff, why can’t we just follow them in this case and have a max 2 yr contract like in most of the rest of the world?

      -Contracts should be 2yr MAX with prices $50-100 more than in the US ( to counteract the argument of low population density)

      -Then we will just buy ALL our phones from the Google Play Store ( Available in Canada in November) and the “Samsung Store” (Opening in October)

    • Rio

      The source has it for 50$ 🙂

  • Jack

    If you go to The Source, you can get a Note for $49.
    I just did 🙂

  • Blank

    Best Buy Mobile has the Rogers Note for $0 !!

  • Louis R.

    And as usual it seems that the outright price remains the same…

  • Brandonn

    At the Rogers Cup, Rogers was offering it for $59.99 on a 3 year. Had to be inside the area and it was a 1 day thing.

  • Chubby Chaser

    How does it feel to be stuck in a 3-year contract, boys? 😉

    The freedom feels good!
    Thank you Wind and Mobilicity.

  • Kid.Canada

    Rogers now has Flextab which now is the same as Wind. On the other hand, I never saw the reason why many of you would prefer tabs over the previous method because I’d rather pay the $400 cancellation fee than the rest of the phone which is more expensive depending on the phone you get like this one for $99 and end up with a $500 tab.

  • june

    note >>>>>> all blackberries

    rip rip 🙂

  • plansRmoreimportant

    Give me a good plan and I’m all over the Note. RoBellus or ViFiKoo or Wind.

  • Rich

    If you wait 5 more years this’ll be under $200 no contract.

    • OGOD

      After 5yrs, I don’t think we can still find it on the market….haha. Or maybe we can find it on second hand or third hand market.

  • Aiden

    If I get this would it make having a tablet useless?

  • owl

    In an industry in which everything changes every six months or less, isn’t it certifiably insane to sign a three-year contract? The companies count on you HAVING to upgrade after two years, and meekly submitting to another three years of slavery just to catch up technologically.

    STOP IT, you i****s! Buy outright! Avoid long contracts! Okay I’ll calm down now.

    • Yeria

      Same here. I have been contract free since 2011 as I bought my phone outright. Sure, it cost me $700 to buy my Galaxy Nexus as soon as it came out, but you know what? I don’t regret that decision even a single bit. People don’t understand the actual cost is with the service, not the phone and if you don’t want to or can’t pay $700+ for a phone, then maybe you shouldn’t be using such an expensive smartphone to begin with.

      Think about this: You saved roughly $400 on that Galaxy Note if you bought it when it first came out, but you’ve also signed into a 3-year slavery contract that will at least gouge $60*36=$2160 out of your wallet.

      Now, before you coming up and telling me how is that different from paying for the device outright and then staying 3 years with a carrier, consider this: You can control how you will pay for that service. You can STOP the service after 1 year if you want. You can TRANSFER your service to another carrier with NO PENALTY if you see a better deal.

      If everyone was doing this, Robellus has no choice but to offer cheaper and better service plans, because cool devices aren’t their weapon of choices anymore. They can only gain customers through great service. Speak with your wallet people! If you do, the service quality will improve with no government intervention.

  • V

    this piece of crap should be free hahaha. RIM BB10 ALL DAY

  • mauricio

    its at $29 at futureshop

  • Vladimir_Bigvlad

    The Note is still at 149 on a 3 year contract…and its not supposed to change in the near future says Bell!!!!