Samsung Galaxy Note Review (Part Two)


  • iTards

    I only wish that it worked on Wind..

    • Canadaboy

      There is a very simple hack on XDA that repalces one (1) file – the software for the modem, which makes it run fine on Wind.

  • MrMarvelous

    Still too much for me. You’re right… there is no competition 2 ice cream sandwich. Galaxy Nexus ftw!

  • trevor

    Would love that instead of my bold anyday!!

  • Phatmisiek

    Have mine for a week now – could not be happier. Moving up from iPhone I was worried a bit, but I would not change this phone now. It is beg, but then so am I, it feels great in my hands and performs like a charm. Beside the ISC it lacks decent music software – I miss the ease of moving and syncing my music and podcasts between iTunes and iPhone.

  • SAM

    OH THE NOTE!!!

  • Donovan

    Definitely getting this.

    • c4rrie

      i just ordered it like an hour ago im excited !

  • bell rep

    he said that the battery is what allows for NFC it is actually part of the battery cover not part of the battery on this model. on the nexus it is the battery though, so third party batteries are alright if you dont have to change the cover

  • Rick

    I love my Galaxy Note LTE and would not trade it for anything else but did notice a very little lag on a few occasion compared to my old Int.Galaxy Note (in which case had bad reception inside of buildings and slow download speed with Rogers). My new Galaxy Note LTE is with Bell and I am getting such fast speed on and off the LTE and great reception inside buildings.

  • TeamG

    Just sold my Galaxy Nexus and picked up the Note. Its a beast in specs and if you are into digital art drawing with the S Pen on this is MUCH better then a Capasitive Stylus with a Tablet (Sorry Asus). Get it. Battery lasts like 2 days! I am running it on Rogers LTE 4g and its blazing fast. Don’t worry about latest software, I used to think like that as well but you know what? If you want ICS go get it off XDA, DONE. Good job Samsung this thing is sick! I’m going to go play some N64 on my Note, thats big beautiful screen is perfect.

  • Mark

    “The Galaxy Note will get Ice Cream Sandwich, but will is not good enough for me after three months of using the Galaxy Nexus.”

    Love this line! After you’ve gotten used to caviar it is hard to go back to eating stale bread. The Note looks great though. This might forever mark the end of the clear line between phone and tablet.

  • Bruce

    I have had the note for over a week now and I love it. It is not too big and the battery lasts all day long. It is so much nicer than any other phone I looked at.

  • Doug Page

    What great informative review!!! Good Job Daniel for go to such a in depth level for this phablet…Would love to see a ICS preview on the phone before I purchase it….No more 3 year deals for me!!

  • wewewi

    Too bad Bell doesnt sell the international version like the GS2!

  • Chris C.

    The same overall score as the simplified review at IGN! How can this be!

  • Daniel

    Good long review, i felt you were pretty hard on the Nexus when you did the review but i guess it does have higher standards to run on being a Google Flagship.

    As for this phone, i’ve personally played with one for hours and days straight as i’m one of the caricature artists for the Note event in Vancouver.
    the Snapdragon is very evident i think, coming from my GNex to the Note i can feel it’s laggy and much slower, not a ton but enough to notice, it’s a bit larger and i do have big hands, i wouldn’t trade or buy it though…either wait for the SIII or get a Nexus if someone wants something now, otherwise the price and lower specs aren’t worth it in the long run ( of course unless you don’t care for specs or speed too much )
    Also not a fan of how wonky the back cover is, you need to really snap it on otherwise the corners pop up near the S-Pen.

  • phil

    Doesn’t anyone proofread these articles? Many typos and grammatical errors make it almost unreadable.

  • Canuckle215

    Draw me for the Note giveaway! I would love to have one and it sounds like at least one or two of the ICS releases on XDA are working pretty good.

    Otherwise, if Sasktel doesn’t get this by the end of next month, I’m either going with a nexus, OR waiting to hear if/what the SGSIII is going to pack.

  • lee

    Sounds like the reviewer may have a defective unit but every other review I’ve seen on the lte versions of the note including my testing show the note can play high bitrate 1080p videos of all formats with ease. I’ve tested with dice player and am able to play a 10gb high bitrate 1080p mkv over wifi with no skipped frames. Truly impressed.

  • Nick

    Great review Daniel.
    I love when you do long video reviews like this. Gives a much better idea of how the phone performs.
    I agree that the Snapdragon seems to slow this thing down, kind of like the SGS2 X

  • Herman

    personally I love the SG Note, I got it the first day it was released and have been playing 3-4 hrs every night and can’t get enough of it. It is a great unit in every aspect. I have had a new phone every year, from 3G to 4s, SG S2 LTE, none can compare with this beast. At first, I found it big but after a few day of playing with it, it is not big at all. All my friends are either going to get one or jealous from his current smart phone which they will have to stick with it for a while.

    I guarantee you that you will not regret getting the note, it is one of a kind.

    FYI. I had mine unlocked for $7.99. It is an international version now.

    Try it for yourself before you make negative comments


    • J

      I’m not sure if you understand what is meant by “international version.”
      If you have the North American version of the phone, it has a Qualcomm processor that has support for LTE. The international version has an Exynos processor that does not support LTE.

  • Owen

    Great review Daniel. I have had the international version of the Note for about 4 weeks now. It is the best smartphone I have ever owned. I could not help but think in the ratings that some scores would be rated higher on the international version… Processor speed and battery life. While value and network speed might be down rated, for me these trade offs leave me pretty happy with the version that I have.

  • Vince

    Nice review.

    Just a tip the Rogers version of the Note seems to works on Fido out of the box, too.

    I love it, yes first impression is its big, then your iPhone looks very small.

    Screen is great, although Id still prefer a IPS screen with faster refresh and better low light performance. But with the brightness turned up a notch the Notes screen is fine.

    If use use your smartphone for data more than voice calls this device is perfect.

    Camera is similar quality as the iphone 4s, with the addition of more manual adjustments.
    A key one is recording at 720p or lower to save card space.
    One negative is when you use the gallery app to gmail a picture no option to resize it is given.
    Even the included photo editor does not have a resize option.

    The S pen as mentioned in the review has some lag that makes using it less than perfect.

    The key reason to get a Note is the screen size,
    that with androids text reflow makes it the best pocket web reading device I’ve used.

  • roy

    I recently signed a contract and never waited thinking the note was to big. Played with my friends….that was the biggest mistake ever. I so want one so bad! So sweeeeet!

  • steveblue

    Remember you can buy the international version outright – it is faster ( better cpu but no lte – I stick with wifi anyway), it has a home button, it is unlocked and yours and it has a tremendous dev community with ICS roms ready to go. Do not buy from or support carriers – they are all evil. Buy it yourself and move it to the lowest plan whenever you want – then sell it used for a new model. You will save money.

  • whocares



  • Nexus

    Nice review however we know you don’t like it and yes we know it is a big phone. It bugs me when reviewers don’t give a unbiased review and throw in such negative emphasis. You may think the phone is too big however many others will not. I have had dozens of phones in the last year and am considering getting this one as well. I currently have the Nexus prime as well as the LG 3d and love them however after having the dell streak and several tablets I find myself wanting for a bigger screen. I do a lot of media consumption and reading so this would be perfect. I wish it had the xynos processor or the tegra 3 though. It is a shame that Samsung did not build their chip with LTE in mind. The current chip set in this phone from I have seen is slower in everyday usage even if it is clocked higher then the xynos chip.

    • Daniel Bader


      I’m not sure how you could have thought the review was negative. I gave the device an 8/10 and spoke highly of many of its hardware and software features, including the screen. The size is a problem for people, period. Maybe not for you, but for a lot of others. It would be biased NOT to put that in the review.

  • MikeW

    I’m in the market for a new phone. Hopefully they let me test it at the Kiosk by putting it in my pants pocket. I’d hate to have to get a phone purse in order to avoid having two bulges in my pants.

    • expat

      I have one, and it fits in my pockets, even jeans pockets. The screen is the big plus of this phone. Big and clear!!!

  • Don

    The only thing I’m hessitant with, is the fact that Galaxy S3 is around the corner, as well as HTC One X, and I’m wondering when the Galaxy Note 2 will come out with a Quad Processor.

    I want to make my upgrade worthwhile, I’ve skipped the Nexus, now highly considering the Note.

    • Wolf

      You might never end up buying a phone that way, although I completely understand your sentiment, i’ve been there. If you like a phone now regardless what’s around the corner I’d say buy it. You can always sell your phone if you need to if the one in 3 months is what you want, and with a phone like this, the value is something that will hold by then for sure.

      I check craiglist, see what they fetch for, and then realize what do I have to lose?

  • jazzi

    I should mention. I have a usb adapter off ebay ($2) and able to read media off a flash drive without problem in various apps like mobo.

  • Scott

    Great review. I have the GT-N7000 international (unlocked) version of the Note and I’m very happy with it. I previously owned a Dell Mini 5″ phablet, loved the phone but eventually sold it because Dell did a terrible job supporting it and eventually they just gave up on it (discontinued the product). The Note is so much better than the Dell, the screen is bigger yet it fits better in my pocket because the phone is so dang THIN! It’s very light too. I have a bluetooth headset for phone calls so I don’t have to hold the thing up to my head. 🙂

    I haven’t found a use for the S pen, just played with it a couple of times. I always get at least 1 day battery life, sometimes 2 days on light usage. Can’t wait for ICS!

  • expat

    I just bought one last week for the GF. I needed a smart phone for her, so she can have Skype on the go. I am playing with it now, and even thinking of buying a second one for myself, although I don’t need another phone. It is the international version, which is OK, as LTE is just starting here.
    I found the map display and GPS very accurate, which will make a good navigator.
    I found it is not so big, to use as a phone, and an ear piece is not required.
    The S pen is also useless for my use.
    The keuboard is big enough, and I use it in 3 languages, so it is important for me.
    The price here is 700 USD, without any taxes.

  • Bob

    I want one……………but with Virgin Mobile

  • Jenn

    Why would people complain about the size? It is a phone cross over. Or as they are calling it now, a phablet. It is supposed to be bigger people. Some people just have nothing better to do then complain. If you don’t like the size, try carrying your Ipad around in your pocket and making phone calls from it.

  • Don

    I’ve had the Note for a week and am going to return it for a smaller phone. Previous phone was a BB Storm. The Note is physically painful to use. Portrait typing requires inordinate stretching of the thumbs. Landscape keyboard isn’t quite big enough for multi finger touch typing, so thumb typing is still reqd. The BB (and smaller droids) can be cradled comfortably in my palm, but the Note has to be held by its outside edges to prevent dropping it, so requires stretching of fingers to accomplish this. It gets uncomfortable very quickly. Does anyone else have these types of problems?

    • Andrew Goldenberg

      Try using Thumb Keyboard. It’s free from the app store and solves that issue.

      I prefer swype personally.

  • mamaboo

    the size just feels right to me after using a captivate. i have had the good fortune to win a galaxy note from samsung, and i am thrilled. it has been on my wish list since i first layed eyes on it — for many reasons. the s-pen should be great for me, i am an artist and i already use a wacompen and tablet, the switch to a portable anroid is much desired.

  • Annie Lachance

    I want one!

  • B

    Nice phone