Android 4.0 update rolling out to international Motorola RAZRs, is Rogers far behind?


  • Vengefulspirit99

    Rogers releasing an update? Impossibruuuuuuu

    • Teddy

      Rogers is just behind in general..

  • Therm0

    The worst part is the complete and total silence from Motorola Canada and Rogers to do with what’s happening. It’s been 3 weeks since MotoCan last spoke of ICS, and not a peep since. To me, it’s a “don’t be evil” thing, and just let us know what’s happening. We’re adults, and most of us know that software is complex and problems do arise. We can handle it if there’s a good reason, and I see a lot of people losing their cool over the silence moreso than the delays. I’m glad they’re taking their time as we might avoid some of the teething problems from previous releases (i.e. the US ones).

  • Jesse

    When it’s this late, it better be bug free!

  • EvanK

    Well it took long enough!

  • Devon D.

    … it’s to late for me. I’m already looking at getting a Galaxy S3.

  • Brandon

    I will never buy a rogers, or motorola phone again. This update is taking way to long, considering that google now owns motorola.

  • Proclaimer

    No ICS in sight for Bell Atrix 4G. Shame!

  • Sandman2749

    Last November I jumped from Fido to Rogers and was finally eligible for a new phone. I really wanted the Galaxy Nexus but was won over by the “awesome” new RAZR. Great build quality, good radios, etc etc. AND it would be updated to ICS “soon”. Needless to say, I don’t make it to spring before selling the RAZR at a loss and only now finally have a GNex in my hands.
    Suffice it to say that if I still had the RAZR, I’d be freaking Vesuvius by now! Will be a cold day in Hades before I buy another non-Nexus phone.
    P.s. the RAZR may have had kevlar but the cheap coating on the chin was severely scratched just from sliding in and out of my pocket. So much for build quality.

  • JB

    I’m still angry with myself for buying this phone, and I can safely say that this is my first and last non-Nexus phone.

    I can understand that not every device gets a upate to the newest android version, and that it takes time to go through the validation process, but the phone was basically sold with “Upgrade to ICS within 6 weeks” as a selling feature, and that was a complete lie. All in all the phone is pretty ok, but I feel kinda misled about this stupid late update.

    I’m also very concerned about the reports of the RAZR ICS update being VERY buggy.

    Here is hoping for a HTC Nexus X…

  • John

    Rogers is always far behind.

  • Adam

    I installed the leaked version of ICS on my Rogers RAZR in early July. (This is a Rogers release, not one of the international releases.) Overall I am very happy with the way ICS runs on the RAZR. There have been a few times that the phone gets very laggy for no reason. The lag seems to be something in ICS, not an app in the background slowing things down. At the time of the leak I head that Rogers and/or Motorola were doing some testing. I wonder if some bugs were discovered that resulted in the delay.

  • Jamie

    This is why I left Rogers, and got a Nexus on Telus.

  • imrangr1

    I don’t get why people are so frustrated about lack of updates on their phones. I don’t see any special reason to get ICS from gingerbread in my Fido RAZR because there just aren’t enough extra functions that come with in. I would love to get the ICS update but won’t cry a river for it. If phone had any disruptive bugs then I would agree a update is necessary.

  • Ced

    Update with the brazil sbf and the ota
    You get a great phone without any rogers bloatware !

  • random72

    This affair illustrates the inherent problems with Android.

    Google lets the manufacturers and carriers control the upgrade process and as long as that is the case, the Android experience will never be as good as it should be.

    I mean, how on earth can Sony release the Xperia ion in mid-2012 with Gingerbread? What year are we in? 2010? There is no good reason for Google to let Sony get away with that, and then Rogers (in typical fashion) has the nerve to call it a ‘premium’ device- complete with an obsolete OS and a slow, battery-killing processor.

    I’m not an Apple guy by any means, but this nonsense would never happen with iOS. When the update is ready, everyone gets it at the same time (not just the home market, not just the ‘preferred’ carriers)- no questions asked and no ‘we’re making it better, sorry for the 9-month wait’ bullsh*t.

    Every time MS publishes the Android market share piechart (which seems to happen just about every week), I just laugh.

    What’s the ICS share? 15%? After almost a year on the market, the greatest Android OS is being run on less than one sixth of all eligible devices worldwide.

    That figure is less than pathetic- it’s a joke and Google should be embarrassed/po-ed/demanding action/doing something to fix this situation.

    And how has Motorola become such a laggard, exactly? GOOGLE OWNS MOTOROLA!!

    I’m a RAZR owner and I love Android, I really do. But the penetration levels of ICS is a disgrace, and if it doesn’t prompt Google to rethink the relationships it has with the manufacturers, I’m not sure what will.

    Can anyone imagine 15% of iPhone users worldwide running the latest OS? Of course not.

    Google has all the leverage in this arrangement, not the manufacturers or the carriers.

    It’s high time they start using some of it.

  • mobileuser

    I have installed the leaked version of Rogers ICS in my razr and there have not been any laggy moment. All functions have been very smooth, and the benchmark results for, Quardrant, antutu and vellamo, etc. all get a big improvement. The ICS resembles very close to the stock ICS in the Galaxy Nexus, except the ICS icons look different. So, it is worth waiting for Motorola to come out with the ICS this late because it is really bug free. Unlike the ICS in the Rogers Samsung Galaxy SII which has a lot of reported issues.

  • Evan

    Brandon, you do realize that Rogers has nothing to do with the updates, or devices? They dont make them they just provide a network to run them on… So saying I’m never buying a rogers phone doesnt make much sense… Saying that you’ll never buy a Motorola does however as they’re the manufacturer

  • Brandon

    @ Evan, actually Rogers has to give the final go on the update before Motorola can push out the update to Rogers customers, for other phones that also have to customize the rom and and there bloat ware witch intern slows down the update process.

  • Kiri

    Just sell your Razr on kijiji and get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S3. Trust me on that!

  • Jack Davis

    Personally I feel left behind about not having ICS yet.
    I don’t feel we should have to wait so long for a much needed software update. I also feel there are many generic upgrades that probably didn’t need to wait for the complete ICS update.

  • Sean W

    I loved my RAZR and I bought it also under the premise that it was getting the ICS upgrade very shortly. I feel totally duped. The RAZR is a good phone but with Rogers at the helm the upgrade is as good as dead. I would be surprised if it came out in 2012, wasn’t the Samsung GS2 upgrade 3-4 months behind on Rogers compared to Telus?

    This has spoiled my experience on a otherwise great phone and has caused me to totally loose confidence in Rogers ability to keep their phones up to date. What on earth could possibly be taking them so long?