Bell releases the Motorola RAZR V


  • lukeiphone

    If you wanna go android, then just get SIII and stay happy.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Even getting the s2 is better. You get a lot more support from it

  • Sean

    Pretty good bang for your buck. It’s pretty much the Razr Rogers sells but with on screen buttons and ICS for cheaper. And don’t forget the near stock skin on it

  • Aaron

    Virgin Mobile no term – 349.99

    • bob

      not bad

  • ES

    So Motorola no longer makes good phones after years of experience? From the overall comments about phones that are Android run it seems it’s only Samsung that users keep rooting for. Apple is just one choice for iOS so no contest there.
    Either it’s sad there are no multiple choices anymore or people have become complacent end users who just follow the fad.Which is it? Just saying; I’d rather have a few choices

    • Cell Guy

      Lets not forget that Google recently purchased Motorola as well… so it can’t be long before we start seeing the new ownership playing a major role in driving premium phones and features through Motorola. 🙂

    • monsterduc1000

      @ ES: No they don’t make good phones any more. I have had two Moto’s crap out on me and my buddies just went on him, all within they contract period. They should at least be able to make a phone to last 3 years you would think…

    • PkaTka

      @Cell Guy Google makes money through ads, not selling premium phones. They sell cheap and medium-class phones. I don’t think that they’ll push moto to release expensive, premium phones.

  • Ced

    Great difference between this model and s3 ? go to rural area with bad signal …
    For all others thing … s3 is better !

    • Aaron

      If you compare off contract:

      S3 (16GB) $600 vs Razr V $400 (Razr is $200 cheaper, or S3 is 50% more expensive)

      S3 (16GB) $600 vs Razr V $350 (Razr is $250 cheaper, or S3 is 71% more expensive)

      I concede that the S3 is a better phone but it is also more expensive when you look at the off contract price.

  • Ken

    I love my Motorola RAZR. It’s an awesome phone. But I’m getting frustrated that we still haven’t got an ICS upgrade. How can Motorola be selling the RAZR V with ICS and yet Rogers is still telling me that Motorola doesn’t have ICS ready for the RAZR yet???

  • rob

    says it runs latest and greatest android, runs ice cream sandwich.

    • TP

      latest and greatest android is jellybean.

  • alex

    This is $349 with virgin prepaid/no-term

  • Matt

    @CellGuy: Go take a look at this, influence is already clear.

  • jason

    This is my 3rd Android phone ,previous had a galaxy fasinate 3g + and a Htc raider both phones were good but I really like the Razr V on bell it is a great phone !

  • Lexi louise Daigle

    Im looking to get a cell phone,im at the right place?