Rogers discontinues the Galaxy Nexus


  • hmmmm

    Seems a little soon to be pulling the Nexus off the shelf.

  • Jake


  • Frank

    Maybe Apple sent them a letter….

  • Jordan Hill

    Rogers??? Pulling (the best) android phone off the shelves? wtf?

  • surveillance

    Smooth move Ex-Lax! I own one of these bad boys and it crushes everything else in your inventory. Everything!

  • MXM4K

    Shame that they didn’t start heavily discounting the phone to go through what stock they had left. Then again, they might not have had much left in stock to begin with, or would rather have Fido sell the rest at inflated prices.

  • J

    OR get it for 300$ outright at Mobilicity.

  • D Allan

    $600??? Are you serious? It is $350 in the US!

    Rogers does not like unlocked phone is another reason why they want to kill it ASAP. Rogers likes to lock everyone in!

    • John

      That is so true! They can’t control much on that phone…and users have too much freedom for their liking.

  • lukeiphone

    This is the best android and maybe because of this phone people probably not buying other androids they have. So a slick move by Rogers to cancel it altogether. Shame on you Rogers.

    • ToniCipriani

      I wouldn’t exactly call it “best”, since S3 is better in spec wise, though between the two Nexus has a lot cleaner software because it’s, er, a Nexus.

      But I think it does have to do with Rogers not liking it’s unlocked and falling no-contract prices. Doesn’t fit with the “premium” image Rogers trying to build, which is probably why Fido still caries it.

    • Hiroyuki

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  • OR

    the next nexus is maybe coming earlier than normal? maybe an october release? hope so.

  • anelectricmind

    Should we be surprised? Telus did the same thing about a month or two ago. Tried to get one but couldn’t. Got an SGS3 instead. Still not a pure Google phone, but stil…

  • Brent M

    Gnexus may be the best android phone, but more people buy the galaxy S series. The S3 probably raped the nexus’s sales.

  • Abe

    I can see Bell announcing that they wont carry it any longer soon…

  • no1 u no

    Is this bb10?

  • Gary

    their so stupid!! they should have just lowered the price !

  • Shaun Lee

    because rogers doesnt want to be critized by selling a $300ish photo as $600 outright.

    hey rogers, koodo is selling SGS2 for 300 outright plus 100 gc. what are u waiting for? just discontinue it!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Rogers and the other big three despise selling unlocked phones without their bloatware. I hope Google sells the next Nexus online in Canada like the Nexus 7 and previous Nexus One. 600 outright is just an embarrassing price, even for Rogers

  • Chris

    “Now, 9 months later the device has been discontinued.”

    Jan 10th to Aug 10th is 7 months?

    • Netguru

      These guys don’t proof read what they write before posting. It gives a very amateurish, unprofessional impression of this web site.

  • David

    This is crazy. They sold the HTC Magic and Dream for years.
    Could this be due to pressure from Apple?

  • AndroidRootGuy

    That is kind of early to prepare for the new Nexus. Wow..

  • Jesse

    Just because it’s discontinued doesn’t mean you can’t buy it. It just means that all distribution channels will no longer receive replenishment once they run out. It also makes sense from a business standpoint for Rogers as the Nexus is no longer as popular amongst regular consumers. My roommate works at one of the busiest Rogers stores in the country and they haven’t sold a Nexus in months. It’s been overshadowed by the SGS II/III and HTC One X. They have so many units sitting in their stockroom just collecting dust because everyone is flocking towards other devices now. Makes sense to stop replenishment now. Those who really want the device will easily find other ways to get one.

    • Shaun Lee

      yes you are right..
      it is the biggest drawback of android market…..poor life circle..

      every fastest android phone cant keet the title more than 2 months maybe, after that, there is another better equipped phone coming out. larger screen, faster CPU, more cores…BUT, the price of these phones are almost the same, it is like $0 to $150 plus 3 year contract. Consider you will throw more than $2000 to crappy carrier (I know is stupid), the 150 difference is nothing. So why dont get the better one?

      It is like cold war.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    With the amount of complaints Rogers is getting about this phone and the ongoing trial, where it looks like Samsung is going to be prosecuted for heinous copying… It is a smart move by Rogers.
    Dont worry folks, Apple Iphone 5 coming in a couple months. The Apple success train is moving at light speed, and it’s not too late to hop aboard.
    Choo Choo!


    • ToniCipriani

      Nobody wants to get on your s**ty troll train. Apple distortion field is harmful for health.

    • JCLG

      Dear MobileSyrup:

      Requesting the banhammer for obvious troll?

    • bazinga

      Poor guy, he drank the kool-aid, and I think he drank the whole jug ;-|

  • Shaggyskunk

    Apple TROLL git! Don’t you have to clean up your mess in your mother’s basement, or something :-[

  • mmathieum

    Truth is, Nexus lovers like their Nexus off contract.

  • Satisfied Nexus user

    Well they dont want to sell an unlocked device 🙂

    If google were to launch the next one outright i will defn get that.

  • Allan

    It’s probably not selling as well as the other Samsungs, and there’s probably a new one coming out soon.

  • Mark

    I think this has NOTHING to do with price or control or popularity. Keep in mind that Telus has discontinued the Galaxy Nexus while STILL carrying the Nexus S.

    I think this is all about the broke n 4.0.2 update last February. There has been no attempt to fix it, no attempt to complete that update for those still stuck on 4.0.1, and we were then skipped over for the 4.0.4 update. I think that botched update broke NFC so badly that Samsung could not repair the damage with an OTA. If so, they’d be looking at a significant cost to fix those phones via warranty replacement. So the carriers are now dropping it because Google isn’t supporting it with updates as promised. Google needs to step up and explain how they allowed this to happen.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Mark: It’s not Google that is not supporting it, it is the carriers. Google has already released Jelly Bean for this phone weeks ago, you just need the proper update software called yakju to get updates straight from Google, not yakjux which is what the carriers have. Find the tutorial to flash the proper software and start living the good life =)

    • Netguru

      @monsterduc1000, it is Samsung Canada’s responsibility to make the updates available to the carriers. Samsung UK, Australia and elsewhere have already done so. Samsung Canada is dragging it’s a*s with Jelly Bean just like it did with the ICS updates. I’m beginning to believe that it is going to take a class action lawsuit to get these people to release Jelly Bean…unless Google intervenes.

    • Mark

      1. I did that months ago. That’s not the point. This is a bad precedent for the nexus.

      2. The carrier’s have nothing to do with the Nexus. They don’t even have their own builds – there is one firmware for the whole country. The Nexus is Google’s phone. If they want to contract the compiling of regional builds to Samsung that’s fine. But they are still responsible for the product they designed, developed, advertised, coded, and supported.

    • cybik

      go troll Samsung Canada. Literally. They’re the ones in charge of the Canadian updates. Seems our networks are suc^H^H^Hfinnicky.

  • Mike

    Only crazy droidfans will buy nexus. Good to hear that Rogers is discontinuing them n that means u r on ur own to get future updates. Or u can say hi to “iPhone 5”. Hahaa

    • bazinga

      why would I want to move to a phone that only does half what mine already does? You’ve been playing too long in the closet with Siri, come back to the light.

  • mike

    $600 at fido wow to expensive. just get it at mobilicity for $300 and it already comes unlocked can use it with any company.

  • Cell Hell

    It’s unlocked so Rogers doesn’t want it there.

  • Djones

    Well you know these carriers. They need to do what they can to ensure that none of the phones they sell have the latest version of Android on it. It actually must be pretty embarrassing for their reps that their latest and greatest S3 has an uglier UI that isn’t as up to date as the older Nexus.

  • Rick Morayniss

    I believe Mobilicity has it for 300.00

  • roman20

    Rogers would much rather sell you a skinned phone full of crap, and charge you $50 to unlock it after three years.

  • LeTricolore

    I’m chuckling to myself at the hatred some people (fans of shiny fruit) are giving the Nexus. It’s one of the best phones on the market and the development community for it is out of this world. Awesome phone.

  • Neo

    Rogers doesn’t want to sell a Pentaband phone that is already unlocked and can be used with any Canadian carrier.

    I bet a large amount of these phones were bought to use on another network. All of the people who cancelled their Rogers plans didn’t have to buy a new phone when they jump ship!!

    They probably also don’t want to sell a phone where thay can’t load all of the Rogers crap apps on the device!!

  • Thas

    This actually makes sense in my opinion. I’m sure Rogers has there ulterior motives for doing this, but I think the main reason is because the Canadian version is just really bad. Yes, I’m talking about yakjuux. It truly is a shame. This phone could have been so much better in this country.

  • Mark

    Rogers would rather sell the cheezewizzed Galaxy S3 than a pure google phone.

  • Dalex

    Still one of the best devices on the market. Much better than all of Rogers’ phones besides the SGS3 and One X. Much better than the Iphone (not much needed to accomplish that) and the rest of the Android phones they offer.

  • muchski

    Jan 10 – Aug 10 is 8 months. eg) Jan 10-Feb 10, the device has been out for 1 month. Even if you want to count all the months it has been available it would be 8 months…

  • craig

    I just picked up a second Nexus for the wife … she loves it.

  • Daisy

    what do they mean one of the first to get the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung on Verizon. <_< that sounds sucspiious. because if they are trying to either: A. give me one free, B. give me a discount, C. or VIP exclusivity or early availability i am super cool with that, that is much better than paying my ETF and the phone for $530 hand it over verizon

  • andy

    I have a galaxy s2 that I love. My work got a Nexus with 4.1.1 and it sounds like s**t. Impossible to use as a phone.
    Smaller screen than the s2 (yeah I know tht’s not what the specs say, but it’s true)
    Also..and this is the killer for me as a travelling sales rep.
    The bluetooth voice command DOES NOT WORK! I use voice calling all the time with my S@ but not with the NEXUS.