Stitcher Radio adds Facebook Timeline support, improves Smart Station recommendations

Stitcher Radio has amassed quite a following over the past couple years, with its podcasts-as-radio ethos that, you guessed it, stitches multiple programs together for a never-ending listening experience.

The app was recently updated with its Smart Station feature, to better recommend podcasts and live radio stations based on what you’ve been previously listening to. At the Facebook Developer Spotlight, the company revealed a new feature: integration with the Facebook Timeline for frictionless sharing. Many apps, including Rdio and Slacker Radio, already take advantage of the Open Graph and Stitcher should fit nicely alongside them. When the same feature was added to the iOS app earlier this year, interaction went up by 80x, so say what you will about frictionless sharing — it works.

Stitcher’s Android app also got an overhaul recently, and is now more stable and better looking. It may not be an obvious choice in the land of TuneIn Radio, but for those looking at a decent alternative means of listening to NPR, Stitcher is a good choice.

Download Stitcher for Android or iOS.

Via: Techcrunch